​Collecting guide: Gallé glass

May 13, 2017 - table lamp

Gallé was privately concerned in pattern origination during his company, and also mostly oversaw a technical investigate it carried out. The fact that a names of a designers and craftsmen employed by Gallé are reduction good famous than that of a owner does not impact a altogether value of a work.

For a collector, a categorical eminence to be done is between a unique, hand-modelled pieces constructed by a Gallé Company, and those executed in incomparable quantities.

Like René Lalique, a male and a code are deliberate one and a same. Gallé died in 1904, though his bureau continued to furnish high-quality potion underneath a superintendence of his friend, a painter Victor Prouvé. Works executed after Gallé’s genocide spasmodic bear a tiny star subsequent to his signature.

In a mid-1920s, a association introduced a rarely desired line of mould-blown cameo potion lamps and vases. By 1936 a bureau had closed, never utterly means to recapture a pre-war momentum.

Provenance is not an essential care when looking to acquire Gallé glass; if a square is aesthetically appreciative and of glorious quality, it will be sought after. Of course, as with any work, a important story can supplement to a value.

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