10 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

May 11, 2017 - table lamp

Next to a kitchen, the vital room is arguably a many critical room in a home. True to a name, it’s where life happens. It’s where guest gather, where you spend idle evenings by a heat (or basking in a soothing heat of Netflix—no visualisation here), and, in many building plans, one of a initial spaces we see on entering your home.

Don’t we wish it to demeanour luxurious? We suspicion so. Fortunately, we don’t have to spend busloads of cash to make it look like we spent a lot of money. We’ve consulted with a fast of pattern experts to expose a sneakiest ways to emanate a plush-looking living space—all yet emptying out your 401(k). In some case, we won’t need to spend a thing! You’re welcome.

1. Create a layered lighting concept

Photo by Bravo Interior Design
“Lighting is one of a many critical concepts in a space, and one that’s mostly overlooked,” says Jessica Davis, owners of JL Design Nashville.

You wish to have a accumulation of light sources to supplement abyss to a room. But we don’t have to dull your wallet to go glam on lighting. Davis loves attack adult Goodwill for flare bases and Target for lampshades.

You could also hang a good match light in place of a normal list lamp, says Christina Hoffmann, owners of oppulance curated products site Epitome Home. She also loves fixation candles in pretty, contemplative whirly containers.

Another inexpensive pretence that won’t need any labor: Try plug-in sconces, says Chicago-based interior engineer Clare Barnes.

“Placing these next to seat arrangements can be an affordable approach to refurbish a space yet temperament a cost of rewiring a wall,” Barnes says. “Adding dimmer switches is another approach to make a room feel expensive—this lets we adjust a lighting so a space feels comfortable and cozy.”

2. Invest in textiles

Photo by Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25
“One of a easiest and best ways to dress adult a room is with good pillows, “Hoffmann says. “But they can be so expensive.”

Don’t fear—there’s a workaround: Hit adult your internal fabric store, where we can mostly find pleasing bits for a discount—usually 60% to 90% off what it would cost if we purchased yardage off a shaft on the floor. Then find a tailor on Craigslist—Hoffmann estimates we can design to compensate $10 to $20 per pillow, depending on a size. You could also sew them yourself if you’re crafty. Pick adult some plume inserts (Hoffmann loves Ikea’s) and you’re set! In a end, we can get a sham that would simply sell for $100 or some-more for $30 or less.

Extra credit: If we find a vestige square of fabric that’s 2 yards or longer, get an homogeneous volume of a cheap, soothing subsidy and make a throw.

“An oversized, pleasing chuck accidentally draped in a room will make it feel some-more lush and expensive,” Hoffmann says.

3. Make certain your fate strike a floor

Photo by Geoff Chick Associates
A good window treatment can supplement present luxe cause to a room. But there’s one principal rule: Never, ever buy draperies that are too short.

“They demeanour so inexpensive and store-bought,” Hoffmann says.

Make certain to magnitude a window before we conduct to a store. You could also make your possess on a cheap—just collect adult a sheer, lightweight string fabric, and take it to your tailor or dry cleaner.

“You’ve got beautiful, billowy covers for reduction than $35 each,” Hoffman says.

She recommends Ikea for screen rods and brackets: “They are simple black, inexpensive, and aren’t distracting or noticeable.”

4. Invest in large-scale art

Photo by Brendan Wong Design
An oversize, attention-grabbing square of art can both hint review and impregnate your vital space with an now cool, luxe feel.

Resist a titillate to strike adult Bed Bath  Beyond for an unknown beachscape, though—experts determine that a best art has personal significance. Check out secondhand shops and estate sales for pieces with a backstory. If you’re on a budget, get artistic and do it yourself (all we need is a hulk board from an art supply store and a middle of your choice).

5. Incorporate texture

Photo by Tara Benet Design
When in doubt, brew it up. Design experts suggest incorporating a accumulation of woods, glass, metals, and woven materials to emanate a demeanour that’s collected, not matchy-matchy.

“The pleasing feel of a nap sofa, a soothing palm of a silk velvet pillow, or a movable hardness of a peculiarity leather are observable oppulance that we not usually see yet any guest can feel,” says Summer Thornton of Summer Thornton Design in Chicago.

If you’re on a budget, toss a faux-fur sweeping or sheepskin chuck on your couch, jazz adult leather chairs with fun pillows in corpulent weave cases, or incorporate brushed coronet accent pieces on a reclaimed timber coffee table.

6. Roll out a vast rug

Small rugs dwarf your rooms, Hoffmann says. Opt for a larger, reduction costly carpet over a smaller, costly one—especially if we have kids and pets, both of that can wreak massacre on nap rugs.

“When your room feels bigger and airier due to a incomparable rug, it will feel some-more costly automatically,” Hoffman says.

And only given it looks luxe doesn’t meant it can’t be durable. Jute rugs are a good option, Hoffman says, and can mostly be found during bonus home furnishings stores.

“They offer good hardness and a grounded, worldly feel,” she says.

7. Use metallics

Photo by Heather Garrett Design
It turns out a small complicated steel never harm anyone.

“A lead list clock, pedestal table, or musical accent can now supplement wattage to a room and adult your imagination quotient,” Hoffmann says.

“Adding a small bit of glitz and glam can unequivocally supplement wow factor,” Thornton adds. In her bag of tricks: high-gloss paint, metallic wallpaper, and light fixtures with steel finishes.

8. Replace or supplement moldings

Photo by AM Dolce Vita
“One of a easiest ways to make a home feel some-more costly and lush is to urge a interior architecture,” Thornton says.

You don’t have to hit down any walls, though. If you have slight baseboards and molding, reinstate them with something thicker to grasp a some-more superb look. (Potential buyers will adore it, too.)

Similarly, it doesn’t cost most to supplement practical moldings (wainscoting, anyone?) to any wall to emanate some-more attract and character. If a thought of slicing into baseboards and walls creates we queasy, sinecure a pro.

9. Paint walls and trim a same color

Photo by Rachel Reider Interiors
This one’s simple: A couple of coats of paint can dramatically change your space. And here’s a fun trick: Barnes recommends painting your walls and trim a same color.

“Avoiding resisting trim is easy on a eyes, adds some-more concentration to musical accents and accessories, and simplifies a room’s architectural details,” she says. “It also allows we to use a stronger tone given a deeper hues will seem softer and a bit lighter.”

Alternatively, Barnes recommends portrayal doors and trim a dramatic color such as black. “This can assistance supplement seductiveness to a space and raise those architectural details,” she says.

10. Scour preservation stores for heirloom-quality pieces

Photo by Ruth Richards, Allied ASID
True life: As we struggled to adorn my new home, we found a pleasing clear decanter during a internal preservation store for reduction than $10. A allied square sells during dialect stores for many times that, and it lacks a mystique and (imagined) backstory.

“The inlaid timber of an aged dresser, a singular figure of a selected chandelier, and a patina on an antique steel cupboard are certainly beautiful, timeless, and never confused with something new from a catalog,” Thornton says.

Hoffmann likes to scour shipment and preservation stores for barware, glassware, mirrors, and art.

“If we hatred a art yet adore a frame, buy it anyway and support an astonishing intent or black and white photos we can imitation yourself,” she says.

Don’t be fearful of blending your antique-looking finds with your newer store-bought pieces—it’ll all come together for a collected, luxe vibe. We promise.

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