19 Stunning New Light Fixtures

October 7, 2015 - table lamp

1. Iacoli McAllister‘s Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister collaborated with potion artist John Hogan to furnish a smoked-glass cylinder, Nunki, that is dangling from a plain a armature and counterweighted by a hoop of Carrara marble—the same mill as a tip of a company’s Algedi side table.

2. HollyG list flare in potion and powder-coated aluminum by FontanaArte.

3. Halo candelabrum in charcoal and leather by Kjartan Oskarsson.

4. Lamp #21 Pendant Fixture in embellished maple and coronet by Torbjörn Vejvi.

5. Atlas list flare in glass, copper, and solid-surfacing by Ladies Gentlemen Studio.

6. Edi candelabrum in embellished iron and potion by Venini.

7. Flame match tie in borosilicate glass, powder-coated aluminum and steel handle by Luum Lighting.

8. Cluster 2-Light list flare in coronet by Rosie Li Studio.

9. Oda list flare in powder-coated steel and potion by Pulpo.

10. Woven Glass match fixtures in colored-glass and inapt coronet by Gustav outpost Treeck.

11. Blum match tie in nickel-plated steel and embellished stainless-steel thread by Arturo Alvarez

12. Ring match fixtures in discriminating coronet with fluorescent tubes by Lee Broom.

13. Crisp candelabrum in potion by Rich Brilliant Willing.

14. During a Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, in a “Low Tech Crafts” satellite muster Floris Wubben showed his Globe match fixtures in ceramic and a machine that Studio Floris Wubben had designed to make them.

15. For a Macaron, only as with a succulent namesake, Silvia Ceñal Design Studio churned adult simple ingredients: The hoop tip and a ring bottom are untreated fir plywood simply CNC-routed with holes that are afterwards threaded with polypropylene cord in possibly red, yellow, blue, or white. 

16. The founders of Nendo and Nichetto Studio employed washi paper and cypress for Foscarini‘s Kurage list lamp, that means jellyfish in Japanese.

17. Bubbles on a fisherman’s trap desirous Lindsey Adelman Studio‘s coronet chandelier, Cherry Bomb Cage for Nilufar, arrayed with handblown globes accented with bullion foil. 

18. In Patrick Jouin ID’s LED charge lamp, Ato for Kos Lighting, a slim arm of extruded aluminum articulates from an elbowlike joint, divulgence a cord during a juncture. 

19. In a partnership with a pattern common Front, opening metalizing done Tom Dixon‘s Melt pendant’s potion forms unclouded with a match tie incited on, mirrored when off. 

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