1978 $2 Americana cinema kerosene list lamp: Dollar-Sign Stamps

April 28, 2016 - table lamp

By Charles Snee

Among a 3 dollar-denominated stamps in a United States 1975-81 Americana decisive (regular-issue) series, a $2 stamp was released first, on Nov. 16, 1978.

My Apr mainstay focused on a $1 Rush Lamp and Candle Holder stamp.

In gripping with a pattern structure of a series, a $2 stamp (Scott 1611) facilities a executive vignette bordered on dual sides by a selection that speaks to a executive thesis of a nation’s initial and a principles.

The kerosene list lamp, printed in dim green, facilities a splendid orange round summarized in white that represents a lamp’s flame.

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Suitable to this thesis of enlightenment is a quote (also in dim green) that runs down a left side and opposite a bottom of a stamp: “America’s light will gleam over all a land.”

No errors of a $2 Kerosene Table Lamp are known.

But if we suffer collecting misprinted stamps, that collectors call freaks, it can be fun to demeanour for examples that uncover a round orange fire misregistered in propinquity to a lamp’s potion chimney.

I don’t have any such freaks in my collection, though I’ve seen examples that uncover a fire good divided from a core of a chimney. If we have an eye-catching weird of this stamp, we can send me a design of it regulating a hit information during a finish of this column.

While acid by my amassed postal story of a $2 Americana, we was astounded to see that we didn’t have that many covers of sold note. Most were a kinds of uses one would expect: purebred covers, parcel wrappers, and a like.

Among a some-more engaging equipment that incited adult is a a U.S. Postal Service Express Mail use receipt illustrated nearby.

According to a third book of U.S. Domestic Postal Rates, 1872-2011 by Beecher and Wawrukiewicz, this form “represents a receipt for use that indicates a postage and price for a EM [Express Mail] object were paid by a addressee. That is, a denote of remuneration was not represented by stamps directly on a EM object though rather stamps on a receipt.”

In this case, an object weighing 14¼ pounds was sent May 8, 1981, from Pacific NW Bell in Portland, Ore., to Volt Tech Corp., a addressee, in Anaheim, Calif.

Upon receipt of a object May 11, Volt Tech was compulsory to compensate $24.65: a $5.60 pick-up assign and $19.05 in postage.

Evidence of a remuneration is shown by a stamps merged to a form during reduce right.

A span of $2 Kerosene Lamp stamps combines with a retard of 4 $5 Americana stamps and a span of 25¢ Frederick Douglass stamps to compensate all though 15¢ of a volume due.

Lack of space forced that 15¢ to a behind of a receipt (not shown), in a form of a 10¢ Americana and a 5¢ George Washington from a Prominent Americans series.

Three strikes of a May 11, 1981, purple Anaheim round datestamp canceled a stamps on a front of a receipt. The dual stamps on a behind are not canceled.

Overall, a rather some-more surprising use for a dollar-denominated stamp than one typically sees.

In my experience, general uses of a $2 Americana are many ordinarily seen on purebred covers.

Pictured here is a deputy instance to a rather some-more odd destination: The Hague in a Netherlands.

At a time of mailing, Jan. 25, 1979, a simple general airmail minute rate was 31¢ per ½ unit (up to 2 ounces), and general registry was $3.

A colorful sextet of stamps accurately confident a $3.31 total: a singular $2 Americana, a span of a 40¢ Thomas Paine, dual 20¢ George C. Marshall, and a singular 11¢ Americana.

Two purple tongue-tied oval registry markings cancel a stamps. A transparent postmark next a stamps shows that a minute was mailed from Sioux City, Iowa.

Transit time to The Hague was a reasonable 6 days, as indicated by a Jan. 31, 1979, handstamp on a behind of a cover.

An combined reward is a use of a $2 Kerosene Table Lamp somewhat some-more than dual months after a central initial day. In fact, a early use was a motivator for me when we acquired this cover in 2000. we suspicion it a large cover then, and we still do today.

Please feel giveaway to share your equipment and stories about U.S. dollar-denominated commemorative and decisive stamps. Write to Dollar-Sign Stamps, Box 4129, Sidney, OH 45365; or send an email to csnee@amosmedia.com. we demeanour brazen to conference from you. Happy collecting!

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