200-year-old Chinese vestige used as a list flare for 50 years suggested to be £300000 shawl stand

November 8, 2016 - table lamp

A PORCELAIN antique used as a list flare for 50 years is expected to sell for £300,000 after it was suggested to be a  200-year-old Chinese relic.

The 10in knick-knack incited out to be an exuberant “nine dragons” shawl mount done for Emperor Daoguang of Imperial China’s Qing dynasty.


Item was bought in a 1950s underneath a sense it was a list lamp

It was bought during a nation residence sale in a 1950s. The new owners propitious an electric tuber and put it in a corridor of their North Wales home.

Experts examined it and realised a worth.

Asian art dilettante Ivy Chan, during Christie’s, said: “The square offers a glance into a luxury of a Daoguang court, where wardrobe was used to symbolize status.


Intricately minute shawl mount is to be auctioned during Christie’s in London

“It is flashy with 9 dragons, that symbolised boundless energy and it was substantially done for a czar himself.”

The auction is currently during Christie’s, London.

source ⦿ https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2137481/chinese-relic-used-as-a-table-lamp-300000-hat-stand/

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