2016-17 Player Preview: Jeremy Lamb

October 6, 2016 - table lamp

2015-16 Key Statistics: 18.6 MPG, 8.8 PPG, 1.2 APG, 3.8 RPG, 45.1 FG%, 30.9 3P%, 72.7 FT%

When a Charlotte Hornets acquired Jeremy Lamb from a Oklahoma City Thunder reduction than day before a 2015 NBA Draft, it looked like they competence have finally found a good, immature sharpened ensure to span with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on a wing.

Lamb, afterwards 23, was comparison with a 12th collect in a NBA Draft usually a few years prior. He played with Hornets ensure Kemba Walker during Connecticut and won a inhabitant championship in 2011. Walker was positively a personality of that squad, though it was transparent that Lamb was a successor apparent. When Walker left, a Huskies would turn Lamb’s team. They did, and Lamb’s numbers skyrocketed.

There was never any doubt about Lamb’s talent. Standing during 6-5 with a 6-11 wingspan, Lamb looks a partial of an NBA sharpened guard. His sharpened cadence is well-spoken and essentially sound. Scouts have lauded his work ethic in a past.

Why, then, was Lamb incompetent to find unchanging mins on a Thunder? And furthermore, because was he incompetent to find unchanging mins on a Hornets?

Those are formidable questions, and there are a crowd of reasons Lamb hasn’t utterly found his purpose in a NBA.

Generally speaking, immature players know that they are competing opposite savvy, discriminating veterans for personification time. The ones that don’t are fast ostracized and tend to tumble out of a league. As mature as many immature players are — something they’re not given adequate credit for, overtly — it is impossibly formidable to know your place in a pecking sequence and feel wanted during a same time.

And for Lamb, what seemed to be a starting pursuit in Charlotte incited into a dais pursuit usually hours after when it was announced that Nicolas Batum was traded to a Hornets that same night. After being small some-more than a list flare in a Thunder’s lush vital room, Lamb found himself in a identical conditions in Charlotte.

With occasionally mins and a stress any 20-something-year-old deals with, Lamb’s performances were unpredictable. Some nights, he’d dump 20 points on 10 shots. On others, he’d onslaught to measure 5 points on a same 10 shots. It was formidable to envision that Lamb a Hornets would see on a given night.

That is, until Hornets conduct manager Steve Clifford fundamentally pronounced screw it and Lamb forsaken out of a revolution altogether. So what needs to change for Lamb to find success this season?

“Sustained consistency,” Clifford told a Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell final week.

That’s most easier pronounced than done, though all indications are a Lamb’s taken a charge really seriously. He met with a Hornets’ coaches and training staff and was told to reset his habits and said in a summer that his biggest idea is to find mins and move appetite each night.

“If we do those things, I’ll be means to be on a court,” Lamb told Bonnell. “If you’re blank shots, you’ve got to keep shooting. If we don’t get a stop, trust you’ll get a stop subsequent time. Help your teammates. Do all a small things that keep we positive.”

Fans mostly like to put constraints on players, suggesting that they’ll usually be good if and when they supplement a certain ability to their game. These are dull platitudes and unconditionally slight a mental side of sports, that is mostly some-more critical to a player’s success than a growth of certain skills.

There’s no jealous Lamb’s talent; we’ve seen him fire 40 percent from behind a arc, shelve adult steals, and play glorious invulnerability in both group and man-to-man settings. The pretence will be pulling that bid and certainty out him consistently, and while a Hornets can offer him a warm, fostering environment, ultimately, that’s going to have to come out of him.

And I’m flattering certain he has it in him.

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