27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History

January 8, 2016 - table lamp

When Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen detected a X-ray in 1895, the New York Times was so doubtful that a paper referred to a medical breakthrough as the “alleged find of how to sketch a invisible.” 

It also took a prolonged time to figure out how use a record safely. A French physician, Dr. Maxime Menard, had to have his finger amputated when he grown cancer from visit bearing to deviation while manning an X-ray machine. 

(In a distinguished juncture to complicated medicine, Menard smoked a cigarette while his offending figure was surgically removed.)

We forget how immature complicated medicine is. The fetal ultrasound wasn’t grown until 1959. Penicillin wasn’t discovered until 1928. And when a 1918 influenza pestilence approached New York City — reduction than 100 years ago — tip medical minds were assured a illness arrived on waves of “bad air.” 

See how most medical treatments have altered below. 

This is what an ambulance looked like in 1881:

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