3D Printed Lace Lamps Project Patterns On Walls

December 19, 2014 - table lamp

Paris-based artists and designers Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques have combined a collection of lighting designs desirous by normal edging patterns and brought to existence by 3D copy technology.

Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques are experts in digital settlement and 3D prolongation and, after formulating several forms of art works by a years, a twin have motionless to come out with their initial lighting collection called Lacelamps.

The Lacelamp lighting collection includes a cessation flare called “Sky” and a list flare called “Land.” Both lamps underline shades that include of a plain black lacquer bell and a cosmetic white edging pattern. The Land Lacelamp includes a clear creosote bottom that allows it to be set on a list or on a floor. When a Lacelamp is incited on, a perplexing edging patterns plan a pleasing settlement on a walls. The sum of a edging patterns are magnified in a play of light and shadows to emanate a one-of-a-kind and relaxing environment.


On a plan page, a artists explain their collection:

We take caring to digitally carve each small fact of a patterns. This routine allows us good opportunities for observation and processing. This allows us to give life to a many impracticable ideas. Then 3D copy allows us to build genuine sculptures, to have a basement for serve trade encouragement of forged fact and finishes of a works.

The artists also share that a lighting collection is a curtsy to their prior collection called Animal-Lace.


Linlin and Pierre-Yves exhibited a Lacelamps during Paris Design Week 2014 final Sep and during a 3D Printshow 2014 in Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris final October.

The Lacelamps are done of a heat-resistant cosmetic and a designers suggest that owners use LED light bulb. According to a designers’ website, a Lacelamp collection is now in prolongation and initial shipping will be in early 2015.

LP Jacques

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