5 Things to Never, Ever Buy during Ikea

October 5, 2016 - table lamp

things to never buy during ikeathings to never buy during ikea

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It’s only a fact of life that anyone who sets feet inside the meandering obstruction of a seat store famous as Ikea must emerge carrying bought something, from a candleholder to a cot (along with a side of Swedish meatballs, of course). This is understandable, because Ikea has some positively great bargains. But either we should obey to all of what Ikea offers is utterly another story.

Many home taste experts disagree that there are dual main categories of products during Ikea: ones we should buy, and ones we should equivocate during all costs.

“The pivotal to a good offered knowledge with Ikea is to concentration on simple equipment or staples in a room,” says Christophe Pourny, author of “The Furniture Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore  Care for Furniture.” “I’ve relied on stout bureau furniture, and chairs in particular.”

Not certain how to tell a good from a bad? Just check out this list of a no-nos (some of that could already be in your home—but hey, during slightest you’ll know for destiny reference).


Ikea's removed dressersIkea's removed dressers
Ikea’s removed dressers


The problem with Ikea dressers isn’t essentially that they’re scarcely unfit to cobble together (although that is positively maddening). It’s that there have been reserve issues involving children. Just this year, after a third child died when an Ikea dresser defeated over onto him, a store issued a recall of millions of dressers and stopped offered its MALM line, which failed attention fortitude tests. There have been prior recalls of other dresser lines due to identical reserve concerns

“In some clarity it’s adult to endangered relatives to make certain that their purchases and prior purchases are safe, that during this indicate might engage attaching chests to a wall,” says Russell Bienenstock, editorial executive of Furniture World magazine. “Tip-over is positively a concern, and is a problem not simply solved by manufacturers.”

Closet systems

Ikea's ALGOT closet systemIkea's ALGOT closet system
Ikea’s ALGOT closet complement


How wrong can we go with an affordable, customizable closet system? Plenty wrong, it turns out. When a troubleshooters during Consumer Reports reviewed Ikea’s ALGOT closet system, they detected that it left a lot to be desired, from inadequate tools to blank pieces.

“The directions are wrong, and it’s tough to grasp a scold spacing,” a examination noted. “Screws aren’t included. Neither are wall anchors; we had to stop work and buy them. Drawers didn’t fit properly. … The honest breadth was listed wrong, and we had to re-drill.” Yikes! Setting adult a problem-plagued complement took 160 minutes, it noted, not including mixed trips to a hardware store for reinforcements.


Ikea's MORGONGVA mattress (Credit: Ikea)Ikea's MORGONGVA mattress (Credit: Ikea)
The MORGONGÅVA mattress might not give we a good night’s sleep.


Get a good night’s nap by shopping your mattress somewhere, anywhere, other than Ikea, experts advise. Yes, a prices ($80 to $1,000, not including a company’s mattress foundations that you’ll need as well) are good, though a quality, contend customers, isn’t utterly on par. Many models have below-average thickness, according to one attention site that reviewed all of a offerings in Ikea’s mattress line, from the eight foam-and-latex versions to a 7 open mattresses.

“The below-$400 models are best matched for singular adult use or child use,” it reported, citing “questionable” durability. “A categorical censure for IKEA spring mattresses (and open mattresses in general) is sagging and growth of physique impressions that can means annoy and behind pain.” And a froth mattresses? “They can turn excessively soothing and/or slip as they age and wear.”

Also, many of a mattresses are sized a bit differently than their American counterparts—enough to make shopping propitious sheets a waking nightmare.


Recalled Ikea lampsRecalled Ikea lamps
Recalled Ikea lamps


We’d be lingering if we didn’t gleam a light on another difficulty of Ikea products that poise a home reserve risk: lights. Ceiling lights, building lamps, and even night lights are among new recalls Ikea issued due to damage reports.

More than 840,000 beyond lights from a HYBY and LOCK lines were cited in Feb after a association perceived 224 reports of them breaking, falling, shattering, and injuring 11 people.

A month later, Ikea issued a statement about its GOTHEM building and list lamps, propelling consumers to “immediately stop regulating a flare and lapse it to any Ikea store for a full refund.” It turns out that for some units, a cables were shop-worn during production and if they came into hit with a steel physique of a lamp, they could give someone touching it an electric shock.

Ikea’s PATRULL night light indeed did shock, and wound, one immature child, call a store to—you guessed it—issue nonetheless another product recall.

Decorative accessories

Ikea's VACKERT candleholder (Credit: Ikea)Ikea's VACKERT candleholder (Credit: Ikea)
Ikea’s VACKERT candleholder


Ikea’s accessories poise another emergency—a fashion emergency, according Pourny. Because its accent equipment (including this VACKERT candleholder, $3) are mass-produced—and mass-purchased by everybody and their mother—Pourny suggests that homeowners would do improved to find truly one-of-a-kind decorations to underline in their home.

“You can supplement some-more of your particular celebrity with a few flea marketplace finds,” he says. “That approach you’re formulating a space singular to you.” Not just a tabernacle to Ikea.

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