A $100000 pool table: ‘The cost for a office of perfection’

March 23, 2015 - table lamp

Jaime Tresserra‘s Barcelona seat salon is reachable by flitting a park-like square. At a showroom’s entrance, a beautifully crafted walnut chest stands alone, spot-lit like an actor on a film set. Tall ceilings and open space supplement to a play in a place where complicated oppulance is born.

Tresserra creates seat that combines glorious lines with sexy curves. Although his work is not affordable to many of us, his qualification and courtesy to fact enthuse devotion, from aspirational business and, of course, his deep-pocket clients.

His pool table, crafted in walnut, costs some-more than $100,000. That’s a price, he says, for a office of perfection.

“Our pattern has always been to reject a industrial constraints that so mostly scapegoat beauty for a bottom line,” Tresserra says while running me around his salon in an upscale area in Spain.

His seat is spare, though stands out for a prudent fabrication, fit and finish. He creates tradition hardware for any square as it plays a high though pointed purpose in a altogether design.

In other cases, Tresserra employs a hardware like a necklace draped on poetic shoulders. The ideally discriminating immaculate steel sparkles. Every manifest screw adds to a altogether design. Intricate mechanisms and dark drawers raise a story.

If God is in a details, one can feel that participation inside Tresserra’s showroom.

He caters to a one percent of a world’s wealthiest people, though Tresserra comes opposite as a practical male with a good clarity of humor. At 71, he expresses himself with warmth, comprehension and laughter.

When asked about his business and sales, Tresserra answers, “I usually know about a artistic things. we have to ask if we can means to buy myself a sweet.”

Later he jokes: “I founded my association to eat.”

As an interior designer, he didn’t find a products he wanted to use in his projects so he started to pattern singular pieces for customers. After formulating some successful designs, he was asked by a crony and customer, “Why usually furnish one?”

He took a idea to heart and in 1987, he presented his initial complicated seat collection during a international seat satisfactory in Valencia, Spain, and won a grand prize.

His work has also been widely seen during a a world’s many prestigious seat fair, Salone del Mobile, that runs Apr 14-19 this year (watch for my reports).

Tresserra’s unequivocally large mangle came when one of his chairs was used in a unit of Kim Basinger’s impression in Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” movie. After that, “I never looked behind on my career as an interior designer,” he says.

From a beginning, he did not follow celebrity or essay to be fashionable. “Fashion gets old-fashioned,” he says. “I wish to stay in my time.”

Opting for a undying aesthetic, Tresserra, a local of Barcelona, acknowledges being shabby by a city’s enthusiast saint of design, Antoni Gaudi.

Tresserra’s horizontal forms orchestrate into glorious organic curves. The minimal lines of his seat intensify a abounding materials and glorious craft.

“The change of Gaudi is in a blood,” he says. “It is also in a erotic approach to do things and to be. Because we am Spanish, we am some-more warm.”

Each year, Tresserra usually adds a few new pieces, mostly from once one-of-a-kind works he designed for a patron that has broader appeal.


“Some equipment are so good that we ask a enthusiast if we can supplement it to a collection,” he said. “One flare that was like this, a Anke lamp, has a name of a customer.”

Recognized for his far-reaching use of fascinating walnut heartwood, in a commencement Tresserra comparison a timber since of a contentment and accessibility. Today, this form of timber is really sought after.

The purify lines and use of discriminating immaculate steel emanate a nautical aesthetic. “We hand-craft like vessel creation and we have finished many yachts,” he says, so detecting a nautical feel in his work “is true.”

Surprisingly, Tresserra says that an volume of disharmony in his personal life drives him to soundness in his work.

As partial of his routine of formulating new furniture, he likes to plead his ideas with his colleges. As he explains his ideas, he visualizes a whole piece. If it doesn’t work, he jokes, “I panic.”

In further to his showrooms in Barcelona and Paris, Tresserra non-stop a salon nearby another park, New York’s Central Park. His salon is in a tony easterly side opposite from a Four Seasons Hotel.

“New York is a right place to start in America,” he says. “We already have good clients there.”

With a success in New York, Tresserra looks to pierce deeper into America presumably opening a emporium in Los Angeles.

And then? “I wish to be in museums,” he says. “I wish to continue to emanate seat and presumably deliver a immature designer.”

— Damon Johnstun

source ⦿ http://www.oregonlive.com/hg/index.ssf/2015/03/jaime_tresserra_furniture_make.html

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