A petrify flare for a budding Brutalist

October 26, 2017 - table lamp

It’s tough to boat and tough to a touch, though I’ve got a soothing mark for petrify stuff.

Until we began operative during a pattern and design website, it hadn’t occurred to me that petrify was a element meant for some-more than buildings—let alone that there was a whole universe of Brutalism lovers who wanted some-more of it.

Last year, when we review about a prefab, energy-efficient, transportable petrify micro home called Koda, we satisfied I’d never wanted anything more.

But as we contingency do when it comes to many things that we get really into—salt bagels, jelly pens, relationships, and now petrify home goods—I asked myself: How most is too much?

A petrify prefab home for $125,000 is too much.

Instead of shopping a new home, we went on a hunt for smart equipment for my stream home. So far, I’ve ogled a petrify espresso machine, a petrify house-shaped outlet, and some wonderful, furious concrete vases.

But $799 for an espresso appurtenance that we would fundamentally mark with coffee and $175 for what was fundamentally a bespoke prolongation cord were, again, too much.

I wanted so badly to hold a cold, matte aspect of an aesthetically versatile object. After 3 days of Googling, we motionless that a table flare would be a good place to start.

I began a hunt for a petrify table flare tiny adequate to fit on my nightstand. And we wanted one lightweight adequate that it wouldn’t cost a happening to ship.

This postmodern Step Lamp held my eye. But on closer hearing it became transparent that a lamp’s bottom was done of porcelain. Porcelain is not concrete.

David Umemoto’s Table Lamp no. 1 was a smashing Escher-esque find. we figured we could position it plumb or place it on a side and never know that approach was up. But we indispensable a lamp, not a $375 sculpture posing as a lamp.

Cierto Studio’s totem lamps are definitely magical. we don’t usually adore these lamps since they demeanour like piles of pastel meringues; we adore them since they’re totally customizable and easy to reassemble. But we didn’t lift a plug, as they were over bill by about $50.

Target also creates a possess version that comes in a set of two. we usually unequivocally wanted one.

I finally landed on this petrify lamp from a emporium on Etsy. The shop offers opposite shapes and colors and tuber combinations. we interconnected my selected flare with a “squirrel cage” strand bulb.

I spent $87.10 on a flare with a tuber and another $27.44 to boat it. The total: $114.54.

At 2.6 pounds, it’s one of a lighter options I’d encountered. It gives off adequate light that we can review in bed though straining. And a yellow wire is a good touch.

I even attempted environment it down on my roommate’s concrete coffee table, though that was, we decided, usually too much.

Sam Reichman is a writer and editor on Curbed’s video team.

source ⦿ https://www.curbed.com/2017/10/25/16547536/best-table-lamp-concrete-brutalist

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