A illusory station (or sitting) desk

January 16, 2015 - table lamp


I adore my supervision over-abundance Hamilton drafting table. we found it for $175 on Craigslist.

My Facebook feed is dirty with friends display off their fancy, new and costly station desks. we positively know because people are excited, my reduce behind problems became distant some-more amiable divided when we started to work from a station desk. When we started to hunt for a desk, however, we didn’t wish one of those cold looking complicated multi-level keyboard and guard stands. we wanted something that had some-more functionality and serviceable aspect area than many of a newer desks I’ve seen. Enter the Hamilton Drafting Table.

I have no thought how many of these monsters were done though it appears supervision civic formulation and engineering departments bought tons of them. Auto-CAD has broken a need for drafting tables and these are widely accessible on a used market.

The list mechanically adjusts tallness by joyless a feet pedal and merely lifting, or permitting sobriety to solemnly reduce a list (more weight on a list tip will pull it down faster, beware!) we can modify from a station list to a sitting list in seconds.

If we want, we can also adjust a turn of a desktop from prosaic to true adult and down, permitting my list to turn a clean board.


There is a built in energy frame with 2 outlets, that is accessible and some singular storage space underneath. we have seen models with drawers. You can find several true edge/drafting rulers accessible as well. we trust cave is a Vemco. The pen/pecil tray is also super handy. The flare we found on Amazon.

The list is heavy. It is bulky. You need space for it and relocating it takes 2-3 people minimum. It is also a best list we have ever owned. If we wish one we advise acid eBay and Craigslist. we check now and again and frequently see them for really reasonable prices.

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