A Heinous ’60s Living Room Gets A Kid-Friendly, Colorful Update

June 15, 2015 - table lamp


Among a things it was tough to suppose divided when we purchased a 1967 “dream house” (in unlivable condition in downtown Anchorage final year) was a vital area. It had 40-year-old sculpted pelt carpets and walls lonesome in mirrored tile, framed by these handmade timber arches. There’s something kind of desirable about them, but… not unequivocally my taste.

Here’s my genuine estate representative Bob and me down there, perplexing to figure out what could be finished with all those burst marble mirrors:


After a understanding closed, we had a demo celebration and private a tiles and a arches. Here’s my crony Jake operative on it. (Leo, my son, assisting. we consider that runner had not been spotless in a VERY prolonged time. Luckily this post isn’t blemish and sniff.)

We hauled a arches out. (I still have them for some reason. Any ideas?) And afterwards we chipped off a mirrored tile. After that, we incited a room over to my crony Fernanda, a designer, and Anthony, a contractor.

The wall was in such bad figure after we private a tile that it indeed finished some-more clarity only to reinstate a drywall. Anthony also private a carpet. The pad underneath had incited to powder. Bubblegum pinkish frightful cancer powder. It was on everything. (Fernanda: “Always select a plain runner pad for this reason!”)

Here’s a perspective station in a distant dilemma looking into a kitchen. To give things a some-more open feeling, we private a prejudiced wall on a left. It had a honeyed intercom complement in it that still played a radio. we was a small unhappy to see it go. (To see what we did with a kitchen, go here.)


The subsequent partial was flattering simple. As with all a other tools of a job, we was on a critical budget, though paint and flooring can make a vast impact. We embellished all white, put in hand-scraped hickory engineered hardwood flooring, laid lengthwise to make a space feel larger. (Hand-scraped flooring, fyi, can take a violence from children though display it.) We also transposed a trim with embellished trim. (I embellished it after with white high-gloss. we didn’t comprehend how tough children are on trim.) And we embellished a trim around a windows white. Under a wooden arch wall decor, we found a heating register. we was means to squeeze new components from a plumbing supply store. You can’t see it in a cinema though there was a collect gold, burst (and bound with thwart tape) sidelight subsequent to a front door. We transposed it with frosted glass.

And here is how it incited out. First, a wall that used to be mirrored tile:


Now a rest of a room:


Getting a room’s pattern finished took a year. we started with an Ikea Karlstad dilemma cot from IKEA. we systematic kilim pillow-covers from Etsy and reused some aged pillows. we purchased a nap carpet during CB2. It was a crazy good understanding on super sale. The turn counterpart came from Pier 1. The vast flare comes from West Elm (also on sale, with giveaway shipping). The sideboard, black chair, coffee list and side list were bought locally in Anchorage. The retro list flare is from Target (free shipping with a Red Card). The beyond light, that is unfortunately fluorescent, came from Home Depot. I’m still not finished with it, though this vital room has come a prolonged way.


PS: It is never indeed this clean. 🙂 Here’s a print taken during 5:30 a.m. only as disharmony is about to be unleashed:


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