A Sophisticated New York City Apartment

January 20, 2016 - table lamp

The grave dining room in a New York City unit designed by Daun Curry.

In this digital age where many all moves during a speed of light, some people still cite to take it slow. “It’s indeed one of a initial things we do with my clients,” says engineer Daun Curry. “We go on an outing in New York, and only have this find moment.” Big on personal touches and organic textures, extemporaneous fun is a essential partial of her process. “I consider it’s so critical that not all is contrived, or only pulled into a digital presentation,” she shares. Uncovering celebrity and substantiating interactive partnership between engineer and customer are what make projects worthwhile. “You’re indeed walking a streets of wherever we are, and we find something and have a giggle about it.”

A Sophisticated New York City Apartment

A whimsical cherry sculpture lightens a mood in a dining room. Curry designed a mirror-polished chrome-and-Lucite buffet.

Button chairs in a vital room are lonesome in Missoni fabric. The Andrew Martin sofas feature a Rose Tarlow silk velvet.

Curry brought some of her heading flightiness to a tony Fifth Avenue chateau in a five-bedroom condo acclimatisation of what was once a Stanhope Hotel. The home retains a classical skeleton and architectural moldings of a progressing days. There, Jennifer Bayer Michaels, father Howard Michaels, and their dual immature daughters have inhabited a five-bedroom chateau for several years, that a engineer has helped them to rise over time. “Their space has altered with a flourishing of their children,” Curry says. “We’ve finished things some-more organically.” The homeowners have a forked seductiveness in collecting art and personalized finishing touches, and that has been entirely explored by their singular collaboration.

Traditional facilities set a theatre for superb furnishings punctuated by splendid spots of whimsy. “A lot of a categorical anchor pieces are flattering neutral, and afterwards a design is unequivocally colorful,” Curry explains. “We wanted to keep a seat unequivocally neutral though only creation certain that it had a lot of hardness still.” The home’s corridor acts as a look into what’s to come in a rest of a home, that is splendid color, confidant pattern, and courteous layers of texture. “They are a immature family, and they’re fun and vibrant, and it was critical that a space reflected that for them,” she says. Throughout a home, pieces of a clients’ celebrity abound, including found treasures from their travels.

A Sophisticated New York City Apartment

Trumpet-like figurines were found during an art satisfactory in a Hamptons. Cole  Son's Palm Leaves print hangs layered atop a unstructured balloon shade done from a Holly Hunt lead threaded sheer. The home’s heterogeneous entrance corridor gives a look during a elegant, dainty personal touches that lay beyond. A tradition tufted bed is lonesome in a Holly Hunt silk velvet.

In a entrance foyer, a purple floral wall covering ties in aged and new elements in a space. The dual-purpose vital room has apart zones for play and some-more grave gatherings, and a shimmering dining room can perform vast groups. “I consider that you’re saying this story develop around a home where there are unequivocally sensuous and high-end materials and tradition things, though in each space we see also see a whimsical, sculptural object.” From a ceramic gorilla figurine in a foyer, to a colorful found horns in a vital room, and afterwards to a white cherry sculpture in a dining room, a open spaces showcase a sharp-witted personalities of a people who suffer them most.

In a private areas, Curry has designed a eager girl’s room to grow into, and a master bedroom remit from a city that still fits into a fabric. “I like mixing unequivocally low colors with something icy and pastel,” she points out. “It only feels uninformed to me.”

Soft textures in a master bedroom offer a sensuous remit from prolonged days in a city.

In a end, a many critical square of a nonplus for Curry is a bargain she’s been means to settle with her clients.” Any of us designers can emanate a pleasing space, though it’s not a showhouse—it’s somebody’s home. Finding those details, building a relationship, and vouchsafing it swell over time is unequivocally important.” With all a online decorating assistance accessible to homeowners today, Curry has found that “that personal component gets taken out.” For her, bargain how a family lives and what will make them many happy and prolific is a priority in any of her projects. “I consider that’s an critical partial of a story— a customer and their footprint, and my attribute with them,” Curry shares. “It’s not only an interior; there are people behind it, and there’s a attribute with a designer.”

Opposite a bed, a mint-green selected side list is surfaced with a Lucite list lamp.

Deeper colors, like a icy purple lips in a Marilyn Minter print, desirous a bedding and altogether tones in a master bedroom.


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