A Student of Murder

February 28, 2016 - table lamp

Produced by Paul LaRosa and Jonathan Leach

(CBS NEWS) SEATTLE — “It was early dusk of Aug. 31, 2012, when Yancy Noll left work and headed home. He started pushing his smashed aged Subaru adult Interstate 5. At some point, he encountered a male in a BMW,” Prosecutor Kristin Richardson told “48 Hours” compare Peter Van Sant. “He had no approach of meaningful he was going to be passed in 10 minutes.”

King County prosecutors Adrienne McCoy and Kristin Richardson contend a murder of Yancy Noll — shot to genocide in his automobile while stopped during a red light — put a city of Seattle on edge.

“This box is about a participation of immorality in a world,” pronounced McCoy.

“It was like a explosve had dropped,” pronounced Richardson.

“None of us is safe,” McCoy said. “Any of us could have been Yancy Noll.”

“The military went all out. They took it unequivocally seriously,” pronounced Richardson.

Alison Grande is a contributor for KIRO-7, a CBS News affiliate.

“This was a unequivocally large story,” she told Van Sant. “We have shootings in Seattle. We don’t indispensably have many shootings in that area of Seattle. That time of day. And that form of victim.”

“What were we hearing? Did Yancy Noll have any enemies?” Van Sant asked Grande.

“From articulate to his friends, Yancy didn’t have any enemies.”He was an outdoorsy male who enjoyed excellent wine. Loved what he did, operative as a booze valet during QFC,” she replied.

Yancy Noll and Lola

Bottom line: Yancy Noll, 42, was a good-natured, easygoing male and friends contend a suspicion that he exploded into a highway fury conflict is ridiculous.

“He gathering like a grandma. He was very, unequivocally careful,” Brad Kenny, a longtime friend, said. “He had a Subaru wagon, not famous for a speed.

Asked if Noll was angry, guileless or reckless,” Kenny pronounced “no.”

“[Was he] verbally abusive?” Van Sant asked.

“God, no. Not even close,” Kenny replied. “He was so clever and aware with how he interacted with people.”

Investigators cruise Noll and his torpedo crossed paths around 7 p.m. on Interstate 5 usually north of Seattle.

“It’s probable that there was some arrange of fight and Yancy pulled adult to a intersection meditative zero of it,” pronounced Kenny.

“You cruise he ever knew what strike him?” Van Sant asked.

“Never,” Kenny replied. “He was killed instantly, appreciate God. He had no suspicion what happened.”

The sum of this sharpened were curious, to contend a least. Five shots were dismissed with conspicuous correctness and a shooter killed Yancy Noll usually a few feet from other motorists.

“I hear 5 quick shots, kinda like a ‘pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,'” pronounced Kevin Watts.

Watts and his crony Angjelo Rama were pushing together when they listened those 5 pops behind them. The subsequent thing they saw was a automobile speeding divided into approaching traffic.

“… they gathering by. And we was like, that’s kinda uncanny that someone wouldn’t wait for a red light,” Watts told Van Sant.

Upset that a motorist had run a red light, a dual friends strike a gas and gave chase.

“We couldn’t locate adult to him,” pronounced Watts.

“How quick did that automobile flay outta here?” Van Sant asked.

“Zero to 60 in, like … two, three, seconds. He was gone,” pronounced Watts.

Rama and Watts gave adult a follow and returned to a stage where a Subaru was still during a quell with a engine running. The friends had a falling feeling that those “pops” they’d listened expected were gunshots.

“I saw a lot of blood,” Watts said. “I saw where a bullets holes were, and we satisfied that there was usually — there was positively zero we could do.”

The shooter’s bullets had strike Noll 4 times in a head. A fifth bullet missed a dictated target, nonetheless unequivocally scarcely claimed a second victim.

“It sounded like a outrageous explosion,” pronounced Patricia Schulmeister.

Schulmeister, now 92, got adult to see what was function and scarcely tripped over a bullet inside her home. She told “48 Hours” how it got there.

“The bullet came by a blockade … came by a mirror of glass. It strike a large lampshade that was on tip of that large lamp. Through this hallway. And before it landed , it strike this design of my altered pool cat, Miss BP, and afterwards it forsaken to a floor,” she explained.

Shulmeister took a bullet and headed outward where she speckled a crime stage investigator.

“I tapped him on a shoulder and reason out my palm and gave him a bullet,” she said.

The bullet was a 9mm dismissed from a Glock pistol. It was a plain square of justification in a box that, during that point, didn’t have much.

“We didn’t know if it was a targeted sharpened or if was a pointless sharpened or — or anything about what it was,” pronounced Detective Frank Clark of a Seattle Police Department.

The box was about to devour detectives Frank Clark and Dana Duffy for a subsequent dual years.

“Yancy had no rapist history, no story of being a hothead,” Det. Duffy said. “We unequivocally didn’t have a lot to go on.”

After closely inspecting a crime scene, a detectives satisfied Noll’s window was down and a shooter had dismissed those 5 shots right by his possess newcomer side window.

“That’s so weird to me. The shooter would fire by a passenger’s side window of his automobile during someone else. Have we ever listened of such a thing?” Van Sant asked Det. Duffy.

“No … it was weird to us as well,” she replied. “That was a outrageous square of evidence.”

The military now knew a shooter’s automobile had a damaged passenger-side window — and there was more. Even nonetheless declare Angjelo Rama had usually glimpsed a journey automobile for a separate second, something registered.

“My initial theory was an M4, a BMW automobile and a one we saw was a convertible. It was Silver,” he said.

“Was a tip adult or down?” Van Sant asked.

“It was down … and when he was pushing by we beheld he had really, unequivocally good china rims,” pronounced Rama.

Armed with his minute description, a military suggested a open to be on a notice for that BMW indication with that damaged newcomer side window.


As for a driver, Kevin Watts helped a military artist come adult with a remarkably minute blueprint of a shooter.

“I looked during a chairman who was drivin’ a automobile ’cause — I’m unequivocally good with faces,” he explained.

Within a week, a blueprint was expelled to a open along with grainy still photos of a automobile from a circuitously confidence camera.

“We knew that military in Seattle were looking for a china BMW. And they were pulling them over,” Grande told Van Sant of a stops being finished all over a city.

Police were unfortunate to stop a torpedo from distinguished again, not meaningful if or when he would. Two weeks went by and afterwards a cruise flush who astounded everyone.

“When we see something like this, from somebody who has it all together, he’s not crazy. He’s usually evil,” pronounced McCoy.


In a dual weeks that followed Yancy Noll’s heartless execution, cops perceived hundreds of tips about that dark-haired cruise in a china sports car.

“It seemed during that time that everybody in a city of Seattle was pushing a BMW Z4 or a Z3,” pronounced Det. Clark.

Then, on Sept. 14, “A lady calls in an unknown tip,” pronounced Det. Duffy.

For a initial time, a puzzling male has a name.

“…And she provides a name of Dinh Bowman and his address, that is reduction than 10 blocks from a sharpened site,” pronounced Det. Duffy.

“When we pulled adult a print of him –matched a outline of a sketch,” Duffy continued.

“Did his braid match?” Van Sant asked.

“Yes. And a age outline matched,” Duffy replied.

The cruise blueprint expelled by Seattle Police, left, and Dinh Bowman, right

And yet, 29-year-old Dinh Bowman appears to be a many doubtful of intensity suspects. He’s a gorgeous operative with an resourceful imagination — like a Rube Goldberg appliance he combined usually for fun.

“The people that we’ve oral to have described him as brilliant,” pronounced Det. Duffy.

“A genius?” Van Sant asked.

“Others have patrician him as a genius,” a investigator replied.

Bowman was usually 12 years aged when he entered college. In his 20s, Bowman non-stop his possess business — a boutique engineering association called Vague Industries that specialized in robotics.

Dinh and Jennifer Bowman

And then, in 2007, Bowman met Jennifer Palm, a successful dentist, during an preparation seminar. They were married a year later.

Jesson Matta was a crony of a Bowmans.

“I suspicion they were what we deliberate to be a energy couple,” Matta said. “Very, unequivocally sophisticated.”

“What were they like as a couple?” Van Sant asked.

“Loving. The both of them, we think, accepted one another,” pronounced Matta.

But it was adult to detectives Duffy and Clark to figure out Dinh Bowman — and they fast schooled that he once owned a BMW.

“We wanted to know, does he still have that BMW? Is it still during his house?” Det. Duffy explained. “Immediately we came adult with a devise that we’re gonna set adult a notice on his residence.”

A moving week went by with no pointer of a BMW entrance or going. But then, a garage doorway opens adult usually adequate for a detectives to mark a china sports car.

“Based on that information–we’re means to obtain a hunt warrant,” pronounced Det. Clark.

Before emergence on Sept. 21, 2012, as Dinh and Jennifer Bowman were withdrawal for work, military swooped in to detain Dinh Bowman.

“Dinh was placed in shackles and ecstatic down to a office,” pronounced Det. Duffy.

Officer: Just to let we know, this is a military trickery and all is being recorded, OK?

Dinh Bowman: OK.

Dinh Bowman waits to be questioned by police

Bowman has to wait dual hours for detectives to arrive to doubt him. While he’s murdering time, Bowman doesn’t seem to be concerned. He enjoys some snacks and a crater of coffee. Exasperated, Bowman complains his altered time is being wasted.

Dinh Bowman: I’m kind of removing a tiny angry during how prolonged this is taking.

Officer: It has to take as prolonged as it takes, OK?

“He was kind of confused about a whole thing. It was kind of weird,” pronounced Det. Clark.

Bowman also didn’t comprehend that in another room, his wife, Jennifer concluded to answer questions from detectives Clark and Duffy:

Det. Dana Clark: Have we listened of any murders, like, within a few blocks of your chateau in a final few weeks?

Jennifer Bowman: I’m not sure.

Det. Dana Duffy: You’re not sure? It’s a approbation or no question.

Jennifer Bowman: I’m not sure.

“We call it a ‘I’m not sure’ speak since her responses were overwhelmingly, ‘I’m not sure,'” pronounced Det. Clark.

Det. Frank Clark: …Your probity right now is peerless for your survival.

Jennifer Bowman: we — we understand. I’m not certain what we can tell you.

Jennifer Bowman didn’t know that a detectives had already legalised Dinh’s BMW and had detected that a newcomer side window had been replaced. Remember, investigators were certain a torpedo had dismissed by that glass.

“The initial thing we did was open a newcomer doorway and we could see potion shards–in a good of a doorway jamb,” Det. Duffy explained. “Also, within a garage there was this uninformed smell of paint.”

That’s since a BMW’s china rims had been embellished black.

Det. Dana Duffy: What about a paint smell that we’re smelling in there?

Jennifer Bowman: I’m not sure.

Det. Dana Duffy: Do we know anything that goes in your house?

For scarcely 4 hours, investigators beaten Jennifer for answers.

While a speak was going on, investigators entered a Bowman’s house, that was surprisingly bare.

“We knew that Jennifer was a primary breadwinner in that household. And we knew from portion some of a hunt warrants that she finished — substantially $250,000 a year. But when we got into a home, she had frequency any bedroom furniture. Her mattress lay on a floor,” pronounced Duffy.

Bowman post-it note

In a kitchen, investigators found Post-it notes. Most of them were adore notes, nonetheless one unequivocally held their eye.

“It pronounced something to a outcome of, ‘to a best shooter in a wild, furious west. Bang, bang. XXOO,'” Det. Duffy said. “We found that unequivocally significant.”

As they went room to room, investigators detected a tiny arsenal of weapons and ammunition — all solely a suspected murder weapon, a 9mm Glock.

When detectives finally got to Bowman, they hoped he would answer a few questions. But Bowman was intelligent adequate to tighten down a interview:

Det. Duffy: Do we wanna speak to a counsel or do we wanna speak to us first?

Dinh Bowman: Well, we theory I’d like to speak to a lawyer.

Bowman competence have been finished with a detectives, nonetheless they were distant from finished with him:

Det. Duffy: You’re going to be charged with a crime.

Dinh Bowman: Of what?

Det. Duffy: Murder.

Dinh Bowman: Of what — of who?

Det. Duffy: Murder of a tellurian being.

Dinh Bowman: Okayyy.


News Report: It was something to see. At slightest 45 friends of murder plant Yancy Noll packaged prosecution justice this morning to get a demeanour during this man.

“You watch this chairman travel in and we see this artless chairman and we go, ‘Why? Why would we do this?'” pronounced Yancy Noll’s friend, Brad Kenny.

Dinh Bowman has been in control for 4 months for a murder of Yancy Noll and during a hearing, Bowman learns his bail is set during a overwhelming $10 million, a sum he can't make.

“He hasn’t shown any pointer of shame or even fear,” Kenny sighed, unfortunate for answers. “It usually fills we with so many anger.”

While Bowman appears stoic in court, prosecutors contend a purported torpedo has a quirky side that emerges in hundreds of available jailhouse phone calls with his wife, Jennifer.

“They had pet names. Dinh was Bunny and Mrs. Bowman, Jennifer, was Snuggles,” pronounced Prosecutor Adrienne McCoy.

“Bunny and Snuggles?” Van Sant asked.

“Bunny and Snuggles,” McCoy affirmed.

“When they speak to any other they speak in baby talk,” pronounced Richardson.

Jennifer Bowman: Bunny? Bunny? How are you?

Dinh Bowman: I’m doing good. How’s my tiny graze cake?

Jennifer Bowman: we usually wrote we an email.

Dinh Bowman: Yay!

“It’s unequivocally strange, unequivocally strange,” pronounced McCoy.

Dinh Bowman: we skip so many things right now.

Jennifer Bowman: we know.

Dinh Bowman: we don’t have a snuggles.

Jennifer Bowman: You don’t have a graze plum subsequent to you.

“Everyone told us, ‘don’t listen to a jail calls, don’t listen to a jail calls.’ You’ll wish to chuck up,” Richardson commented.

Meanwhile, behind among a grownups, detectives Frank Clark and Dana Duffy were methodically building their carnage box opposite Bowman. They detected that, for years, a tech-savvy talent had been downloading books, articles and videos to his mechanism on a theme of genocide and murder.

“He unequivocally was someone who complicated adult on — on murdering somebody and — and perplexing to get divided with it,” Det. Clark said. “…and it’s not that he had a tiny of it. He had tons of it.”

And afterwards there was Bowman’s mania with James Bond. And it showed in Bowman’s mechanism videos, where he is seen pushing a automobile during high speeds around an barrier march and blustering divided in sharpened demonstrations where he valid he was an consultant marksman with possibly hand.

“I don’t trust that Dinh Bowman … got adult that morning … thinking, ‘Today’s a day that I’m gonna fire somebody,'” Det. Clark said. “This conditions presented itself somehow. But once it did, afterwards all his self-training and investigate kicked in.”

And one of Bowman’s videos – finished by a firearms consultant — unequivocally repelled police:

Training video: We’re gonna speak about sharpened by glass.

Training video: I’ve come into a conditions where we feel threatened by someone off to my newcomer side.

“It was a play by play of Yancy’s murder,” pronounced Det. Duffy.

“If we wanna know how to fire somebody in trade from your unequivocally imagination sports car, it was an extremely useful video. He didn’t even have to hurl down his window,” pronounced McCoy.

Prosecutors came to trust Bowman wanted to kill someone usually for a disturb of it.

“Why would he dedicate this murder in extended illumination where there are witnesses around who could see his car, maybe see him?” Van Sant asked McCoy.

“What’s a fun of it if — if there’s no challenge? If there’s no witnesses? If there’s no need to get away, to speed off and fly by area streets and censor your automobile in your garage? That was a fun for him,” she replied.

Soon after a murder, military contend that Dinh Bowman went to his mechanism where he had his immeasurable library of murder-related books, including, “Arrest-Proof Yourself.”

“How to cover adult a murder, how to get absolved of a gun, how to get absolved of gunshot residue,” Det. Duffy pronounced of a book.

And military contend Dinh Bowman now had an accomplice: Jennifer Bowman, aka Snuggles.

“Jennifer to me seemed very, unequivocally nervous,” Det. Duffy told Van Sant. “Poor eye contact. we could see that she was shaky.”

Det. Dana Duffy to Jennifer Bowman: Do we know how critical this is right now Jennifer?

Det. Frank Clark: Tell us a truth. Tell me a law right now (slams table).

Jennifer Bowman never asked for a counsel and handed over her purse where military found profits that aided a investigation.

“Do possibly of we have a faith that Jennifer had before trust of this attack?” Van Sant asked a detectives.

“I don’t cruise she had before trust nonetheless we trust that during some indicate Dinh told her what happened,” Det. Duffy replied. “She had to know something since a subsequent day she went to Portland with him.”

Det. Frank Clark: Why did we go to Portland?

Jennifer Bowman: It was usually a tiny day trip, a tiny highway trip.

A outing that led to a automobile potion emporium where, military say, Bowman began to cover adult his crime with his mom by his side.

“She was unequivocally aloof … she didn’t contend much,” repairman Jeff Shields said. “He usually seemed like he indispensable a window right away.”

Bowman told Shields a BMW window had been cracked by a burglar while he and Jennifer were eating in Portland.

Det. Clark: What time of day was a window broken?

Jennifer Bowman: We found it in a afternoon?

Det. Clark: Approximately what time?

Jennifer Bowman: It was right after we ate lunch.

But detectives contend a grill receipt from Jennifer’s purse told a opposite story.

“They were never there for lunch. They went there during dinnertime,” pronounced Det. Clark pronounced of a receipt that showed a time as 7:09 p.m.

Three weeks later, a Bowmans visited a tire store in northern Seattle. Manager Doug Haskett says Bowman used a name “Peter,” while his mom avoided eye contact.

“She was a blonde and she usually kinda looked during a ground,” Haskett said. “She wouldn’t speak to anybody.”

Bowman bought 4 cheaper tires to reinstate a costly BMW tires.

“Why would he get new tires?” Van Sant asked.

“Because during a investigation, a media expelled that there were tire step marks left during a scene,” Det. Duffy replied.

Det. Frank Clark: Why did — because did he get new tires?

Jennifer Bowman: I’m not sure.

Det. Frank Clark: What if we put we on a polygraph exam today?

Jennifer Bowman: [No reply]

Det. Dana Duffy: You’d destroy it like a pouch of potatoes. we mean, we can tell you’re fibbing by usually looking during ya.

Police contend they after found a set of expensive, many new BMW tires inside Bowman’s seminar during Vague Industries. The murder arms was never recovered, nonetheless prosecutors felt they had adequate justification to try Dinh Bowman for first-degree murder.

And he would shortly take a mount and tell a story he had prolonged kept secret.


Inside a justification room of a Seattle Police Department, Dinh Bowman’s BMW Roadster Z4 and Yancy Noll’s Subaru were corresponding once again, usually as they were on that summer dusk in Aug 2012.

What brought them together that dusk is unclear; a outcome of their confront is not.

“What goes by your mind when we demeanour inside this car?” Peter Van Sant asked Det. Duffy of Noll’s Subaru.

“Sadness. Devastation for Yancy,” he replied. “His family mislaid a amatory member. …Murder — is unequivocally ugly. It’s never pretty.”

And now, on Nov. 19, 2014, dual years after Yancy Noll was savagely gunned down, his purported torpedo enters a courtroom to face a assign of first-degree murder.

“He, by a time of trial, looked like he was 13,” Prosecutor Kristin Richardson pronounced of Bowman.

Dinh Bowman in court

Dinh Bowman is transformed. Gone is a confident, cocky immature male who initial met with detectives.

In his place is what appears to be a athletic college student.

“This male doesn’t demeanour like a killer,” Richardson observed. “And that’s not during all odd for defendants to change their coming in sequence to interest to a jury.”

Bowman’s mother, a local of Vietnam and his father, a Boeing engineer, were in justice each day to support their usually child. But his cooing wife, Jennifer — his “Snuggles” — is nowhere to be seen.

In her opening, Prosecutor Adrienne McCoy tells jurors that a ground for murder wasn’t fervour or jealousy, nonetheless something distant some-more macabre.

“This was a accomplishment of a quest,” she told a court. “A query to know what it would be like to kill someone.”

McCoy attempts to take a jury inside Bowman’s mind by display a training videos recovered from his computer.

From video to thousands of pages of investigate on murdering another person, prosecutors paint a mural of a intentional murder.

“It was a homogeneous of a Library of Congress on death,” Richardson told Van Sant.

“Have we ever seen anything like this before in your career?”

“Not even close,” she replied.

“Why was all that things on his computer?” Van Sant asked Bowman invulnerability profession John Henry Browne.

“He hoarded information,” Browne replied. “You know, he had a lotta things on his mechanism that are totally bizarre. …Having possession of it doesn’t meant anything.”

“Mr. Bowman was indeed perplexing to emanate a library of fundamentally everything,” Browne addressed a court.

Bowman’s lawyer, whose former clients embody sequence torpedo Ted Bundy, says there’s no justification that Bowman ever review or watched any of these materials.

“There were thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pages about … engineering techniques. But also there was all this weird things that a prosecutors used in sequence to make adult their motive,” Browne told Van Sant.

As a invulnerability presents a case, Browne takes a large play and puts Dinh Bowman on a stand.

“…I felt like it was usually this crazy bad dream, and, like, we was usually run — like, we was runnin’ from a monster,” Bowman testified.

And Browne knows he’s risking it all on Bowman’s ability to lean jurors and remonstrate them that he was a plant of road rage.

“If we didn’t do something right afterwards we was goin’ to die,” he told a court.

Bowman explains that it all began when he accidently cut off Yancy Noll on a interstate.

“He was — there was arrange of — a tide of swearin’ … we cruise a — a — a word that held my courtesy was, ‘ You improved learn how to expostulate that imagination car, dick-boy. Or you’re gonna get yourself f***ed up,'” Bowman continued, indicating his finger as if it were a gun.

Bowman says Noll closely followed him off a widespread to a trade light where they both stopped.

“And it was that indicate that when we got WHAM!” he said, indicating to his head.

That “wham!” Bowman says, was a booze bottle thrown by Noll that strike him in a head.

“He’s an comprehensive liar,” Brad Kenny said. “That’s blasphemous to Yancy. He would never chuck and rubbish booze on somebody like that.”

“I remember seein’ his eyes really, like, bulgin’. And, like, as he was kind of — as he was yellin’,” Bowman continued on a stand. “I would report it as just, like, aroused loathing that we would — I’d usually seen in a movies.”

“Did we cruise it was probable he had a gun? Browne asked Bowman.

“Yeah. we was scared,” Bowman replied.

Fearing for his life, Bowman says he pulled out his 9mm Glock, forked it during Noll and fired.

John Henry Browne: You intentionally shot him?

Dinh Bowman: Yes.

John Henry Browne: Was it your vigilant to kill him?

Dinh Bowman: No.

“Road fury is, by definition, not premeditation,” Browne told Van Sant.

Bowman says he shot Yancy Noll in self-defense.

“I remember — openin’ my eyes, seein’ that we had a gun in my hand,” Bowman told a court. “And we had usually forsaken a gun and stepped on a gas.”

Though Bowman claims he was a victim, he didn’t call a police. Panicked, Bowman says he collected justification from his car, including a booze bottle and a gun, and threw it all away.

“The throwing divided of a justification — that would support his possess story? This is a male who’s genius-level IQ, right?” Van Sant asked Browne.

“Yeah. But a lotta geniuses we know don’t have a lotta common sense,” he replied.

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: You threw divided a … justification that we could uncover a military to infer we were not a criminal. Right?

Dinh Bowman: we didn’t cruise they would even trust me.

But prosecutor Kristin Richardson isn’t shopping a word of Bowman’s story:

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: You don’t cruise that many husbands would go home to their wives and say, “Oh my god, we roughly got killed?”

I figured, a some-more that he talked, a worse it was going to get for him,” Richardson told Van Sant.

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: You’re an consultant shooter. What was your target?

Dinh Bowman: we — there was no aiming concerned in this.

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: …OK. Well, we did a flattering good job, didn’t you? ‘Cause we strike him 4 times in a head, including a temple. Right?

Dinh Bowman: Um, that astounded me.

For 3 days, Richardson hammers divided during Bowman:

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: You lied to your parents. You lied to your wife. Right?

Dinh Bowman: Is that a question?

Bowman never loses his composure:

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: Mr. Bowman, we have no difficulty responding approbation or no to Mr. Browne. Is there something wrong with a approach we ask questions of you?

Dinh Bowman: No. That seems like a weird question.

Prosecutor Kristin Richardson: OK, well, that’s a initial no we cruise I’ve gotten from you. So we theory a point’s been made. … we have zero else, appreciate you.

As Dinh Bowman stairs down, a doubt is: did he remonstrate a jury that he killed Yancy Noll to save his life?

“I cruise Dinh deeply believed … a jury would see that,” Browne told Van Sant. “Self-defense is pardonable homicide.”

Or simply for a thrill.

“Is he guilty of murder in a initial degree?” Richardson asked jurors. “Yes.”


On Dec. 9, 2014 – some-more than dual years after Yancy Noll’s murder, and coincidentally, Dinh Bowman’s 32nd birthday — jurors start deliberations.

“It’s a misfortune partial of a job, watchful for a verdict. But it’s just– it’s usually a inlet of it. You always doubt yourself,” pronounced Prosecutor Adrienne McCoy.

One chairman not jealous himself is Dinh Bowman, as he confides to his wife, Jennifer, in available jailhouse phone calls:

Dinh Bowman phone call: We should disapprove a jurors if they take longer than tomorrow …

Jennifer Bowman has not seemed a singular day of her husband’s trial, nonetheless she stays in consistent strike and has no doubt whatsoever of his innocence:

Jennifer Bowman: …This is obvious. They need to acquit. Like, how can they cruise anything else.

Dinh Bowman phone call: You’d have to be totally undiscerning to trust anything else.

On day three, a jury earnings with a guilty verdict.

It’s a sum warn to Bowman, nonetheless honeyed service to Yancy Noll’s partner and his supporters.

“The outcome is review … And what was that impulse like for Dinh?” Van Sant asked Browne.

“Well, he was so emotionally upset,” a invulnerability profession replied. “He said, ‘I can’t trust it. we can’t trust it. we can’t trust it.'”

Three weeks later, a unequivocally different-looking Dinh Bowman was behind in justice for sentencing.

The once cocky child talent is left as a existence of a guilty outcome sinks in and his relatives step brazen to desire a decider for mercy.

“I know this is my fault,” an romantic Hong Bowman addressed a court.

Defense profession Browne contingency finish reading her statement.

“‘Our son’s acts are a fault. My father and I, we supposing and authorised him to learn about guns for self-protection,'” Brown review aloud.

Browne, a seasoned hearing lawyer, can’t assistance nonetheless uncover tension as Dinh’s mom asks a decider to send her to jail in place of her usually child.

“‘I greatfully ask we to concede myself to surrogate any punishment by fixation myself in Dinh’s role,'” he read.

“It was distressing to watch his mom during sentencing…for her to offer herself in his place, to do his punishment for him. That’s real,” pronounced McCoy.

Moments later, it’s Bowman’s turn, nonetheless Yancy Noll’s partner and his supporters exclude to listen, even putting their fingers in their ears.

“I’m unhappy that a jury didn’t trust me,” Bowman addressed a court.

“…the initial difference out of Dinh’s mouth when he’s asked to make a matter during sentencing, is not about his relatives or his sad mom or Yancy’s friends or family. It’s, ‘I can’t trust a jury didn’t trust me.’ That’s his focus,” Richardson forked out.

As a decider is about to broach Bowman’s sentence, he has something he feels compelled to say.

“I feel unequivocally contemptible for your relatives Mr. Bowman and we wish to tell them that it is not their fault. Mr. Bowman is obliged for his possess actions.”

Dinh Bowman gets 29 years and one month, somewhat reduction than a maximum. The box opposite him is over, nonetheless military feel there’s unprepared business.

“Was Jennifer dubious or prejudiced or fibbing during any indicate during this questioning?” Van Sant asked a detectives.

“Yes, she was,” Det. Clark replied.

“I would unequivocally many like her to be charged with a crime,” pronounced Det. Duffy.

–the crime of assisting her father cover adult Yancy Noll’s murder.

“Frank, would we like her to be charged with a crime?” Van Sant asked Det. Clark.

“Yes, we would,” he replied.

Jennifer Bowman has altered her name and her job, nonetheless “48 Hours” tracked her down in Seattle.

“‘Hey, Jennifer, Peter Van Sant, ‘ 48 Hours.’ Why did we distortion to detectives? Why did we assistance your father cover adult a murder? You can speak to us … no answers still.”

Ultimately, a state profession chose not to move charges opposite Jennifer and she in spin has cut off all ties with a male she once endearingly called her “Bunny.”


Today, a chateau a integrate lived in sits dull and a dual cars during a heart of this box sojourn in a military warehouse. But a memories of Yancy Noll sojourn as alive as ever.

After a verdict, Dinh Bowman attempted suicide.

Jennifer and Dinh are now divorced.

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