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July 4, 2018 - table lamp

Ever given a phone had a flashlight on it, flame sales have plummetted. The torch, for a longest time, has been this clunky, battery-guzzling device that constructed a flare of light and did flattering most zero else. The notation a phone integrated a xenon peep into it, it spelled story for a torch, since a phone was compact, and always on your person. The torch, however, has a possess advantages that it hasn’t been means to gain on. It does one pursuit and does it well, works for longer hours underneath worse conditions (some torches are even waterproof), and can be used as both point-source as good as ambient lighting.

That’s flattering most a pattern brief of Allocacoc’s FlashLight. Compact adequate to be carried on your chairman along with your smartphone, a FlashLight is an eccentric flame that’s brighter than a peep on your smartphone, can work for longer hours and in any weather, and comes with a garland of accessories that make it most some-more than a torch.

The FlashLight comes in a sharp baton-sized support done wholly out of anodized aluminum, gripping it both grand and light during a same time. The LED flame on a front comes in both comfortable as good as cold variants, and has a singular symbol on it that not usually powers it on and off, though also lets we adjust a brightness. Designed to work improved and final longer, a FlashLight does divided with a pencil-battery complement and comes with a 18650mAh Li-ion battery that lasts for as prolonged as 75 hours on a lowest setting.

What creates a FlashLight improved than a one on your phone is, however, a operation of accessories. These accessories give a FlashLight applications that comparison a stream purpose (which is only an puncture source of lighting), creation a FlashLight something you’d wish to use in your home as good as outward it. The accessories renovate a Flashlight into a night lamp, a reading lamp, as good as an intensely stylish list flare that uses a mirror to disband and separate a light in an artistic manner. The FlashLight can be even used outdoors, interjection to a waterproof nature, and can even conveniently be strapped to a bicycle regulating a bicycle clip, branch it into a temporary headlamp.

The smartphone’s peep is really convenient, though it isn’t all-purpose. Allocacoc’s FlashLight taps into that ability, giving a torchlight some-more roles and capabilities than ever before, so that it isn’t only your puncture light source. It’s roughly each kind of light source we need!

Designer: Vincent Wang of Allocacoc

Click here to Buy Now: $25.99 $33.99 (24% off)


FlashLight is Allocacoc’s latest plan that inspires imagination on how we can use this lost tool. From a list flare to a unresolved flare to a bike light, you’ll never see flashlight a same again.




Pair FlashLight with accessories such as list flare or bike fix, to be used both indoor and outdoor.


Night shade.


Stand clip.


Bike fix.


Desk light.


Click here to Buy Now: $25.99 $33.99 (24% off)


Brightness control (1~100%) in only one click!

Weighing only 109g, it’s light and compress to fit into any pocket.

No batteries needed. Simply assign it adult with a USB-C cable.

No worries if it rains, it’s dash proof.

Opppsss… Luckily it’s impact resistant (approx. 1 scale high).





Click here to Buy Now: $25.99 $33.99 (24% off)

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