aerelight is a initial affordable organic LED list lamp

April 1, 2015 - table lamp


Last August Kathleen reviewed the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, a tiny task lamp that used LEDs instead of normal light bulbs. LEDs are really appetite efficient, final longer than unchanging light bulbs and don’t beget a lot of heat. Fast brazen to now and we have the aerelight that facilities OLEDs instead of unchanging LEDs. What are OLEDs?

The aerelight OLED flare provides a warm, healthy light and works good as a source of assign lighting.  The anodized aluminum support responds to taps to toggle energy and low a lamp. This flare also facilities a bottom that has a built in Qi wireless charging pad, permitting any Qi-compatible device to assign by placing it on a base. The aerelight table flare is available to pre-order for $239 at

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