After overcoming adversity, mom of dual wins engineer makeover in her St. Paul rental

November 4, 2017 - table lamp

The challenge: Roshee Cryer-Greene had recently moved, with her dual immature sons and her wife, into an old, normal residence in St. Paul. Their dining room was unclothed of furniture, and a family quite indispensable a list and chairs for eating meals.


The designer: Stefani Ellenbecker, editorial executive of Wit Delight, a renouned St. Paul-based lifestyle blog,


The behind story: Cryer-Greene won a giveaway makeover after overcoming poignant hurdles in her life. She grew adult with a mom who battled addiction, and by a time Cryer-Greene was 19, she had dual children herself and was in an violent relationship. Determined to emanate a improved life for herself and her boys, she left a relationship, and finished adult relocating in and out of several shelters. “I only wanted a home,” she said. She eventually finished a module by Project for Pride in Living, saved income to lease a house, and finally achieved self-sufficiency.

Cryer-Greene, who volunteers and does fundraising for Still Kickin’ and other nonprofits, had been awarded a favourite of a month award, for her success during improving her life, and her efforts to assistance others in formidable situations do a same. “Just since you’re down and out, there’s still wish for you,” she said.

Roshee Cryer-Greene in her dining room