Alexa Ray Joel’s New York City Living Room Is a Bohemian Dream

October 27, 2017 - table lamp

Alexa Ray Joel lives inside a New York City independent dream. The thespian common a print of her antique-inspired vital room, along with some pivotal pattern tips to grasp a look, in an Instagram post on Thursday, Oct 26. A low studded lounge lives in a core of a room and is lonesome with layers of incompatible patterned pillows. Two additional black chairs and dual cream armchairs—with a tiny metal-brimmed side list in a middle—are situated around a burnt-wood coffee table, surfaced with art books, candles, and fresh-cut greenery. The seating area is tangible by a light-tone Persian carpet that covers a low hardwood building underneath.

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The corners of a room are equally enchanting. In one dilemma sits a vintage phonograph; opposite a room rest a china rotary phone, a list flare with a flowery stained potion shade, and a array of framed photographs. Ornately framed paintings cover a walls behind, and a thick, billowing cream screen dresses a floor-to-ceiling window. A candelabrum crowns a whole room. In a caption, Joel cites low golden lighting, comfortable worldly tones, Edith Piaf annals and heterogeneous taste as impulse for a space.

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The daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley maintains her old-world character via her home. Previously, she’s shown off her bedroom, where a strange River of Dreams portrayal hangs above her embellished blue nightstand and her immature dresser, both surfaces lonesome with vases, candlesticks, and an array of trinkets. She has also shown off her “idyllic artistic sanctuary,” called a Red Room for the powder walls and curtains, in that a array of candles lay atop her piano and a candelabrum offers a soothing lighting.

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