America’s Cup trophy: The disdainful interview

October 9, 2015 - table lamp

The guest of respect during a Premier Launch Party of a United States Sail Boat Show Thursday night was gorgeous and wore a propitious contemplative china ensemble. Everyone during a sold-out eventuality done their rounds with a guest of honor, perched atop a list on a theatre during Loews Annapolis Hotel. Most got a picture, some pointed, others took selfies. Two physique guards, former Secret Service agents, stood to a sides of a idol eyeing any fan carefully, assuring no one overwhelmed a list a fable was on.

Nicknamed Auld Mug, a America’s Cup is one of a oldest and many obvious trophies in general yacht racing. Its coming during a celebration was a initial it’s ever done during a vessel uncover in a U.S. and usually a second time in Annapolis, a initial being final week during a Annapolis Yacht Club. At Thursday’s event, San Francisco proprietor John Arndt was named target of a second Sailing Industry Distinguished Service Award.

America’s Cup was donated in a 1850s to a New York Yacht Club, leader of a initial general yachting competition, as a incessant plea prize to foster accessible foe among nations. For a Annapolis vessel show, The Capital was means to get a first-ever disdainful with a trophy.

How do we like Annapolis?

I adore this cobble-stoned city. It reminds me of a tiny sailing city of Newport, Rhode Island, where a America’s Cup was hosted decades ago. Australia won a foe a year of my revisit and we changed from my home of 132 years during a New York Yacht Club. My stay in a Big Apple was a outcome of a longest winning strain of any sports competition. Although we am looking brazen to my outing to Bermuda subsequent week for a Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series to get a small indian before my large coming during a subsequent competition in 2017. I’m looking a small dark these days.

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