Andrea Cingoli wins Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2016 with 3 projects

September 28, 2016 - table lamp

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Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), Italy, Sep 26th, 2016 – Andrea Cingoli, Italian engineer and owner of Conception studio, wins a prestigious general Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2016. Three of his concepts were awarded during a disdainful rite reason on a dusk of Thursday, Sep 22nd, during a Red Dot Design Museum of Singapore: a lounge bed Qwerty Sofa, a electric automobile CrickIT for mobility and a list flare Balamp. Winning equipment for Andrea Cingoli, in a name of innovation, design, art, functionality and sustainability.

“This new general approval is a acknowledgment of a unpractical scrutiny routine we started,” explains Andrea Cingoli, owner of Concepticon studio. “Winning a Red Dot Award for Design Concept 2016 with Qwerty Sofa, Balamp and CrickiT creates me quite happy given these 3 pieces promulgate a range of my design: from seat pattern to lighting pattern for residential use or a business industry, all a proceed adult to some-more innovative solutions for mobility and civic furniture”.

“The Red Dot is a constant approval of peculiarity and we hope,” concludes a engineer Andrea Cingoli, “to find entrepreneurs and companies who can give figure to these concepts by building a genuine product”.

Qwerty Sofa, pattern Concepticon studio Andrea Cingoli (category: seat design)

Reminiscent of a constant keyboard archetype, a lounge bed Qwerty Sofa is prepared to horde a guest among a “soft” keys during opposite times of bland life with a spirit of irony. Actually, Qwerty Sofa is many some-more than a lounge bed: a micro electric motors, tranquil by a remote control, are designed to make certain any key/pillow can be practiced in tallness to customize a whole aspect accessible according to ones preferences and use. Qwerty Sofa is a witty and radical square of furnishing that can renovate itself into a cot or bed during will.

CrickIT, pattern Concepticon studio Andrea Cingoli (category: mobility)

CrickIT is a genuine motorized choice for civic mobility and logistics. It is characterized for a multifunctional flexibility interjection to a ability to renovate itself from a automobile to a luggage cart, all by a elementary reason of a button. It can simply reinstate a bike and ride on sidewalks alongside pedestrians, along bicycle paths or in ancestral centers.

As a vehicle, it is foldable and easy to manage. It can withstand prolonged distances and strech adult to 15 km/hr. Once folded, it is rather compress and can fit in a case of a car. CrickIT can be used to ride people with disabilities or in a medical field. As a luggage, it can reason adult to 250 kg. By reversing a handlebars, a travel height transforms itself into a enclosure for goods. The device is also versed with tracking program opposite burglary and to lane a products inside it.

Balamp, pattern Concepticon studio Andrea Cingoli (category: seat design)

Balampis a list flare (abat-jour) designed to concede we to live in symbiosis with your surroundings, either in a residential home or business. Its functions count on a weight of a intent placed on tip of it. When an intent is positioned on a lamp, a image is pushed downwards and a weight is purebred to keep a flare off. Once removed, a flare emits a soothing light. To grasp a aloft power of light, one contingency simply press on a ancillary image and keep it pulpy down to activate a dimming duty of a LEDs. Balamp has many other functions: it can reason personal objects, though also works as an alarm that projects a time on a aspect of a dresser for a few seconds. Furthermore, it’s even a wireless horse we can use to assign your mobile phones by fixation them on a top plate.

Concepticon studio Andrea Cingoli

A judgment pattern studio heavily concerned in creativity and design-based business indication innovation. The categorical areas of activities are: seat pattern and lighting pattern for residential use or agreement sector, innovative solutions for mobility and civic furniture”. –

Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2016

Identifying good pattern given 1950, a Red Dot Award is one of a biggest and many prestigious pattern awards worldwide. In 2005, a endowment recognized a need to brand and applaud new pattern judgment and innovation, a predecessor of tomorrow’s good product. Believing a pattern judgment contingency be evaluated formed on a pattern consequence but prejudice, a endowment combined a height that accept entries from companies to pattern students; information of a member are dark from a jury. The Red Dot Award for Design Concept has grown to be on of a largest and many recognized veteran pattern foe for pattern judgment and prototypes worldwide. Every year, a winning concepts of a Red Dot Award for pattern concepts is exhibited during a Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

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Andrea Cingoli is a immature Italian engineer and architect.

Born in 1981, in a Abruzzo segment (Italy), Andrea Cingoli graduated cum laude in Architecture during a University G. D’Annunzio of Pescara in 2006 and he attended a Master in Design of Public Space “MaSP” during Pisa University in 2010.

Andrea Cingoli’s eclecticism and initial nature, that gathering him to turn a first partner of critical workshops stoical of immature designers, were already apparent given his birth and early activities: Zo_loft pattern pattern (2007), Urbanmore (2010) and Studio OPS (2013).

Andrea Cingoli has always been preoccupied by a pattern attention and this passion has driven him to open his possess studio (Conception studio), in 2014, that authorised him to immediately benefit approval worldwide, such asthree Red Dot Awards for Design Concept 2016 with QWERTY SOFA, CRICKIT and BALAMP; iF Design Award 2016 with BALAMP; dual Honourable mentions LICC London International Creative Competition 2015 with HANG-ON and PLAN; 1 st Prize IDA International Design Award 2014 with QWERTY SOFA.

Concepticon studio Andrea Cingoli is a pattern organisation heavily oriented on a judgment of pattern and a investigate for new business models formed on creativity.

His surpassing self-assurance that creation is a usually proceed to effectively face a rival and active marketplace led him to try and reinterpret a daily realities, so permitting him to consult new meanings, innovative forms and functionalities to his products.

Andrea Cingoli’s creativity focuses on several artistic disciplines – from conceptualizing objects to conceiving architectural spaces, implementing restorations and communication – that concede him to confront himself with a peculiarities of his contention and attention on a daily basis.

Without ever abandoning his quite initial approach, Andrea Cingoli is now headed towards a new clarification of his artistic path, by conceiving pattern objects with a clever impact on a bland life of people and communities from both a communicative and organic indicate of view.

September 2016

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