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June 12, 2017 - table lamp

When people consider of lamps with potion shades, they automatically consider of Tiffany lamps. But a lamps done by a Handel Company are pleasing and estimable of note.

The Handel Company was in business from 1885 to 1936. P. J. Handel became boss of a association in 1911 and it was underneath his care that many of a best lamps were made. In their heyday, they had a salon on Broadway in New York City, though they sole lamps all over a country.

The primary underline that creates these lamps so appealing is a excellent portrayal on a potion shades. Some of a bases are beautiful, though a genuine seductiveness is customarily in a retreat embellished shades. Nearly all Handel lamps are sealed on a shade and many are sealed on a base. Usually after a signature on a shade there is a sequence series and on some occasions, a artist also sealed his/her name. If we consider we have a Handel lamp, demeanour inside a edge of a shade for a signature. Do not worry so many if a bottom is not sealed since a association did not start signing bases until 1902.

The many common character that is suspicion of when one mentions Handel lamps is a list flare with a dome-like embellished shade. If a flare has steel ribs in a shade, it is referred to as a steel conceal lamp. Another character of shade is mosaic. This is like Tiffany lamps with lead backing holding tiny sections of glass. Other styles embody building lamps, piano lamps, boudoir lamps and unresolved creation lamps.

The list lamps and building lamps tend to be allied in value though a smaller ones, like piano lamps, boudoir lamps and creation lamps customarily have a reduce value.

Now we need to get a clarity of value. When we check auction annals for this year and we demeanour usually during steel conceal lamps, we get a following results: $1100, $2200, $850, $1450, $275, $100 and $350.

A identical hunt for mosaic lamps shows a following auction prices: $225, $3,800, $1,900 (shade only), $1,200, $5,000, $700, $2,500 and $1,500.

Table lamps with domed potion shades sole this year as follows: $1,400, $1,800, $900, $300, $450, $250, $2,500, $825 and $1,300.

A building flare brought $500 and another $550. Two incomparable building lamps with steel conceal shades sole for $3,750 and $2,500. Three some-more sole for $300, $2100 and $1,000.

A integrate piano lamps have sole this year, one for $1,300 and one for $2,000. Boudoir lamps have sole for $125, $250 and $500. A Hanging flare sole for $1,500.

In a surprising difficulty a span of Handel potion wall sconces sole for $1,700. A sealed bottom with no shade sole for $375. A building flare bottom with no shade brought $350. A Handel humidor with steel siren sole for $175.

Of course, there is always seductiveness in a record. The top cost ever paid for a Handel lamp, as distant as we can tell, is $85,000 paid in 2008. The shade had a overwhelming portrayal of an elk.

If we are a value hunter, this is one thing to demeanour for.

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