Antique Weakness Syndrome: diagnosis and prescription

February 8, 2017 - table lamp

By Dana Grae Kane


Does a faintest glance of a satin-finish, cross-sawn, claw-footed, barley-twist, plain ash refectory list means we to shake uncontrollably? Do your fingers chill during a merest hit with Art Nouveau promotion ephemera and a vellum pages of leather-bound books? Does holding a silver from a dead civilization inundate your mind with imagery from ancient history? Are we inexorably drawn to frail exemplars of china, potion and pottery, all of that contingency be placed divided from a brush of your generous dog’s tail and a gummy clutches of your toddler? Do we crave hand-forged collection for that a purpose is mislaid in time? If so, we are clearly have Antique Weakness Syndrome.

Fortu nately, there is no need to call 911. While there is no heal for your ongoing condition, it is treatable with visits to any of Lincoln City’s smashing venues during Antique Week, Saturday, Feb. 11 to Monday, Feb. 20. With complicated doses of bargain-sleuthing for all 10 days, supplemented with upholder visits via a year and support organisation therapy, your symptoms will be entirely controlled.

Coastal collecting offers something that internal antiquing can roughly never yield — a possibility of anticipating a singular Oregon nautical artifact. Mine is a steel list lamp, combined in 1928 by master artist Atillo Pusterla, replicating in high-relief and conspicuous fact his pleasing turn sgraffito pattern on a Astoria Column, memorializing a growth of a northwest. The bases of a mainstay and a flare bear a names of a artist, designer Electus Litchfield, Lewis and Clark, whose speed finished during Astoria, John Jacob Astor, owner of Astoria, and Captain Robert Gray, precursor of a Columbia River. we know of no other duplicate of this lamp, though it seems expected to be one of a singular edition. You competence learn another during Antique Week.

We a antique-afflicted have a rarely sold preferences. Some of cave occur to be essay desks, pens, hand-written letters, books, black and white photographs, forged Turkish meerschaum pipes, glassy Chinese ginger pots and plain timber cabinets that censor unpleasant electronic components and their treacherous cords. But no matter how strongly a sold tastes differ, we all share an appreciation of durability construction, excellent craftsmanship, artistic form and startling styles not mostly found in a stream enlightenment of mass-production and designed obsolescence. Many of us are in outcome curators of a possess mini-museums, committed to a refuge of creations that will never be again. The wreckage of any one of these equals a surgical excision of a critical partial of a tellurian heritage, irreparably abating pleasure and squeezing a range and abyss of cultured sensibility to a wreckage of ourselves and those who follow us.

If your family’ heirlooms have been lost, Antique Week is a ideal time to start rebuilding your bequest during discount prices. In sold courtesy to antique furniture, we competence advantage from some of a things we schooled about hardwood a tough way. These are my Rules of a Road for Furniture Forays.

Measure your space accurately (very): Making certain what we buy will fit your accessible space beats throwing a fit when it doesn’t. Measure wall spaces really carefully, remembering we need to leave sockets, feverishness vents and draperies unblocked. Then magnitude a breadth of doorways and hallways by that your purchases contingency pass. Write down a magnitude we positively can't exceed. Glue a note to your front and your fasten magnitude to your hand.

Donate a square to make room for another: It’s still all about space, afterwards last what styles and finishes will work good with your existent décor. Consider replacing a square rather than cramming in another. Donate a one you’ve outgrown to Beachtown Charities Thrift Store or Restore for a juicy taxation deduction.

Consider your condition criteria: Perfection in a square is tough to find after it has knocked around for a century or two, and flawless pieces authority really high prices. These prima donnas also need we to travel on eggs to equivocate deleterious them. Personally, we cite battle-scarred veterans we can indeed use and abuse with impunity, contemplative of other lives about that we am always desirous to consternation mightily. What competence have happened in 1865 to make someone insane adequate to flog in a front of what is now my Victorian ash dresser and who was a talent who done a probably invisible repair? This linking of events gave me what competence have been a $2,000 dresser for $275.

Purchase pieces that function: “Beauty is as beauty does.” Select pieces with interior storage ability and prosaic tip surfaces rather than beautiful lumps that usually lay there display off. Many armoires, break-fronts, cabinets and cupboards can be mutated inside to reason apparatus such as bedding, china, home bureau apparatus and electronics. However, remember that once we change a piece, such as by drilling holes in a behind for cords a approach we do, we destroy a antique value, as we have schooled so good from Antiques Road Show.

If it’s heavy, make certain it has wheels: You will not usually harm your back, we will mangle or mangle a legs of aged seat if we try to pull or drag it. If we are lucky, a wheels will be timber or iron originals.

I can frequency wait for Antique Week, though it’s a sport that’s exciting, not a possessing, we find. There’s good fun to be had acid for things other people collect and startling them on birthdays and during Christmas. While we adore vivid antique shops, we don’t extent my sleuthing to those alone. For example, in a new year Goodwill supposing a ideal strange English Blue Willow use platter for about $7 that now delivers 21 lb. turkeys to a Thanksgiving list of a really good prepare and guarantees me an invitation for life. So don’t disremember Lincoln City’s preservation shops, flea markets and estate/garage sales as we go antiquing. You never know…

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