Antiques & Collecting: Handel lamps aren’t Tiffany, though still valuable

September 9, 2018 - table lamp

The initial Tiffany lamps with dome-shaped, stained-glass shades were done in 1895. They became really renouned and really expensive.

Other flare and potion companies blending a thought and done less-expensive, reverse-painted potion shades, colored potion and metal-trimmed shades, as good as copies of a originals. None are as costly as a originals today, though some are deliberate critical and sell for thousands of dollars.

Philip Julius Handel done lamps in Meriden, Connecticut, from 1893 to 1933, and his reverse-painted shade lamps are now offered for adult to $8,000. Almost all of his lamps are sealed on a inside of a shade and on a steel flare base. Price is dynamic by a settlement on a shade and a figure of a bronze base.

A new Morphy Auctions of Pennsylvania sole a Handel “Elephantine Island” list flare with a bronze bottom hold by 3 swift griffins. The shade is a portrayal of a ancient Egyptian hull on Elephantine, a tiny island on a Nile.

Q: Can we give me an thought of a value of my Hunzinger rocking chair? It’s a height rocking chair with a disfigured timber support and a ragged padded-and-upholstered behind with headrest, arms and seat.

A: George Hunzinger immigrated to a United States in 1855 and began to make seat in New York City. He was an innovative engineer of Victorian law furniture, and famous for forged disfigured legs and arms, big-beaded emblem and a formidable rocking mechanism.

Many Hunzinger pieces are sealed with a tab or tag, and many are not. But mostly we can find some footnote of a patents used by Hunzinger that can be used to assistance with marker and date.

Hunzinger height rockers auction from $150 to about $500. Rockers with unusual fact in glorious condition and in a tangible settlement sell for more. Your rocker would be value $200 to $250.

Q: we have a brown-and-green glassy Weller play with a figural squirrel on a rim. It’s about 5 inches high and 7 inches long. Is a squirrel glued or molded onto a bowl?

A: The squirrel is molded afterwards combined on a edge of a bowl. It’s trustworthy a same approach a hoop is attached, by initial scoring and “slipping” a aspect of a dual tools to be joined, afterwards dire a dual tools together. It is not glued though hold by operative a still-damp clay.

Your play is partial of Weller’s Woodcraft line, that was introduced in 1928. It enclosed pieces with matte glitter and natural-looking tree stumps, logs and picturesque animals.


Current prices are available from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions via a United States. Prices change in opposite locations since of internal mercantile conditions.

• Photography: grant de viste, amputees, Civil War veterans, trumpet, American flag, S. Roden, $85

• Sewing machine: new home, entertain sawn, oak, cabinet, hinged top, 30½ inches, $120

• Salad portion set: Les Six Fleurs, argent silver, fork, spoon, 9¾ inches, $190

• Boehm sculpture: magnolia grandiflora rhododendron, porcelain, metal, 16½-by-7½-by 9 inches, $370

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