Art and soul: An artist’s downtown Minneapolis loft comes to life

May 23, 2015 - table lamp

How do we reinvent a plain-Jane condo awash in mustard-yellow walls?

Artist Harriet Bart and her husband, Bruce, had a good collection of art and artifacts to personalize their new home, a fifth-floor section inside a Bridgewater Lofts. But they indispensable places to arrangement their settlement — and spaces in that they could conclude them.

So Bart brought in her crony and collaborator, interior engineer Lynn Barnhouse, who started by flipping a condo’s gas fireplace.

“The grate was creatively during a distant finish of a vital room in an irregular location,” Barnhouse said. “Now it faces a den.” The flipped fireplace, along with a span of Holly Hunt bar chairs, remade a bare-bones space into a friendly reading and TV-watching room.

The Bridgewater, in Minneapolis’ Mill District, was built in 2006, and a eight-year-old condo had one prior owner. As Barnhouse and Bart masterminded a interiors, a tip priority was to emanate arrangement sites for a couple’s objets d’art from around a world, as good as settlement by Bart, an award-winning unpractical artist who creates three-dimensional works in a accumulation of media.

Barnhouse and Bart’s many vital settlement choices re-use and repurpose what was creatively there, while formulating an updated environment that reflects a Barts’ character — heterogeneous with a reason of eccentricity.

Bruce and Harriet Barts Bridgewater Lofts dilemma condo mixes a complicated cultured with worldly African artifacts. A tapestry by Harriet covers a wall that once housed a fireplace.