Art Maker: Janna Ugone, craftswoman, and Justin Thomas, prolongation manager

April 29, 2018 - table lamp

After opening her Easthampton lighting studio in 1987, Janna Ugone handled a business herself for many years. But in 2009, she assimilated army with Justin Thomas, a former University of Massachusetts Amherst tyro who’d interned with her, and currently a dual contend they’ve shaped a clever team. “I do a design, conduct a picture library, marketing, emanate systems,” says Ugone. “Justin oversees production, patron service, web government … By mixing art and utility, we’re anticipating a patron engages with pattern by daily routine.”

Their business, that designs musical building and list lamps, flare shades, clocks, tables and other furniture, has also had a longstanding art/business internship module with Northampton High School; students learn Photoshop, production, trade uncover credentials and other aspects of a business. “We wish they leave with their eyes far-reaching open, so they can mix their art talent with essential business skills,” says Ugone. 

Hampshire Life: Talk about a work you’re currently doing. What does it involve, and what are we trying to achieve?

Janna Ugone: We only launched a 2018 gallery collection. This routine starts with my sketches and sculptural models; once we pierce to hands-on work to make certain a ideas work in reality, I start painting. we wish that when a pieces are out in a world, they spin partial of a new creative expression.

H.L. What do we pull impulse from?

JU: Creating village by creativity. From a staff to a business to a welder and UPS guy, we adore that a work brings together so many smashing people. In an catchy way, I’m desirous by, among other things, travel art, maps, backyard birds, falcons and hawks, backwoods with native species.

Justin Thomas: Things that are finished well. Either finished well, like a lamp, a fritter of bread, or finished well, as in good service. You can tell when things are finished good since their intentions are clear; they follow by on their mission.

H.L.: Have we ever had a “mistake” — a plan that seemed to be going south — spin into a wonderful find instead?

JT: We make mistakes all a time, and that’s important, though customarily we say “Get this disaster as distant divided as possible!” The find is that we can roughly always repair it and make something failed better.

HL: Name dual artists we admire or who have shabby your work. What about their art appeals to you?

JU: Bertel Bager, inlet photographer. His work is a pleasing description of elementary nature. And a lighting designers, Gerry and Thelma Moss, from a ’50s. Together they finished a craziest fun lamps.

JT: The painter Charles Burchfield, and a ceramicist Lucie Rie. Her work is beautiful, very simple.

HL: If we weren’t an artist, what do we consider you’d be?

JU: A residential architect. we adore designing/organizing tiny construction projects. 

HL: What do we do when you’re stuck?

JU: Ugh, it feels like mud. we can burst out, go for a bike float to get reinvigorated, though if we have deadlines and we need to deliver, we pull unequivocally hard: make coffee, put song on, crack by past sketches, books, images on line. Then we sketch, sketch, blueprint some more. And finally, we start painting.

— Steve Pfarrer

Ugone  Thomas will be participating in this year’s Open Studios eventuality during 1 Cottage Street in Easthampton on May 5  from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and May 6 from noon-5 p.m. The company’s website is



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