ArtPic: Siying Chen’s building flare a prominence of U of A pattern show

April 3, 2015 - table lamp

ArtPic artist: Siying Chen

Work: Floor Lamp — birch plywood, aluminum

What: Running with Scissors, University of Alberta Bachelor of Design Graduate Show

Where: FAB Gallery (112th Street and 89th Avenue), regulating by Apr 11

Art and pattern are opposite beings, though a crossover between them is exhilarating. In a box of Siying Chen’s building lamp, we joyfully dive into subsets of any propagandize of notice within seat and toys.

Standing out amid a series of shining tyro designs (including a real-grass footstool by Amanda Nogier and a double-wick cat candle by Laura Jenkins), Chen’s geometric flare is formed on collapsible-expandable round toys. The liughtness of a tuber shifts depending on your telescopic strategy of how a plywood support sits on a pleasing industrial immature neck. It’s a work of hands-on beauty.

“I wanted to move some-more communication between home seat and a owners,� says Chen, an industrial pattern student. “In a market, there is already a lot of movement of lights’ shapes; however, there’s a miss of lamps with transformable structure. we wanted to emanate a witty lamp, that can move a humorous experience, recalling childhood memories.

Chen’s origination builds a tie between a flare and users since they have to play with it like a fondle to spin it on or off. It also creates a contrariety of opposite shapes, when a structure is open or closed. When it is incited on, this structure casts pleasing shadows on a wall and floor.

“If there is a chance, we wish to make some variations of this lamp, such as a unresolved light and a list flare — maybe some-more colour editions.�

Chen hopes to have her possess studio or association someday. “Most of my designs are desirous by nature. That does not meant we duplicate inlet elements into design; it is some-more about transforming a atmosphere of a healthy world, about formulating a feeling of nature.

“Also, morality and well-organized form will move visible pleasure to users. Following a thought of a pattern of nature, we honour honest materials, and adore healthy materials a lot. By regulating healthy timber and transparent material, like creosote or glass, we build a quiet, pacific and comfortable feeling.�

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