Back-to-school: Expert picks for teen bedroom decor

August 20, 2014 - table lamp

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom is an practice in negotiation. Gone are a days when we could select animal art or ballerina bedding nonetheless a blink from your tiny ones. Now those tiny ones are big, and they wish teal walls and expensive, over-the-top furniture.

When redecorating, Mike Johnson, a engineer during Lori Graham Design + Home in Logan Circle, initial recommends perplexing to hear what your kids are unequivocally looking for. Then, strike a balance. Choose a neutral for a walls, for example, and incorporate that teal with accents that are easy to change, such as pillows, rugs and frames. “Kids get a process,” Johnson says. “They know that it’s their room, nonetheless that they have to concede a tiny bit, that they’re removing what they want, only in a opposite way.”

And nonetheless it’s tantalizing to collect inexpensive furniture, meaningful your kids leave a nest in a few years, Johnson recommends quality. Those same pieces can go with them to their initial unit or be a building blocks for a destiny guest room.

Instead of a conflict of wills, a redesigning routine can be a fun for all, says Nancy Guettier ofPBteen. Because when finished right, we get relatives who know some-more about their teens’ building personalities and teenagers who wish to be during home. “A teen room is one of a many sparkling bedrooms in a house,” she says. “They wish to be artistic and whimsical. They get out of their kid’s room and get a place that lets them try who they are.”

→“If we don’t need a roof fan, try to do some fun musical light in a space,” says Johnson, who assimilated Lori Graham after regulating midcentury complicated store Sixteen Fifty Nine in Georgetown for over a decade. “Don’t be fearful to get something that hangs down a bit, generally if it’s over a bed. Johnson’s collect is PBteen’s Faceted Capiz Pendant ($99-$164, “These have a good demeanour and come in opposite sizes for opposite roof heights,” he says.

→“An comprehensive contingency for kids’ bedrooms are Flor runner tiles,” Johnson says. “They come in a outrageous accumulation of patterns and sizes, and a best thing about them is when we get a stain, we can only flay adult a tile and replace.” The Rake Me Over 2 Cut Design in graphite complements a accumulation of styles ($141-$987, Bonus: “They’re illusory for a dorm,” Johnson says.

←Bedding is one of a easiest ways to let teenagers demonstrate their character — and a easiest thing to change when their character fundamentally evoles. Better yet, find a reversible comforter, such as a Reagan Reversible Comforter Set in Pale Banana, to let them change adult their demeanour whenever they wish ($50-$60,

→Kids can jam with their friends with a vintage-looking Bongo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, finished from bamboo and hemp, in 4 tone combos ($140, “The demeanour that kids are going for is a really hip kind of retro-y, late ’60s to mid-’70s,” Johnson says. “It’s furious colors, lots of Lucite, lots of acrylic, confidant colors.”

Reagan Reversible Comforter Set in Pale Banana. (Bed Bath Beyond)
Bongo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. (Nordstrom)

→The Tobias Chair is an Ikea favorite for many designers, including Johnson, for a comfort and a approach that a pure inlet creates a tiny room feel bigger ($79, “For a money, this is a best kids list chair around,” Johnson says. “It’s about one-third of a cost of any other identical chairs that are out there right now.”

→With a dump of a new Ikea catalog comes this complicated spin on an aged seat style: a secretary. Teens will like a wire outlets and that a root can tuck divided task when friends come over. The Ikea PS 2014 Secretary comes in orange or white ($189,

→“Every child that we have finished a room for has wanted a beanbag chair,” Johnson says. Dupire likes a Fatboy for “chilling” teenagers ($199, “You can change a tone of a bag if we wish to,” she says. “It’s durable, it’s a parent’s friend.”

→Cecilia Dupire, principal of New York pattern organisation Cezign, suggests creation a walls a vacant board for creativity, by adhering corkboard wallpaper, portrayal a chalkboard, or giving kids rolls of Japanese washi fasten — a removable, colored masking tape. MT Masking Tape has only expelled a MT Casa line for doing dots or stripes on a wall ($6.50-$44, “Teens adore to rug a walls,” Guettier says.

West Elm’s Golden Geometric mirrors. (West Elm)

→For a fun mirror, or a set of mirrors, with purify lines, there’s West Elm’s Golden Geometric Mirror in 3 sizes, with bullion edges ($39-$189, Mirrors offer teenagers another aspect to pull art on (with washable markers, of course).

→When kids connoisseur from blocks to soccer balls, their storage character should connoisseur too. CB2’s Galvanized Rolling Tote moves to wherever a storage is indispensable and is tough adequate to hoop unwashed washing or murky sports rigging ($59.95,

→When their teenagers go off to college or their initial apartment, relatives competence wish to keep a seat for a guest room. “The bedrooms need to have something that a primogenitor likes and something that a child likes, and if we can concede leisure for both, that’s pattern during a really best,” Dupire says. The espresso-colored Atlantic Bookcase, with 3 rotating compartments, is quirky adequate for a dorm, grand adequate for your home ($74,

→“I have finished utterly a few kids’ bedrooms regulating swing-arm lighting by a bed instead of bedside lamps,” Johnson says. “It frees adult a nightstands, and it also allows for some-more lighting options in a room.” He likes a Havana Wall Swinger by Jonathan Adler ($252,

→Guettier travels a universe for new trends and styles for teens. One of her favorite sources of impulse though, is partnering with other creatives. Recently, PBteen worked with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, designers and stylists out of Los Angeles, to pattern a collection that mixes “feminine and tomboyish” looks, Guettier says. A prominence is a Victorian-inspired Emily Meritt Floor Mirror, finished for girls who like experimenting with conform ($399,

→For of-the-moment accessories, Johnson and Dupire suggest Ikea, West Elm, a Container Store, PBteen and Urban Outfitters, that sells this Faceted Pastel Table Lamp in green, white and pinkish ($89,

CB2’s Shop Blue Chest. (CB2)

→It seems most harder to find options for a boy’s room than a girl’s. CB2’s Shop Blue Chest has masculinity in a DNA, being desirous by apparatus cabinets ($399, Dupire also suggests an over-the-door basketball hoop or a tennis list to communicate a sporty thesis (and to give boys something to do).

→Johnson recommends not “finishing” a room’s design, so that a teen can put his or her stamp on it. Leave copiousness of wall space to decorate, bedding to choose, accessories to find. Pillows with removable covers — such as HM’s glitzy Cushion Cover With Sequins in silver, black, copper or pinkish — can be altered out to compare a mood or deteriorate ($18,

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