Big Hero 6 Baymax is Now a Helpful LED Lamp

March 20, 2015 - table lamp

He’s good for some-more than only karate and large shade heroics—Baymax from Big Hero 6 is prepared to light adult your bedside table. Don’t worry, though, this Baymax LED flare still knows some karate moves, too.

Baymax, ever a useful robot, can we assistance we get to work and get to sleep. The flare has 5 modes of use, including fade, well-spoken breathing, flash, multi-effects, and well-spoken sleep, a latter of that gradually dims a light over 12 minutes. He’s a ideal nightlight, that really seems like it would be in Baymax’ wheelhouse.

Anyway, onto those karate moves. Baymax competence not be means to open to life, though we can pierce around his arms and conduct to during slightest get him in a good karate pose. Points for staying loyal to a character, there.

The Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Lamp is accessible on Brando now for $49.

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