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A San Diego lady filed a insult lawsuit opposite comedian Bill Cosby Wednesday, detailing in a probity request an aged indictment that Cosby intimately assaulted her in a 1970s and claiming denials by Cosby’s member publicly branded her a liar.

Tamara Green— Associated Press

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Tamara Green
/ Associated Press

A nine-page censure says former counsel Tamara Green, who now lives outward San Diego, was “a immature and determined indication and singer” when she met Cosby in 1969 or 1970 by a mutual crony and began perplexing to assistance him lift income from investors for a club. It was filed in a U.S. District Court in Massachusetts since Cosby has a residence in that state, and it is during slightest a third lawsuit outset out of a allegations of passionate attack opposite Cosby by some-more than a dozen women, Reuters reported.

Los Angeles profession Martin Singer, who has represented Cosby amid this latest call of allegations, said: “We are really assured that we will overcome in this move and we will pursue claims opposite a attorneys who filed this action.”

Green seemed around video during a news discussion with her attorney, Joseph Camata. According to NBC San Diego, Green said, “I wish a law of this matter to be finally determined forevermore. we wish a law to be known. we wish probity for myself and my sisters-at-arms, if we like. we wish it put to a jury. we wish a verdict.”

She added: “We shall all now have a day in court. But I’ll tell we this: Bill Cosby will also have his day in court… and we demeanour brazen to that event.”


Tamara Green lawsuit opposite Bill Cosby

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Green’s censure describes sum that Green initial publicly disclosed in 2005 on The Today Show and with a Philadelphia Inquirer and again this year in interviews with Newsweek, The Washington Post and other outlets: Over lunch in a early 1970s, a censure says, Cosby offering her “some red and grey pills” he pronounced were “over-the-counter cold medicine.” The censure says she felt “weak, drunken and woozy” after ingesting them and finished a lunch betimes when Cosby gathering her to her apartment, where he undressed himself and her though agree and assaulted her notwithstanding “repeated final to stop” until she upended a list lamp.

The censure says Cosby left that day after putting dual $100 bills on a coffee table.

Green says Cosby “publicly branded” her “a liar” when his attorney, Walter M. Phillips Jr., responded to a 2005 reports observant Green’s allegations were “absolutely false” and that a occurrence she described “did not occur in any way, shape, or form.” She says Cosby publicist David Brokaw continued a “pattern” of branding her a liar this year.

Phillips told a Associated Press that he represented Cosby in 2005 though no longer does, and declined to criticism further. Messages a AP left for a publicist, David Brokaw, weren’t immediately returned.

Cosby has never been charged in tie with any passionate attack allegations, a AP reported.

Green’s censure says she once “enjoyed a respect, certainty and venerate of her neighbors, as good as others in a community” though that Cosby’s responses by his spokesmen impugned her repute and tended to display her “to open contempt, ridicule, hatred or disgrace, to satisfy an immorality opinion of her in a minds of right-thinking persons, to means her to be shunned or avoided, and/or to harm her in her occupation, good name, character, and reputation.”

She is seeking saving and punitive indemnification and attorney’s fees and costs.

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