Bluffton lamp-maker channels steampunk aesthetic

April 2, 2015 - table lamp

Among a many treasures sparse inside internal shipment store Two Women and a Warehouse, a new line of hand-crafted steampunk lamps might be a ultimate find for retro-futurists.

The lamps, done of aged gears, gauges, complicated bolts and Edison light bulbs, are a work of Bluffton-based artist Tom Davis.

Davis, a former open propagandize clergyman and girls basketball coach, began creation them about 5 years ago after timid from Ohio. He and his mother had always enjoyed going to auctions and estate sales and frequently bought and sole equipment during flea markets.

“In one of a initial auctions, one of a lots we bought had some aged plumbing reserve and we thought, ‘Well jeez, we can do something with those’ and finished adult creation flattering elementary industrial-style list lamps,” he said.

He pronounced he got a impulse after visiting a store in a suburbs of Washington, D.C., where his daughter was living, and saying aged collection being repurposed as appliances.

“The initial thing we saw was a building flare done out of a cavalcade bit used to cavalcade an oil or H2O well, and it was an articulated square that had a shut-off valve where we could lift or reduce a light,” he said.

That square cost $2,000, and Davis was certain he could make something some-more simple for intensely reduction money.

Some of a initial lamps he done in that character sole on shipment in another antique store in D.C.

“Because of a lofts and character of housing adult there, they were flattering popular,” he said.

The word “steampunk” refers to a sub-genre of scholarship novella and anticipation that has shabby artistic styles and designs by restraining together Victorian aesthetics with 19th century steam-powered machinery.

The steampunk cultured has gained recognition over a years, permeating cocktail enlightenment from cinema to radio to specialty Lego sets.

Davis pronounced he wasn’t indispensably out to emanate steampunk appliances though had amassed a right components after years of thrifting. Each square takes about 5 or 6 hours to make, typically, with many of that time dedicated to cleaning and portrayal a materials.

“I got to a indicate we had lights all over my house,” he said. “I tumble in adore with my work, and it’s tough to let go.”

He described a initial integrate of sales as “pretty stressful” though now enjoys saying his work cocktail adult in pointless places. Some dealers have purchased them for their possess stores and noted a cost up.

His lamps during Two Women and a Warehouse sell for roughly $85-$200, depending on a model, and come with a warning that they are intensely complicated — customarily 30 pounds or more.

He’s done special trips to Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, to source a industrial-type tender materials he needs for his art. He’s also done list lights out of a 1940s opening cleaner, a footplate of a drum pack and an alternator from an ’85 Mustang.

“I feel we am an artist,” Davis said. “I trust in repurposing and recycling, and we like to tell people we make lights out of a junk they have in their garage.”

Davis pronounced he doesn’t have skeleton to sell anywhere else right now though enjoys a compliments from business for his singular wares.

“It’s not a full-time pursuit for me. we do it for fun,” he said.


Bluffton-based artist Tom Davis’ lamps can be found during Two Women and a Warehouse, 2819 Bull St. in Savannah. For information, call 912-351-5040.

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