Boardman male charged with assaulting wife, slicing phone lines

July 22, 2016 - table lamp

John Steele, disrupting open use and domestic violence.

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – A Boardman male was charged with assaulting his mother and slicing a phone line so she couldn’t call police.

The lady told military that she was sleeping early Wednesday morning with a doorway sealed when her husband, John Steele, knocked on a doorway and said, “My profession told me to ask we each day if we wish sex?” The lady pronounced she told Steele, “no,” and he left, though he returned later, violation down a doorway and melancholy to kill her, according to a military report.

Boardman Police pronounced Steele used a vast statue to mangle down a door. The lady attempted to call police, though a phone had no dial tone, according to police.

The lady told military that Steele threw a statue, a paint can and a list flare during her. He afterwards threw her on a bedroom building and screamed during her, according to a report.

Police pronounced a equipment were found on a bedroom floor, and a phone lines in a groundwork were cut. They pronounced Steele reportedly called a victim’s sister and threatened that he was going to come over and “break her legs” and afterwards come behind a week after and kill her. The threats were reported to a Campbell Police Department a prior week.

The purported plant told military that she had been with Steele for 42 years, though she beheld a poignant change in his function and believed he was not holding prescribed medication.

Steele, who was arrested after that day after returning to a home, was charged with domestic attack and disrupting open services. He is being hold during Mahoning County Jail.

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