Brilliant New Fixtures From MoMA Design Store

September 5, 2016 - table lamp

Sean Augustine March’s Fresnel lamp. Photography pleasantness of MoMA Design Store.

Technology reigns autarchic with a Museum of Modern Art Design Store’s lighting launches. Named after 19th-century physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel—who invented devalue lenses to furnish a together beams still employed by lighthouses—the Fresnel list flare by Sean Augustine March plays visual games, as LEDs pass by steel particles embedded in a dichroic potion of a double-box construction. Meanwhile, LEDs transport along a lines laser-engraved in an acrylic piece to impersonate a 3-D double wind for #Spiral, an further to a Bulbing array of list lamps by Studio Cheha’s Nir Chehanowski. Want mood-enhancing light? From Nanoleaf founders Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, and Christian Yan come Aurora’s 9 interlocking, triangular fixtures. Mounted on a wall or ceiling, they’re propitious with LEDs that can be automatic to respond to song or even a sunrise.

Nanoleaf’s Aurora light. Photography pleasantness of Nanoleaf.

Nir Chehanowski’s #Spiral lamp. Photography by Michael Topyol.

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