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December 8, 2015 - table lamp

The noble Northwest DC area of Foxhall Crescent initial expel a spell on Carmen and Mohammed Osman in a 1980s. As students during circuitously American University, a dual would expostulate by and dream of someday owning a home there. Fast-forward to 1997: The Osmans, by afterwards married with 3 kids, were means to comprehend that dream.

Years later, they still desired their plcae in a heart of a city, and their Mediterranean Revival-style home’s quell appeal. But a interiors felt seared and out of sync with a family’s needs. “These houses were meant for grave entertaining, and we don’t live like that,” Carmen says. “We have a really infrequent lifestyle, and we wanted a home to simulate that though still be superb and urban-chic.”

Like others in a neighborhood, a 4,500-square-foot chateau was designed in a 1980s. The Osmans, who possess 3 other homes on as many continents, used it essentially as a summer getaway until 2007, when they motionless to make it their primary chateau so their children, afterwards teenagers, could attend propagandize in a area.

They lived in a chateau for several years, building their wish list, before branch to interior engineer Basha White for help. White and her associate, Tom Preston, had only given a couple’s unit in London (where Mohammed frequently travels as a consultant on tellurian farming) and were entirely adult to speed on Carmen’s aesthetic, that they dubbed “comfortable couture.”

White invited engineer Christian Zapatka to combine on updating a blueprint and demeanour of a DC home. The idea of a “near-gut” restoration was to make a chateau “very serviceable and inviting,” explains Zapatka. “It was kind of dim before. Nothing felt really generous. There were too many bedrooms for a footprint.”

The strange building devise enclosed a U-shaped kitchen, a slight dining room, a tiny family room and an awkwardly prolonged vital room that spilled out into a front-to-back passageway. Removing and changeable walls released a once-tight layout; mixing a kitchen and dining room into one integrated space was a adventurous though suitable initial step. “We don’t need a grave dining room,” maintains Carmen. “It’s not unsentimental for us. It’s like that room when we were a child that we couldn’t go in. we wanted to be means to speak to people while we cook.”

Zapatka’s module enclosed other changes that would refurbish a home’s 1980s sensibility. Pulling behind an interior wall in a family room combined volume to this primary entertainment spot. The opening on that wall to a kitchen/dining area was shifted and widened to 7 feet to palliate a upsurge and emanate a stronger tie between a dual spaces. To delineate a vital room and hallway, Zapatka introduced a shade of columns and limestone building tiles, that visually apart a spaces. And during a finish of a hall, where an overt set of shifting doors used to be, a pattern window provides a perspective of a behind landscape from a foyer.

“Now there are fewer, bigger, brighter rooms, though it’s by no means a giveaway plan. There are still really tangible rooms,” Zapatka points out. “One large space is infrequently tough to understand. Delineated space mostly appears bigger.” Pocket doors yield a choice of shutting off a kitchen from a family room and categorical hallway, though disappear when open.

With a skeleton in place, Zapatka and White incited their courtesy to embellishing a home’s architectural details. They kept a strange egg-and-dart climax frame with ensign accents, though combined “wider, heftier doorway casings and taller, heftier baseboards to mount adult to that crown,” explains a architect. “The paneled segments [such as those over a windows] lend gravitas.”

White afterwards devised a intrigue of agreeable hues that flows from space to space. “We used a lot of vegetable tones,” she says. “The palette is light, and we churned comfortable and cold grays together.” Colorful accents mount in confidant service opposite a mostly neutral backdrop.

The client’s welfare for tactile, healthy materials commanded many selections. Case in point: a wheat-colored weed cloth that warms a family room walls. To constraint an eclectic, urban-chic vibe, White skilfully churned marble and metals with lacquered and healthy woods. “We have a clever balance, “ she says. “We collect one thing and afterwards reevaluate how it works with other pieces in a room.” The engineer incorporated many selected finds into a mix—including a hall’s bronze and limestone sculpture. “Vintage pieces supplement impression and emanate a undying look,” she says.

However, comfort trumped all in a design. Carmen Osman privately tested all a seating before giving it a nod. The fabrics are durable and family-friendly (the chairs in a dining area are even lonesome in an indoor-outdoor textile). “I wanted a infrequent chateau for a kids to come behind to,” says Carmen. “We’re all over a place, though this is home.”

Writer Catherine Funkhouser is formed in Arlington, Virginia. Gordon Beall is a Bethesda, Maryland, photographer.

RENOVATION ARCHITECTURE: CHRISTIAN ZAPATKA, AIA, FAAR, Christian Zapatka Architect, Washington, DC. INTERIOR DESIGN: BASHA WHITE, ASID, and TOM PRESTON, Basha White Interiors, Chevy Chase, Maryland.


HallwayChests: Two Mirrors: Sculpture, 1920s Chinese Vases on Chests: David Bell Antiques; 202-965-2355. Drapery Fabric: Drapery Fabrication: Atelier Draperies; 301-589-0362. Flooring:

FOYERSmall Sculpture: David Bell Antiques; 202-965-2355. Green Settée: Custom by bashawhiteinteriors. Settée Fabric: Mirror:

Living RoomCustom Sofas: Sofa Fabric: Custom Cocktail Table: Custom Rug: Mirror: Floor Lamp, Drum Table, Painting Square Table: David Bell Antiques; 202-965-2355. Swedish Chest: Chairs Fabric: Pillow Fabric:; Table Lamps:

KitchenCabinets: Karen Hourigan, CKD; Light Fixture: Pendants: Rug: Table, Chairs Chair Fabrics: Marble Countertop: Backsplash Tile:

Family RoomSofa: Sofa Fabric: Chairs: Chair Fabric: Rug: Drapery Pillow Fabric: Drapery Fabrication: Atelier Draperies; 301-589-0362. Stool: Credenza: Art above Credenza: Karen Silve by 1970s Cocktail Table: David Bell Antiques; 202-965-2355. Grass Cloth Wallcovering:

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