CES 2017 – Biggest Trends From a Massive Las Vegas Trade Show

January 4, 2017 - table lamp

CES 2017

TVs, self-driving cars intelligent home products invade Sin City this week

Tech’s craziest trade uncover is celebrating a 50th anniversary this year, that means if we found CES unimaginable in a prior years, it’s going to get crazier than ever before. Over 200,000 people are going to try and make clarity of unconventional record in Las Vegas after this week. The annual uncover strictly opens now for a press, however, a vaunt space will open during 10am on Thursday, Jan 5. This is when we will have to differentiate by crazy, believable, never-going-to-happen, wow-this-is-what-I’m-talking-about kind of technologies that will be showcased on a 2.4 million block feet floor.

The uncover building will be jam-packed with tech that is perplexing to mislay a novella partial of sci-fi. However, in this insane rush of technology, it’s easy to remove concentration on a large pattern or what’s going to order this year. Crazy record aside, here’s what we trust will be a vital themes of CES 2017.

CES 2017 – a biggest trends to pattern this year

CES provides a initial glance during a future. However, it’s not a marvellous products that we are many meddlesome in. While they competence give us a look of things to come, a evolutionary expansion of already-known products excites us even some-more as that is what’s going to be a partial of a homes, roads, and lifestyle in a nearby future.

Everything gets an IoT-upgrade: voice-controlled intelligent home and beyond

In a same capillary of tech that is usually to get stronger come intelligent devices. While wearables competence have proven to be a flop, intelligent home tech is usually removing some-more powerful. 2016 brought an increasing focused to these inclination as some of a biggest certainty dramas happened interjection to exposed intelligent tech. This year, we not usually pattern to see companies perplexing to “smart” any partial of a home – and hotels – though also creation them some-more secure.

The concentration of this year’s intelligent tech is going to be voice-controlled personal assistants. Android vs iOS – aged debate. You are a fan of macOS or Windows. Old battle. The new front of tech is how intelligent your voice-controlled personal partner is. Is Alexa improved than Google Assistant? More importantly, that of a heading practical assistants is going to enhance to third-party intelligent products.

While Google, Microsoft or Amazon don’t strictly vaunt during CES – and they don’t have to – all eyes will be on their entire intelligent assistants. OnVocal and GE are announcing wireless earphones and a list lamp, respectively, that are connected with Amazon’s assistant. Google and Microsoft are also approaching to uncover their participation by their assistants interconnected with third-party products.

With voice assistance entrance to any product, also pattern to see bland products removing a smart-upgrade. From list lamps to doorbells and roof fans, all is going to get a “smart” tag, either they now merit it or not.

This competence not be a new trend, though following final year when we saw a biggest enrichment in a IoT front, we usually pattern to see it removing bigger, better, and some-more helpful.


While we competence be decades divided from observant robots in any house, we are already operative on that front. LG has betrothed to showcase a new bot that will denote new capabilities for given to one’s yard and garden. LG’s drudge lineup will also embody models designed for blurb use in open spaces such as airports and hotels to assistance urge a traveler’s experience.

Oh, that reminds us – we competence be observant a ton of those walking-stalking bags, perplexing to IoTize luggage.

Coming behind to robotics, London-based Emotech is to betray a tabletop bot named Olly with a possess assistant. Olly will commend people in a family, bettering a celebrity to fit any one. Hmm, interesting.

Olly drudge behaves differently with opposite users

Olly drudge behaves differently with opposite users

Unibot, a robotic opening cleaner, and Cutti, a drudge that looks like an iPad on wheels are also going to be a speak of a exhibit, among a series of other startups and companies display their possess bots.

TV isn’t going to take a break

TV has been a consistent trend during CES, and it isn’t going to stop being so. It’s a trade uncover of big, beautiful, curvy, smart(?), and positively beautiful displays. TVs will continue to order a uncover floor, with a series of manufacturers perplexing to kick any other.

4K and HDR competence have spin an aged theme, though tech leaders will now have to speak about calm to spin 4K TVs into essential vital room products. LG, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic will be there with their massive, over-the-top booths. Add in a other smaller players like TCL and LeEco, and we will have another TV-battle this year around too.

LG has already announced a 2017 lineup of Super UHD TVs and 4K sets that offer Active HDR with Dolby Vision, and LG’s exclusive webOS Smart TV platform. Rumors advise that Sony could recover a possess OLEDs this year, with Samsung articulate about a latest iteration of a winding TVs.

Along with hardware, we also pattern to see Android TV, Roku TV, Tizen, webOS, and Chromecast carrying their really possess standoffs too.

Self-driving cars will browbeat a uncover floor

In new years, CES has been incited into a “Car Electronics Show.” CES 2017 is approaching to be a year of unconstrained vehicles and connected cars. Last year, we have seen Uber, Tesla, and a handful of other automobile makers and new companies operative to make self-driving a reality.

Several automobile makers are going to uncover off their rides this year. Electric automobile builder Faraday Future, who already took CES 2016 by a storm, has betrothed to betray a initial prolongation car, that “will be a reward electric car that combines impassioned technology, courtesy heading range, and holistic design.” Extreme technology? Can’t wait to see what it is.

Some companies, like Hyundai, devise to take CES attendees for a spin to knowledge unconstrained pushing experience. Nissan, on a other hand, is integrating Microsoft’s Cortana (see, these assistants are holding over a lives!) into a dashboards.

Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volvo, Chevy, Nissan, VW, and Kia are all going to be during CES 2017 to endorse – nonetheless again – that self-driving cars are entrance and entrance really soon.

Virtual Reality – Ummm…

VR was a winning thesis of CES 2016. With intelligent assistants, connected homes and connected cars approaching to take CES 2017, VR will have to take a behind seat. But, it won’t.

We are going to see VR headsets, and a lot of them. ASUS has already leaked a ZenFone AR handset that is set for a Jan 4 unveiling. This year, manufacturers are going to guarantee a existence of practical reality, though it won’t excite consumers like it did final year. Reports advise that Oculus – a vital VR participation – won’t have a counter this year during CES. With VR products already rising left and right, it’s time for these companies to speak about calm rather than technology.

Wireless audio

With Apple carrying pronounced goodbye to a headphone jack and others following a tracks, we pattern to see an increasing concentration on wireless audio technology. While any CES uncover in a final few years has given us a series of wireless headphones and speakers, with phone makers creation a pierce to wireless, pattern to see an even bigger concentration on wireless audio this year during Las Vegas.

Samsung and HTC are reportedly also ditching a 3.5mm connector, and we pattern to see a series of appendage and audio companies perplexing to kick any other with their wireless audio solutions.

Wearables – still not dead

While a clever thesis in a prior years, 2016 valid that not any tech is going to be mainstream. Apple competence exaggerate to carrying sole millions of Watches, a law is wearable record isn’t being adopted by masses as it should have been. Smart home and connected cars, formidable to adopt deliberation certainty concerns, are holding over a trend of wearables.

Manufacturers are observant farewell to Android Wear, Fitbit – a personality in this shred – also didn’t have a clever holiday season, and Pebble is offered off a assets. We don’t pattern to see wearables creation a “stronger than ever” comeback. With concentration shifted on other, trendier technologies, it will be even formidable for wearable makers to attract any consumer attention.

But, that has never stopped companies. We will be observant a series of uncanny technologies that guarantee one thing or a other. One certain pointer in this difficulty could be intelligent glasses. While Google unsuccessful terribly during this, Snapchat’s Spectacles took vehement millennials like no other final year. Would this teach some-more certainty in startups and other companies to move adult their possess intelligent glasses? We will be following this sold difficulty to see how strongly Spectacles have influenced a expansion of a previously-dead technology.

Not most about Phones…

There are going to be phones by some manufacturers this year during CES, though don’t pattern anything groundbreaking. Usually, a large guns are shown off during Mobile World Congress, so pattern really little, nonetheless noticeable, product announcements on a uncover floor.

As mentioned above, ASUS will have its presence during CES, along with, hopefully, some domicile names such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, BlackBerry, ZTE, and Sony. Huawei and Xiaomi are also reliable to be bringing their smartphones to Las Vegas, though there won’t be any exciting, breakthrough products to speak about. Negligible bezels – yes, though for more, we will have to wait for February’s MWC in Barcelona.

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