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April 23, 2016 - table lamp

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Designer Annie Sloan’s marker paint has turn a tellurian trend, and is now a heavenly do-it-yourself plan on websites such as Instructables and Pinterest.

Local marker paint expert, Kay Funk, of a Cottage on Main, pronounced marker paint could be an affordable facelift to a antiquated home.

“If we have an existent home that competence be old-fashioned or you’re sleepy of it, though we don’t wish to slice out your kitchen cabinets, opposite tops, or lavatory vanities, we can paint over a existent finish with marker paint,” pronounced Funk. “Instead of spending thousands of dollars on cabinets, we spend a few hundred bucks on paint and supplies.”

Funk combined a best partial is that marker paint can be used in a crowd of opposite “styles” from country/primitive, all a approach to slick, complicated midcentury depending on a volume of pathetic used or selected finish.

Chalk paint is also renouned for domicile equipment and pieces that have depressed into disrepair. Funk pronounced that thrifting or “picking” is a good approach to get equipment to marker paint.

“When we non-stop (The Cottage on Main), we favourite a thought of holding something old, revitalizing it, renewing it, lovely it and giving it a new purpose,” pronounced Funk. “We adore a good deal. We like to move in pieces that are unique, though maybe have a bad finish, or need some love. After we paint them, they can presumably final another 50 years.”

However, when “picking,” Funk pronounced to have a prophesy of your goal.

“If we have a square of fabric or a tone intrigue in mind, go to Pinterest and pin pages or blogs that have styles we competence like. So that when we go looking for equipment we have a foundation, that prevents we from entrance behind with 15 equipment that aren’t cohesive.”

Funk suggests commencement marker painters start small.

“Look around your house,” Funk said. “You can start with a design frame, an aged mirror, a lamp, chair or a side list to get your feel.”

According to Funk, marker portrayal 101 simply involves cleaning a pieces of décor/furniture/ etc. with soap and water. No sanding or decoration required. Then it is time to start painting. Funk pronounced to supplement as many layers as indispensable to grasp a demeanour desired. If a unsettled demeanour is a goal, Funk said, after a paint dries, silt a square behind or use H2O and a consume (since a paint is H2O based) to grasp an aged look. The final step is to simply supplement a finishing cloak of wax.

The Cottage on Main provides a accumulation of classes for marker painters. Funk pronounced that in her classes she starts training a routine with representation boards. Some people can also move in a tiny piece, permitting her to work side by side with them. During a class, Funk explained, students learn 4 opposite techniques — work with paint, colors, wax, and learn to distress. Funk also does private marker paint lessons by request.

The Cottage on Main sells a accumulation of equipment such as furniture, accessories, paint, and paint supplies. Funk pronounced that in a store, she and her business partner Christie Metcalf, paint seat for their customers. Funk explained that business can email/bring a design of their object to a store for a cost quote.

For some-more information on marker portrayal classes or The Cottage on Main revisit them during 311 West Main Street, Richmond.

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