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August 3, 2016 - table lamp

Swedish seat hulk Ikea sells a operation of home seat that supports a Qi wireless-charging standard, including pads and list lamps.

They assign Qi-compatible inclination such as a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Ikea also sells wireless-charging covers for a Apple iPhone 4, 5 and 6, that do not have wireless-charging capability built in.


    PRICE: $99

    HEIGHT: 43cm

    CORD LENGTH: 189cm

    POWER: 10W

    LED LIGHT COLOUR: Warm white (3,000 Kelvins)

    LED BRIGHTNESS: 400 lumens

    USB PORT (CURRENT): 2000mA (max)


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 4/5


    OVERALL: 4/5

I attempted out a Ikea Riggad LED work lamp, which, according to Ikea, is one of a bestsellers in a wireless-charging range.

It is easy to see since that is a case. A desktop flare with a healthy wooden base, a Riggad has a clean, minimalist demeanour standard of Ikea’s products.

It has a comparatively tiny footprint and we can pivot a flare by around 60 degrees.

There are no manifest switches to spoil a purify lines. Simply daub a tip of a flare to spin it on.

The flare uses LEDs that are good for around 25,000hr and use significantly reduction appetite than illuminated bulbs.

It is elementary to assemble. You insert a steel arm to a wooden bottom and tie a screw.

At a centre of a wooden bottom is a white round with a “plus” symbol. You have to place your Qi-compatible device on tip of a round to assign a device.

The charging resource is utterly finicky. The flare will not start charging your device if a phone is outward a circle, or even only partially within it.

A tiny light indicator on a round turns on when a wireless charging is in use. However, a light is lonesome by your smartphone, so we have to lift your phone adult to see it. This also stops a charging process.

At a bottom of a flare is a USB port, that lets we assign inclination that do not have a wireless charging function.

To exam a wireless charging underline on a Riggad lamp, we used an iPhone 5 with an Ikea Vitahult wireless charging cover ($39.90).

It took around 3hr for a flare to entirely assign a iPhone from zero. In comparison, a connected Apple iPhone horse took around 2hr.

However, we was not too tender with a Vitahult wireless-charging cover. It is a elementary cosmetic box with a Lightning connector that plugs into a iPhone.

Its white finish creates it receptive to dirt. The box feels groundless since it has dual apart parts.

• Verdict: It takes about an hour longer than a normal horse to assign wirelessly, though a Riggad flare is a stylish further to your home office.

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