Chargers Round Table: Grading a Chargers 2017 Draft

May 2, 2017 - table lamp

The 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone… After a 3 days of madness, what do a staff here during BFTB consider of a transport a Los Angeles Chargers took with their 7 picks?

Jamie Sewell: F- since they didn’t take Mahomes. Seriously, though, we consider this was a unequivocally good breeze for a Chargers, and a fact that a many angry we was over a 3 days wasn’t even during their collect (God, we hatred a Chiefs) is a good sign. we consider I’m giving this a B+. we didn’t adore a Williams pick, nonetheless he’s not a bad player, and Telesco KILLED it with Lamp and Feeney. They were both overwhelming value, and with those dual and Tuerk being healthy and Okung, a Chargers have totally revamped by distant a misfortune position on a team. we favourite a King collect and don’t know adequate nonetheless on a other 3 to comment. Overall, though? Telesco and organisation did a damn excellent job. Now leave me alone so we can cry about Mahomes some more.

Matthew Stanley: we give this breeze a plain B. The initial 2 days were an A- for me, day 3 brought it down a bit. Mike Williams was arguably a best WR in a breeze and offers something zero of a tide WRs can compare in terms of contested locate abilities. But he was a bit of a reach. Forrest Lamp was a best IOL in a breeze and substantially a tip 2 OL in a draft. To lay pat during a tip of 2 and have him tumble into their laps was amazing. He’s a day 1 starter who will surpass during LG for a subsequent 10ish years. Dan Feeney is another timber IOL who a Chargers indeed had slotted during a tip of RD2, and were means to get during a tip of 3. Between Lamp, Feeney, and (hopefully) Max Tuerk, a interior of a Chargers line is set for a foreseeable future. Rayshawn Jenkins, we still don’t know a whole lot about, nonetheless we know a logic behind his pick, even nonetheless it was substantially early for him. Desmond King was another collect where Telesco’s calm paid off in a large way. King was mocked in a 1st turn early in a breeze routine and was on a Chargers house starting during a tip of 2. He will assistance tremendously when a Chargers are in Nickel. Sam Tavi and Issac Rochell are dual some-more guys we don’t know a ton about nonetheless nonetheless have an ascending conflict to make a 53 male register with who is now brazen of them. Telesco unequivocally did a good pursuit usually formed on a names he brought in. Hopefully, that translates on a field.

Michael Peterson: Overall we give a breeze a B. We blew it out of a park on Day 2 nonetheless unfortunately they movement didn’t lift over into Day 3. The usually collect we could suffer was Desmond King in a 5th. #GoHawks. Other than that it was a unequivocally anticlimactic ending. Mike Williams will substantially grow on me as time goes on. I’m usually so grateful we filled what we suspicion was a biggest need on a team, that was a interior descent line. My Lamp jersey is already on pre-order. Rayshawn Jenkins won some points from me when we saw that Vine of him slapping a disaster out of that receiver. Tom Telesco did a crash adult pursuit of vouchsafing guys tumble into his lap. Can’t wait for a season.

Louis Gorini: It’s tough not to like what a Chargers did in this draft. Management finally motionless to go all in for Rivers. They satisfied Rivers can no longer single-handedly lift a group to 7-9 wins. So they got Rivers a large aim to assistance widen a field. The Mike Williams collect competence not have been a “ideal” preference nonetheless it doesn’t meant it was a bad pick. In addition, LA many bound their biggest need (offensive line) overnight with a additions of Lamp and Feeney. Between Mike Williams and Lamp, a Chargers drafted 2 initial turn picks yet trade up. we also was a fan of a King preference in a fifth. King will yield assistance as a container dilemma and maybe giveaway safety. What we many desired about this breeze was a summary that government sent. Lynn and Telesco sent some transparent messages with their picks: guys who have been underperforming or dangerous will not be here. They picked mike Williams since they can’t trust on Keenan’s health, afterwards fundamentally they pronounced to watch out to all a descent linemen on a group by drafting Lamp and Feeney. Most importantly, LA did a illusory pursuit drafting for evident need with a destiny in mind. Even nonetheless they didn’t breeze their QB of a future, what LA did do, was safeguard a success of their destiny QB by combining a efficient descent line and dangerous ability players. For all of a reasons above, we give a Chargers a B+. we couldn’t give them an A since they neglected their invulnerability line. Passing adult on Lawson in a fourth was a mistake. Lawson would have supposing some abyss during a dilemma position in box of injury. But chargers fans should still be anxious with Telesco. He did an extraordinary pursuit operative a house of a breeze for a second year in a row.

Grade: B+

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I’d give a Chargers a B+ in this year’s draft. we favourite a Mike Williams pick. we favourite a descent line picks during 2 3. Those picks finished this a unequivocally clever A in my eyes. From 4-7, those are picks that are ostensible to be backups, so if a Chargers can strike on one of a safeties, that’s another plume TT can put in his ever-growing cap. The Chargers are an above normal team. They could indeed be unequivocally good. Overall this weekend, they got better.

Ryan Doyle: we consider a B is a satisfactory grade. The Chargers forsaken a turn by holding Mike Williams during 7. However, removing Lamp and Feeney in a second and third immediately finished adult for it. All of a day 3 picks weren’t anything we got vehement about aside from Desmond King. we like this class, nonetheless don’t adore it. Telesco has finished a plain pursuit in behind to behind drafts and we wish this category is as successful as a last!

Cody Young: Tom Telesco and a Chargers get an A- from me. we was a small down on a Williams collect during first, not since of a player, nonetheless since of a position he plays. However, a longer we sat and suspicion about it, a some-more during palliate we felt with it. we still would have left in a opposite direction, nonetheless Williams positively isn’t a misfortune thing they could have done. I’m indeed vehement to see what he’s got. Day 2 is where it unequivocally got good, and this is where a A- category mostly comes from. With usually dual picks a descent line has gotten exponentially better. Forrest Lamp is going to come in and turn a widespread participation along a descent front starting a notation he hits a field. There is no reason Lamp should have finished it out of a initial round. None. Him being accessible during 38 was a present from a aloft power. There’s no other approach to explain it. Feeney was good value in a 3rd turn and he’ll come in and many approaching acquire a starting spot. we would have favourite to see a DL taken before a 7th round, that’s my biggest censure about this draft. we don’t know many about Rayshawn Jenkins yet, usually what I’ve seen on his prominence reel. But from what we can tell, he looks to have some-more Jahleel Addae qualities than I’d caring to see. The preference of Desmond King in a 5th turn finished a whole 3rd day for me. we positively adore King. He’s an intensely intelligent actor with good instincts, and he gets his hands on A LOT of passes. He’s ideally matched to play a purpose of nickel dilemma in a Chargers defense, and he’s going to come in and immediately contest for a spot. It would not warn me during all to see his name 3rd on a abyss breeze during dilemma to start a season. The Chargers 6th and 7th turn picks we know zero about, nonetheless they both have a formidable conflict brazen of them in terms of creation a register I’m sure. This breeze category has implausible potential, hats off to TT for a second year in a row.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: TT did all I’ve been preaching: breeze immature talent to fill out a abyss breeze during descent line. The group incited a biggest debility into one of a strengths in a march of 3 days. And yet…I find myself giving this breeze a B-. Besides Rounds 2, 3, and 5, a picks had me scratching my conduct during a lot. I’m not unequivocally a fan of a Mike Williams pick, and we don’t know adequate about Jenkins to entirely comment. But a 6th and 7th turn picks unequivocally felt to be like TT was finale on a whimper. It’s too many to design superstars in those rounds, sure, nonetheless a preference creation usually felt like too little, too late during that indicate in a draft. we substantially would’ve rather seen an RB and/or dilemma male taken during some point, too. If King and Jenkins can fast take Addae and Lowery out of a lineup, and Feeney and Lamp infer to be able of starting immediately, my opinion will apparently change for a better. The Mike Williams collect usually left a green ambience in my mouth, though, and we wish he proves me wrong. we have a feeling my opinion of TT’s work will flip-flop immensely during a entrance weeks, though. Solid pursuit all around.

Garrett Sisti: we give this breeze a B. After a initial 3 picks we consider TT and Lynn valid they wanted to unequivocally concentration a Offense around Gordon and urge a misfortune partial of their group a final few years, a O-Line. Grabbing Desmond King was a good value and personification him in Nickel is a right spot. S Jenkins and DL Rochell were a right positions nonetheless not a players we would’ve taken there. OT Sam Tevi was a conduct scratcher. A third Offensive Lineman with other needs being upheld adult and improved OTs still on a house creates that collect on a aspect go from bad to worse. All in all, Telesco stranded to his house and got his guys, plain draft.

Thomas Herd: For me, there’s a integrate of controversial picks in there, nonetheless also a integrate of home runs. Williams was a collect we approaching and it seems like a unequivocally ‘Chargers’ pick, we get because they did it nonetheless it’s not accurately who we would have left for. The subsequent dual are home runs. They got both, Lamp and Feeney, a turn after they should’ve. Going descent line was key, generally removing in some-more jaunty guards who fit Lynn’s system. we consider we like Rayshawn Jenkins some-more than many on here nonetheless even so, it usually creates me doubt a income they gave Addae even more. Chargers’ fans will adore Jenkins as shortly as he stairs on a field. DB Desmond King could be another HR. Chargers have their 5th DB on a margin a lot and King is ideal for a nickel position, he could also plea Lowery during giveaway safety. Picking another OL in Sam Tevi was a bizarre choice as we would have doubled down on pass rushers. Haven’t seen any of him or their subsequent pick, Isaac Rochell so can’t criticism on those. Overall, we consider it’s a B+ draft, potentially 5 starters in there nonetheless there’s still some holes to fill, so a UDFAs will get their chance.

Daniel Stebbins: we give this breeze a plain B+. I, like many, wasn’t a large fan of going WR in a initial round. we totally know it and like that it’s an eye on a long-term destiny of a team, nonetheless don’t see him carrying a biggest impact immediately that will fundamentally be wasting a finish of Rivers’ career while environment things adult as good as probable for his contingent replacement. That being said, we unequivocally like Mike Williams as a actor and see him doing good in Los Angeles for years to come. Then came day 2… oh what a day 2. For those who have seen a live stream, we know how hyped we were when a collect came in for Lamp. Day 2 and a dual guys they took in Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney are extraordinary additions and also are environment this group adult for success with Rivers’ contingent replacement. It will assistance indurate a line for now while also creation certain that whoever does take over for aged male Rivers’ will have a plain interior OL to work with, something any QB (rookie or not) will be happy to have. Day 3 didn’t go a approach many of us would have liked, tons of front 7 talent being overlooked… we like a instruction they went with who they DID get, though. Safety assistance was needed, generally for a prolonged term. Jenkins is now underneath agreement for a subsequent 4 years, along with Addae, and could be what a group expects going brazen as a reserve duo. King was a good value and can hoop a nickel mark immediately and provides an huge ascent over Mager instantly. The final dual picks feel like projects, that for sixth and seventh turn guys that’s unequivocally all we can design so I’m not going to pierce a category adult or down too many for that. Making a register is a high sequence for those guys in a lot of situations. we adore that they are already environment a group adult for a unavoidable new QB, so we can’t unequivocally error them too much. Is it accurately how we would have drafted? No, nonetheless we get their plan and conclude their eye on a future.

How would we category a Chargers 2017 Draft? Let us know in a check and a comments below.

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