Check Out SAIC Student-Designed Home Goods Debuting during Milan Design Week

April 6, 2017 - table lamp

These designers trust your vital room is blank an scent burner that captures fume in a potion dome, your bar transport needs a set of celebration “vessels” that play visible tricks on a drinker and your bedroom isn’t finish but a flare that evokes breeze issuing by fabric.

These are a few of a home products designed by School of a Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects (AIADO) dialect now on arrangement during a general Milan Design Week. For a past decade, students in a year-long Milan External Partnerships class, taught by professors Helen Maria Nugent and Tim Parsons, have combined and constructed home products designs to showcase during a general settlement exhibition. Previous designs have landed a college a partnership with CB2, among other buyers.

This year a propagandize teamed adult with West Supply, a Chicago-based artisanal foundry and falsifier of engineer furnishings, lighting and excellent art to emanate “heirloom-quality objects” regulating potion and bronze that respond to light in singular ways. West Supply’s technicians hand-cast and hand-finished a objects.

The collection, patrician whatnot x West Supply, will be showcased Apr 4-9 in Milan and on arrangement in SAIC’s LeRoy Neiman Center (37 S Wabash) after this spring.

Take a demeanour during a full whatnot x West Supply collection here. (Product descriptions granted by a designers)

Edgee by Ting-Yu Tseng: “A list appendage that rests on a edges of any surface, demonstrating a balancing weight of bronze with a shake form formulating a 2D striking in 3D space and a apparition of lightness. “

This Moment by Yuling Yu: “This Moment is a potion and bronze luminaire that evokes a picture of issuing fabric, desirous by saying partial of a dress whisk about in a breeze and get held in a doorway of a taxi.”

Split a Second by Stella Shen: “Split a Second is a slope counterpart desirous by a infirmity of glass. It visualizes a movement of a globe flitting by a piece of glass. Two objects creatively apart come together by this action.”

Rest Awhile by Miiko He: “An scent burner that captures fume in a potion architecture to emanate a visible embellishment of stealing chaos. It invites people to set aside a cares of a universe to rest for awhile.

Kylix by Majenta Alcyone Strongheart: “Kylix is a stemless, blown potion celebration vessel that shrouds a drinker’s perspective when carried to their lips. Inspired by a eyed-kylix of Ancient Greek symposia, a crater acts as a lens evoking oddity as a user takes in their newly twisted environment.”

Aqua Fluctus by Kaan Tombaz: “An superb arrangement tray used for portion guest food and drinks in infrequent or disdainful gatherings, a settlement is desirous by aqueducts that move H2O into cities from apart H2O sources while hypnotizing us with their construction.”

Apparition by Jenny Chen: “A plain potion play that captures an sense of a Chinese dining tradition; can be used for portion food, despite a tiny bit during a time.”


Pause by Irem Mimaroglu: “Pause is a tabletop counterpart that is subsequent by a question what would time demeanour like if it was an object? Inspired by Henry Austin Dobson’s quote ‘Time goes we say? Ah, no! alas, time stays we go’, a counterpart aims to stop a tide for a impulse and means a pause.”

All work No play by Haeyoon Choi: “A set of expel potion list accessories desirous by a architectural structure of playscapes. A energetic operation of curves and surfaces evokes interaction.”

In Vitro by Celine Setiadi: “Inspired by potion Roman funerary vessels and a practices of Chinese ancestral piety, In Vitro is an vessel and scent burner dictated to plead a pondering anguish knowledge that centralizes a rippling memory of a dear departed.”


Lurch by Bailey Fontaine: “Lurch is a building flare that captures a gesticulate of moulding fiery glass.”


Rhizome by Angela Huang: “A candelabra branches out from an organic component into a modular system, regulating a weight and blow to emanate a visible fluidity. Rhizome is desirous by a settlement of branches combining in an nurse formidable nature.”

Framework by Amanda Yamasaki: “An interactive list tip luminaire that invites a user to allay space by light and shadow, desirous by a attribute between Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Mies outpost der Rohe.”

Aziz by Amanda Worrell: “Using algebraic equations to module a lines, angles, and planes that simulate light, this bronze list flare and mirror inspires one to anticipate a inlet of light as it travels by space and time.”

Counterbalance by Adam Mansour: “A tiny side list that relies on a placement, tension, and weight of any particular partial to make a object. It is by a peace of a pieces that a object’s duty is fulfilled.”

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