Chicago Entrepreneur Aims to Reinvent a Table Lamp

November 12, 2014 - table lamp

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AURORA, IL; Nov 11, 2014 (PRWEB) Nov 11, 2014

UpTick Technology currently launched a Kickstarter debate to financial a make of Flashlamp, a list flare that integrates a rechargeable LED flashlight. According to a company, Flashlamp will safeguard homes have a operative flashlight during energy outages. The Flashlamp product also includes a USB pier for charging mobile devices.

Flashlamp is a brainchild of UpTick Technology Founder and CEO Brian Pierce, an businessman from Aurora, Illinois. “When we had a thought for integrating a rechargeable flashlight with a customary lamp, we approaching to find it had already been done,” pronounced Mr. Pierce. “Much to my surprise, it hadn’t. We worked fast to record a application obvious on a concept.”

Mr. Pierce remarkable that other products have been marketed as both a flashlight and a lamp, though that all have used a singular bulb. “When we have a singular bulb, afterwards it’s possibly not a unequivocally good flashlight or not a unequivocally good lamp,” he said. The obvious filed by UpTick Technology is for an exclusively functioning flashlight that docks in a lamp, where a flare bottom serves as a charging hire for a flashlight.

A pattern idea of Flashlamp is that it demeanour like a normal list flare when a flashlight is docked. “The flashlight unequivocally becomes partial of a flare when it’s charging,” pronounced Mr. Pierce. “We wish to give a business a reserve of carrying a charged flashlight right in their vital bedrooms and bedrooms, though that can usually occur if a flare is attractive.”

UpTick is leveraging Kickstarter for both financing and marketing. “Kickstarter is a good height for exam selling new products,” remarkable Mr. Pierce. “We can directly magnitude a direct for a product like Flashlamp before investing entirely in prolongation and production. That event wasn’t accessible only a handful of years ago.” UpTick has done Flashlamp accessible for pre-purchase on for thirty days commencement Nov 11, 2014.

UpTick Technology, formed in Aurora, IL, was founded in 2009. Its businesses embody program consulting, genuine estate investing, media prolongation and consumer products manufacturing. Brian Pierce warranted a BA in Economics from Yale in 1996. Prior to first UpTick he worked as an investment banker, an options merchant and a technologist for heading trade organizations. The Flashlamp Kickstarter debate residence is and a press pack is accessible during

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