Color changing Butterfly Light

December 16, 2015 - table lamp

Product Description

Inspired by a butterfly, a light tie can be used to set a singular mood during home.

Made of polypropylene, a light consists of 3 units – a “body” and dual wings that connected to it. The 3 surfaces folded along to lighting tie and connected by an electrical wire passes by a studs adult to a tuber and LED base.

The wings made by geometric cuts illuminates a physique of a moth when a light radiates onto a wings and creates a singular outcome of light and dim tones.

You can use customary LED or tone changing LED to emanate a colorful moth to irradiate a home.

The Butterfly lighting designed in dual sizes, a tiny distance – 32 cm tallness – can be use as a list flare or to be hanged on a wall. The vast distance – tallness 100 cm – can be use as a building lamp.

When a Butterfly lighting mode is off it can still be used as a sculptural element. It can be placed in a bedroom, vital room, porch, mezzanine or any space where a moth is indispensable to light and minister to a ubiquitous mood of a home.

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