Conewago Township integrate moves into new home dual months after fire

May 15, 2015 - table lamp

Al and Judy Arndt never suspicion they would have to live in another home after relocating to Conewago Township some-more than 47 years ago.

Their light-colored, one-story residence was right off Route 116, situated down a one-lane paved road.

“It was where we done so many memories,” Judy Arndt said. “We never wanted to live anywhere else.”

Inside, Al Arndt kept his appreciated collection of antique radios, that he had been compiling for years. His hobby was anticipating and restoring a analog devices, many of that were from a ’30s, ’40s and ’50s.

Five days bashful of their 48th marriage anniversary, they watched as their residence and his circuitously seminar on Sunday Drive was destroyed in a fire.

Judy Arndt works on cleaning a new stovetop in her kitchen May 15 during her new home in Conewago Township. Judy and her husband, Al, mislaid their home on

They mislaid a home they loved, one-of-a-kind keepsakes and his whole radio collection in a blaze.

“I couldn’t trust what we saw,” she said. “I always review about when this happens and never suspicion it would be us losing roughly everything. I’m still in sum startle over a whole thing.”

Since a occurrence Mar 8, a Arndts have been vital with their daughter, Susan.

“It was a best pierce for us to stay as tighten as possible,” Arndt said. “We kept perplexing to make a lives normal again.”

Then, by a friend, they got in hit with John Howe, a executive who has built homes in Adams County for some-more than 45 years.

“I listened about their conditions and we knew we indispensable to get them behind adult and running,” Howe said. “Once we gained their trust, we knew we could build them what they wanted.”

The Arndts tradition designed their residence and, with a work of Howe and his staff, they changed into their new home during a same residence Friday, a small some-more than dual months after that fatal afternoon fire.

“John did such a pleasing pursuit with this,” Arndt said. “It’s accurately what we indispensable after such a bad thing happened.”

The rectilinear new residence has an opening on both shorter sides of a home with a wooden rug on one side. The longer sides are filled with some-more than 5 windows each.

The inside of a residence is really identical to their aged home, she said.

“We have a radio in a same place and a bedroom is where it used to be,” Arndt said.

She had her kitchen behind adult and using in no time, creation ham and cheese sandwiches for anyone who came into her home. Friends and family spent a whole day assisting a Arndts get situated into their new digs, including relocating desks and dressers down a slight hallway.

As for his radio collection, Al Arndt pronounced he hopes to start again from scratch.

The abandon have done a Arndts grateful for what they have and couldn’t be some-more friendly for how fast they were means to lapse to Conewago Township.

“It does feel like home, even yet it’s not a aged place,” she said. “We got a beds commissioned today. It will be good to arise adult here tomorrow.”

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