Consignment emporium owned by Carlsbad male celebrates 25 years in business

June 25, 2017 - table lamp

Consignment emporium owners Rob Murray of Carlsbad

By Jennifer Coburn

When we travel into Karen’s Consignment Gallery, you’re going to see a lot of informed faces. There’s Lee and Dave, who have any worked during a emporium – located in a Loma Portal area of San Diego – for scarcely 20 years. And a high commission of a business revisit a 8,500-square feet salon on a weekly basement to hunt for formerly owned engineer furniture, home décor, artwork, and jewelry. What changes constantly, though, are a treasures inside a store.

“We radically have a new store any dual months since pieces sell really quickly,” says Carlsbad proprietor Rob Murray, owners of Karen’s Consignment Gallery, that is celebrating a 25th anniversary. “We are intensely resourceful about what we put in a showroom, and since we’re charity one-of-a-kind items, they get snapped adult quickly.”

The approach shipment stores work is simple: people who are moving, downsizing, or liquidating an estate offer their equipment to stores like Karen’s. The shipment emporium might (or might not) select to showcase a equipment in their store, depending on how resourceful it is. When an object sells on consignment, a strange owners is paid for a sale, reduction a commission for a store’s costs.

The tough partial is building a successful shipment business, one where both buyers and sellers are happy with their dealings. But Karen’s seems to have burst a formula with a solid tide of both buyers and sellers returning to a store week after week, year after year. “It’s singular to be in business for 25 years in a same location, yet we’re a area establishment in Point Loma we’ve got something really special here,” says Murray. “We have business whose whole homes have been flashy with pieces from a store, and others who call us whenever they are relocating or redecorating.”

Case in point, Dave Mayer shows one of his favorite pieces, a buttery leather sectional couch.  “This comes from a home in La Jolla where a integrate is relocating a San Francisco and is consigning all exclusively with us,” says Mayer.

Walking around a showroom, Murray points out new pieces.  A Tiffany facsimile potion list lamp. A dainty Korean chest, hand-painted immature with butterflies. An Asian, palm forged tabernacle table,  “This only came in, and it’s going to go really quick since a good engineer is going to come in here and know that a square like this can make an whole room,” he says.

Murray says a solid tide of new register is partial of what creates Karen’s one San Diego’s longest station shipment stores in San Diego. The other partial is a imagination of a staff.

A seller recently came to a store with a weathered basket that was beautiful, yet looked as yet it had seen improved days. He hoped to get $40 when Karen’s Consignment Gallery sole a piece, yet maestro staffer Lee Kaercher has a pleasing warn for him. “When we saw that basket, my heart started pulsation since we knew it was something special,” she says. Kaercher put her grade in Fine Arts and years of knowledge as an antiques play to work and began researching a piece. She found that a basket, used by Apache Indians to ride water, was value $800. The seller was anxious and so was a customer who was means to supplement a changed square to his collection.

The sell preservation / shipment attention was a singular splendid mark during a past recession, indeed adding stores and jobs.  There are now some-more than 25,000 resale shops in a United States and net expansion in a series of stores has been flourishing during a rate of 7% annually over a past dual years.  The attention now employs over 150,000 people and according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics will occupy 175,000 people by 2020 – a 20% increase.

Karen’s has continued to grow in employees, sales and active consignors.  Business is sprightly and a register turns over roughly wholly any dual months.  The store also adds about 20 to 25 new consignors any month.

“Shopping during a shipment store is a intelligent approach to get good deals, yet people should also take caring to investigate a place to make certain it has a proven lane record,” Murray said. “It’s one thing to open a shipment gallery, yet in sequence to stay in business for 25 years, we need to prove your buyers and sellers, and acquire a trust of a community.”

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