CTRLZAK studio’s kryptal table-top flare for JCP universe

May 8, 2017 - table lamp


influenced by selected systematic equipment, art and pattern studio CTRLZAK has combined kryptal; a table-top lamp for a heterogeneous code JCP universe. imitative an hypothetical instrument that could come out of an alchemical lab, a pattern incorporates the characteristics of a normal cathode tubes in a contemporary approach means to illuminate daily life.

a systematic instrument from a past, illuminated by sorcery and postulated in lava stone.



the bottom of CTRLZAK‘s flare is done of lava mill with a ancillary structure in matte brass. its elementary resource allows a frame to be regulated in different heights while dual finishes of borosilicate potion have been selected for a categorical physique of a piece. a reduce partial is satisfied in ‘opalino’ potion and a aloft partial in pure ‘rigadin’ glass. finally, a lamp’s light source is hidden, alimented by an inner led light tuber that is switched on around a hold sensor. 



JCP | kryptal discovery 
video © athanasios alexo

detail of kryptal’s borosilicate potion in dual finishes

kryptal’s bottom in lava stone

‘remnants of a home / a outpost of waste / illuminated by failing suns’
haiku by alistair gentry



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