Design classic: a Model 548 list lamp

October 24, 2015 - table lamp

Model 548 list lamp

Gino Sarfatti (1912-1985) was one of a many inclusive Italian lighting designers of a 20th century. Known for contracting new lighting sources, from halogen lamps to fluorescent tubes and worldly switches, he designed some-more than 600 building lights, chandeliers, spotlights and other light fittings.

At first, he focused on building tractable directional beams and lamps with dual levels of lighting (one resplendent upward, a other down); later, he became meddlesome in regulating hooks and weights as a pattern underline of his lamps.

The latter component can be seen in a Model 548 list lamp, that was designed in 1951 and constructed by Arteluce, a association Sarfatti co-founded in 1939 (it was bought by Flos in 1973). Mounted on a tubular complement with a bar during a bottom that acts as a counterweight, it has an tractable spotlight that can be destined upwards towards a oversized opaline cosmetic head. The fact a flare was given a number, and not a name, is an instance of Sarfatti’s faith that a product’s pattern should be dynamic by a practicality (he divided his lights into 6 categories and reserved any a opposite method of numbers: 500 onwards indicates a reading or list lamp).

Model 548 was reintroduced by Flos as partial of a retrospective of Sarfatti’s work during Milan’s Triennale Design Museum in 2012, to symbol a centenary of his birth. “Sarfatti had no manners to be respected, nor traditions to uphold. He was some-more like an path-finder of new territories,” pronounced Silvana Annicchiarico, executive of a museum during a time. As fitting such a forward-thinking designer, a reissued lamps have been updated with LED technology.

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