Design Tips for Guys: How to Upgrade Your Bachelor Pad

May 21, 2015 - table lamp


*Your home represents who we are. From a art on a walls to a rugs on a floor, any tiny square says something about you. If you’re disturbed that your home isn’t promulgation a right impression, and we need something that’s some-more grown adult or doesn’t roar bachelor pad, use these elementary tips to reinvent your vital space:

Trade in Your Old Futon for a New Couch

It competence have served a purpose during your dorm days and there’s no doubt that it’s a good place for your buddies to crash, though that old, grubby futon in your vital room has to go.

Your new cot should uncover a tiny bit of your personality, so don’t be fearful to collect a confidant tone or a contemporary style. Dark gray sofas with woven fabrics demeanour best in complicated homes, and leather couches element traditional-looking spaces. Take measurements of your space before we collect out a cot we like given we don’t wish it to be too vast or too tiny for your vital space. And, it doesn’t make we any reduction manly to supplement a few chuck pillows.

Shop around and get a few ideas by visiting

Swap Your Posters for Framed Art

Do we still have tacked-up posters on your walls? Take them down, stat. There’s a time and a place for posters, like a garage or a dorm room, though not in your new digs. If you’re a gourmet of film posters, have your favorite pieces framed, though don’t over do it. Frames give a posters a some-more grown adult look, and they don’t leave as many holes in a walls.

The home taste tradesman Z Gallerie sells dozens of framed art pieces from epitome to landscapes that can assistance dress adult your walls.

Upgrade Your Basic Blinds for Tasteful Window Treatments

Boring blinds mostly come customary in many unit homes. However, that doesn’t meant we have to usually rest on them to keep your room shadowy from a sun. After all, they’re not unequivocally assisting out a rest of your space. Since you’ve already updated your vital space with a new lounge and substituted your posters for contemporary pieces, cruise upgrading your window treatments as well.

The Shade Store offers a accumulation of tradition done window treatments like drum shades, draperies and blinds, all of that can element your new style.

Switch adult Your Bedroom

Your bedroom can be some-more than usually a place to sleep. It can be your sanctuary. Small updates like new bedding and pillows can make a universe of difference. And, given you’re all grown up, we should have a bed frame, too. Pick out a bed support that sits low to a belligerent and barter a box open for a modern, updated look.

Paint your room a balmy tone like a willing gray, and deposit in a few list lamps and a building flare to tailor a lighting in a room to your mood.

The bedroom should be all about comfort. Add a few rugs or a vast area carpet to your space. Not usually will they alleviate adult a demeanour of a room, though they’ll also yield a soothing mark for your feet to rest.

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