Designer lighting fixtures to go on Sale during Steltz The Gallery this June

May 24, 2016 - table lamp

Home or blurb lighting serves as art or a centerpiece that illuminates any space with magnificence and adds impression to a interior. Some interior designers contend that some-more than a functionality, lighting fixtures is roughly like jewelry, it adds aptitude and jazzes adult any elementary or perplexing interior.

Taccia flare by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni


This June, Steltz International Inc. (Steltz), a association that has been providing eminent European engineer lighting fixtures all over a universe for 26 years, is giving consumers a reason to refurbish or ascent their home with a iconic lighting offering. Starting Jun 1, comparison pieces from engineer brands Jasper Morrisson, Michael Anastassiades and Konstantin Grcic will be offering during half a price. 

OK flare by Konstantin Grcic

Pieces from Cyprus-born engineer Anastassiades will be one of a highlights during a sale. Known for his use of geometric shapes, tubes, oblongs and spheres in glossy surfaces, name equipment from Anastassiades’ collection is something to watch out for. His pattern luminaire Captain Flint, a dual-purpose free-standing lighting tie best used as a reading light or ambient uplighting, will be partial of a sale items. Other pieces will embody Extra, a intense globe with a rectilinear craft that might offer as a bedside flare list or dilemma lighting in a vital room; and Copycat, hand-blown potion opal diffuser with a steel sphere. 

Ipnos by Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi

British engineer Jasper Morisson’s award-winning Superloon building flare in several finishes is also partial of a name sale items. This building flare suggestive of a moon’s heat rotates 360 degrees around a possess pivot and facilities tractable light power and tone temperature, guided by an visual sensor on a tripod. 

Other iconic undying pieces on sale embody Taccia and Taccia tiny flare from Italian brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The Taccia flare was creatively designed from cosmetic in 1958 and Italian lighting code Flos constructed a chronicle in 1962 with a famous blown potion bowl. This world-renowned square is also accessible in a “mini” form with new colors, glass diffuser and LED option.

Copycat by Michael Anastassiades, a deceivingly worldly square done of dual touching spheres that reason any other

Make certain not to skip out on OK flare by Konstantin Grcic; it’s a prosaic LED disc-shaped flare that rotates 360 degrees and slides adult and down from a steel cable. Another eye-catching square that is a certain review starter is a indoor and outside LED building flare called Ipnos by Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi. This lantern-inspired lighting tie is stoical of an ultra-light skeleton of skinny extruded aluminium that emanates a diffused light that is roughly invisible in a design. 

Taccia tiny flare by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

All a mentioned classical pieces will be accessible in Steltz, The Gallery, located during 6th floor, East Wing of EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Log on to their website during to know some-more about a products or call 642-1421 for some-more information.

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