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They didn’t see a comedian. They saw a “king of a world.”

Long before there was a Dr. Cliff Huxtable, before rumpled sweaters and a common anointing as America’s dad, Bill Cosby was magnified a hundredfold in a eyes of a immature models and actresses he pulled into his orbit. For them, he embodied a hippest of a 1960s and ’70s Hollywood scene, a megastar with a energy to make somebodies out of nobodies.

He partied with Hugh Hefner and was a unchanging during a repository mogul’s Playboy Mansion bacchanals. He co-owned a grill and strike a hottest clubs. He sizzled.

Those wild, mostly mislaid days strife with a avuncular picture that has been Cosby’s many fast clarity on American culture. And they have been jarringly expel in a unconditionally opposite light as a swell of women has told — and in some cases retold — graphic, rarely minute stories of ostensible abuse by Cosby.

Sixteen women have publicly settled that Cosby, now 77, intimately assaulted them, with 12 observant he unperceiving them initial and another observant he attempted to drug her. The Washington Post has interviewed 5 of those women, including a former Playboy Playmate who has never verbal publicly about her allegations. The women concluded to pronounce on a record and to have their identities revealed. The Post also has reviewed justice annals that strew light on a accusations of a former executive of women’s basketball operations during Temple University who built 13 “Jane Doe” accusers in 2005 to attest on her interest about their allegations opposite Cosby.

The accusations, some of that Cosby has denied and others that he has declined to discuss, camber a arc of a comedy legend’s career, from his pioneering years as a initial black star of a network radio play in 1965 to a mid-2000s, when Cosby was resolutely reliable as an elder politician of a celebration industry, a reprehension open demur of a African-American village and a philanthropist. They also camber a staggering generational change in perceptions — from a intimately wantonness ’60s to an epoch when a suspicion of date rape is good understood.

The tale of a abuse allegations is set in locales that pronounce to Cosby’s resources and fame: a Hollywood-studio bungalow, a chauffeured limousine, oppulance hotels, a New York City brownstone. But it also stretches into astonishing places, such as an problematic Denver talent organisation that referred dual of Cosby’s destiny accusers to a star for mentoring.

The allegations are strung together by obvious patterns that seem and reappear with conspicuous consistency: mostly young, white women yet family nearby; drugs charity as palliatives; insurgency and pursuit; accusers worrying that no one would trust them; lifelong trauma. There is also a allotment of heated response by Cosby’s organisation of attorneys and publicists, who have used a media and a courts to conflict a credit of his accusers.

Martin Singer, an profession for Cosby, released a matter Friday fortifying his customer and assailing a news media.

“The new, never-before-heard claims from women who have come brazen in a past dual weeks with unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they contend occurred 30, 40, or even 50 years ago have escalated distant past a indicate of absurdity,” he said. “These code new claims about ostensible decades-old events are apropos increasingly ridiculous, and it is totally fallacious that so many people would have pronounced nothing, finished nothing, and finished no reports to law coercion or asserted polite claims if they suspicion they had been assaulted over a camber of so many years.

“Lawsuits are filed opposite people in a open eye any day. There has never been a necessity of lawyers peaceful to paint people with claims opposite rich, absolute men, so it creates no clarity that not one of these new women who usually came brazen for a initial time now ever asserted a authorised explain behind during a time they lay they had been intimately assaulted.

“This conditions is an rare instance of a media’s breakneck rush to run stories yet any certification or confluence to normal journalistic standards. Over and over again, we have refuted these new unsubstantiated stories with documentary evidence, usually to have a new uncorroborated story stand adult out of a woodwork. When will it end? It is prolonged past time for this media misrepresentation of Mr. Cosby to stop.”

During an pronounce Friday with Florida Today, Cosby said: “I know people are sleepy of me not observant anything, yet a male doesn’t have to answer to innuendos. People should fact-check. People shouldn’t have to go by that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

If his accusers are to be believed, a beginning allegations opposite Cosby remained dark for decades, private artifacts of an epoch when women were reduction expected to publicly credit organisation they knew of passionate misdeeds and multitude was reduction expected to trust them. But they have flared intermittently via a past 9 years, both given of changing attitudes and, utterly over a past month, given of amicable media’s ability to renovate a story into a viral materialisation roughly unfit to conceal or control.

The allegations paint a reshaping of Cosby’s legacy. Cosby built his luminary on a family-friendly comedic persona. He has lectured black youths about correct behavior. He has been respected with a Presidential Medal of Freedom and been lauded for creation a largest concession ever by an African-American to a historically black college, Spelman College in Atlanta.

But given a avalanche of accusations this month, there has been mostly blast overpower from his longtime allies. An difference is Weldon Latham, a distinguished Washington profession and Cosby friend. He pronounced in an pronounce with The Washington Post that his crony has never been charged with a crime and wondered either “some of a women entrance out now, seem to be creation it up.”

“What you’re discussion is clearly not a whole truth, and how many of it is true, we have no idea,” Latham said.

“I’m pained,” pronounced Virginia Ali, owners of Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street in Washington, that Cosby has busy given he was 21. “He has been partial of a family for many, many years. I’ve always found him a unequivocally kind, inexhaustible person. we like to contend he shares his humanity.”

The successful producers of “The Cosby Show,” a ’80s sitcom that finished Cosby famous as a family man, released a brief statement. “These new news reports are over a trust or comprehension,” Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner pronounced Thursday.

Cosby was on a verge of what seemed to be a quip this year, yet projects scheduled for NBC and Netflix have been deferred or canceled in a fallout. Several of Cosby’s arriving comedy shows have been canceled, yet when he took a theatre Friday in Melbourne, Fla., he perceived a station acclaim from a sold-out crowd.


Americans who sat in front of their radio sets on Sept. 15, 1965, had never seen anything like Alexander Scott, a jet-setting general spy. Black stars had seemed on their screens before yet never in a heading role, and this one happened to be a 28-year-old comic who usually 3 years progressing had forsaken out of Temple University.

The greeting to Cosby’s breakthrough as a costar appearing on equal balance with a white actor, Robert Culp, reflected a republic still haltingly rising from a segregationist past. Some Southern radio stations criminialized a module given of Cosby’s distinguished role, yet many of a republic embraced it, creation “I Spy” a hit.

“At Howard University, we used to go mad when we saw a essence hermit with a gun authorised to fire back,” Latham once said.

The Hollywood investiture went wild, too, awarding lead-actor Emmys to Cosby in all 3 seasons that a module aired.

Soon he would have his possess module (“The Bill Cosby Show”) and all a accoutrements that went along with it, including his possess Hollywood-studio bungalow. A teenage comedy author named Joan Tarshis was some-more than anxious to get an entice to that private bower in 1969.

Tarshis was usually 19, yet she had already created monologues for Godfrey Cambridge, one of a handful of nationally distinguished black comedians in a mid- and late-1960s, she pronounced in an pronounce with The Washington Post. But removing to hang out with Cosby was roughly like holding an demonstrate conveyor to a penthouse yet interlude during a top floors.

Cosby was a informed face on a celebration circuit, knocking around with Hefner, author Shel Silverstein and John Dante, a second-in-command during Playboy, according to “Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and a American Dream,” by Steven Watts.

“Hef and his 3 buddies desired to fly adult to [Playboy’s review on Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva], locate a show, and chuck a celebration for a Bunnies and performers,” Watts wrote.

Cosby was also attack it vast with comedy records, yet in hindsight one of his riffs seems utterly insensitive. On his 1969 record, “It’s True! It’s True!,” Cosby joked about drugging women with Spanish fly, a ostensible aphrodisiac. Cosby tells a story of a sense who assured him of a powers by recounting how he had slipped some into a splash of a lady named “Crazy Mary.” After that, Cosby said, he’d “go to a party, see 5 girls station alone” and think, “Boy, if we had a whole jug of Spanish fly I’d light that dilemma adult over there.” The assembly roars with laughter.

At a lunch during Cosby’s bungalow, Tarshis recalled, he urged her to brew a splash with her bloody Mary.

“We call that a redeye,” she pronounced he told her.

Cosby invited her to a set of his new show, and afterwards went behind to his bungalow to work on some jokes about earthquakes, given Los Angeles had recently been strike by tremors.

“I said, ‘Sure!’” removed Tarshis, who initial disclosed her accusations this month in a mainstay for a website Hollywood Elsewhere. “I mean, we had created for Godfrey Cambridge and now we was going to write for Bill Cosby!”

In a bungalow, Tarshis said, Cosby finished her another redeye. “I don’t know what was in that drink, yet it knocked me out. The subsequent thing we remember after carrying that splash was waking adult on his couch,” she said. “I was unequivocally foggy. He was perplexing to take my underwear off.”

She attempted to pronounce her approach out of an neglected passionate encounter, she said. She finished adult a story about carrying a genital infection.

“’If we have sex with me, your mom will know,’ “ she removed revelation him. “He didn’t skip a beat. He knew accurately how to respond. He finished me give him verbal sex. It was flattering horrible.”

She told no one. Instead, she went home to Brooklyn, N.Y.

A few weeks later, Cosby called her residence and spoke to her mother, who had no suspicion what allegedly had happened on that cot in a bungalow, Tarshis said. Cosby told Tarshis’s mom that he wanted to take her daughter to a Westbury Music Fair on Long Island to hear him broach a digression to that Tarshis had finished a tiny essay contribution.

“She was over a moon,” Tarshis pronounced of her mother. “She was so excited.”

Looking behind by a prism of 4 decades, Tarshis, now 66, wonders given she went. “I didn’t know how to hoop it,” she said. “I thought, ‘OK, I’m going to be in a theater. It’s going to be safe.’ we didn’t see any approach out.”

A limousine picked her adult during her mother’s and took her to Cosby’s New York hotel room during a Sherry-Netherland, Tarshis recalled. Tarshis — who has concurred carrying a celebration problem yet says she has been solemn given 1988 — remembered being “nervous and uncomfortable.” She had a splash with him to ease down given she was so shaken about being in his participation after a initial ostensible assault, she said. By a time they got to a theater, she was feeling so fluid that she had to leave, she said. She asked a limousine motorist to take her behind to a car. She lay down.

“The subsequent thing we know, I’m in his hotel room, in his bed, naked,” Tarshis said.

She pronounced she believed he had intimately assaulted her.

“My initial suspicion was, ‘How do we get out of here?’” she said. “Also, ‘How do we get out of here safely?’ we didn’t wish to irritate him. we didn’t know what he’d do.”

John Milward, a freelance contributor and author, reliable that Tarshis told him about her Cosby allegations in a early 1980s, yet he never wrote about them. And, Tarshis said, she never contacted a police.

“Who was going to trust me?” she said. “If he was a unchanging Joe, we competence have finished something.”

One of Cosby’s attorneys, John Schmitt, released a matter final week observant that repeating aged allegations “does not make them true.”


She wanted an adventure. With high propagandize graduation behind her, Linda Traitz and a organisation of friends left Miami Beach in 1969 to see what it would be like to live in California.

She took a bureau as a waitress. It wasn’t about a job; it was about a place, a place filled with stars, a place that glittered.

Traitz worked during Cafe Figaro, a West Hollywood mark that was notable, in part, given of Cosby, who co-owned it and finished it his hangout for business meetings.

“I was immature and star-struck,” Traitz, now 63, removed in an pronounce with The Washington Post.

Traitz’s year of journey coincided with Cosby’s presentation as a solo phenomenon. He was no longer Culp’s co-star or merely a crafty comic; he was display he could do it all: conceive, write and act. NBC debuted an charcterised TV film chronicle of his brainchild, “Fat Albert.” His conditions comedy, “The Bill Cosby Show,” launched, and he was about to win his fourth Emmy for a radio special he headlined. He even did a Crest toothpaste ad. Everything he overwhelmed glistened.

In a midst of all that, Traitz said, Cosby chatted her adult one day during his grill and charity a float home. She could not have illusory observant anything yet yes.

The trivia of that day are forged into her mind. She even remembers what she was wearing: a prolonged “hippie days” farmer skirt. She climbed into Cosby’s Rolls Royce and he suggested they expostulate out to a beach, Traitz recalled. Once they parked during a beach, he non-stop a briefcase, she said.

“It had assorted sections in it, with pills and tablets in it, opposite colors organised and assorted into compartments,” she recalled. “He charity me pills and pronounced it would assistance me to relax, and we kept refusing yet he kept offering.”

Cosby “lunged” during her, she said, “grabbed my chest, grabbed me in a front all over.”

“I was good and horrified,” she said. She pennyless free, she said, and tumbled out of a car. She ran down a beach with Cosby in pursuit, yet she tripped on that prolonged farmer dress and fell onto a sand, she said.

Cosby concluded to take her home. Her dress was torn. Walking behind to a car, they upheld a retard filled with shops. Cosby bought her a new skirt, she said.

They rode in silence. “He froze me out,” she said. He never attempted anything again, she said, yet Traitz could not keep a occurrence to herself. She told her co-workers and her family what happened during a time. She motionless not to go to a police.

“It was a opposite time,” her brother, Jim Traitz, told The Washington Post. “We all also knew this was a unequivocally vast male with a vast PR operation and lawyers, and that he could vanquish us — that he would vanquish us — and her.”

Life has not been easy for Linda Traitz, who has a story of drug addiction. In a past decade, she has amassed a assailant record with mixed convictions, mostly compared to remedy drugs, according to Florida justice records. She perceived a five-year jail term, portion from 2008 to 2012.

“I know there will be people who are going to say: ‘You have a drug problem. Why should we trust you?’ “ she pronounced of her preference to go open now.

Just as a allegations opposite Cosby camber generational shifts in attitudes about what constitutes out-of-bounds behavior, they also camber ancestral shifts in how information is disseminated. At a time when Traitz alleges Cosby assaulted her, there was no such thing as amicable media.

But this month, dual events compelled her to make a open statement, Traitz said. First, a comedian Hannibal Buress overwhelmed off a social-media frenzy by seeking an assembly during one of his shows to Google “Bill Cosby rapist.” Then, on Nov. 13, The Washington Post published a first-person comment by another accuser, Barbara Bowman. Traitz, mad about a attacks on Bowman and other Cosby accusers, posted her story on Facebook.

Singer, Cosby’s attorney, called Traitz “the latest instance of people entrance out of a woodwork with unsubstantiated or built stories about my client.”

He added, “There was no briefcase of drugs and a story is absurd.”


Victoria Valentino was vital what seemed to be a chronicle of a Hollywood dream. Playboy repository picked her as Playmate of a Month for Sep 1963 when she was usually 19. The subsequent year, she helped open a strange Playboy Club as a bunny on a Sunset Strip on New Year’s Eve.

But by a finish of a decade, she had drifted divided from those glitzy heights, she removed in an pronounce with The Washington Post. In Sep 1969, her 6-year-old son, Tony, had drowned in a swimming pool. She battled a low depression, she recalled.

Francesca Emerson, a associate Playboy bunny who befriended Valentino during a Playboy Club, sensed her despondency. Emerson, who is black, pronounced she was one of a initial “chocolate Bunnies” of a 1960s and had lerned Valentino in her purpose as a “Bunny instructor.”

Emerson had a devise to lift Valentino’s spirits. “I wish we to accommodate my friend, Bill Cosby,” she said.

Emerson and Cosby had strike it off during a Playboy Club. “He always gave me $100 tips, and he attempted to get me to come down to a studio to review for his show, yet we was always so nervous.”

After Emerson mislaid her bureau during a bar in 1968, she said, a chauffeur arrived during her home and handed her an envelope. Inside was $1,000 and a note. “This is for we so we don’t have to do anything we don’t wish to do. Love, Cos,” Emerson pronounced it read.

“That’s a Bill Cosby we knew,” Emerson said. “He was a ideal gentleman.”

She pronounced she introduced her “stunning” crony Valentino to Cosby in Jan 1970 during Cafe Figaro. Weeks later, she said, she met Cosby there again. Valentino pronounced she was with her crony and roommate during a time, an determined singer named Meg Foster. She pronounced Cosby charity to compensate for massages for a women during a internal sauna and afterwards sent a limousine to collect them adult for dinner.

Valentino pronounced they had cooking during a grill called Sneaky Pete’s. They systematic steaks and wine, and toward a finish of dinner, Valentino said, Cosby charity her and Foster red pills.

“He was perplexing to hearten me up, and he stranded a tablet in my mouth,” she said. “He said, ‘This will make us all feel better.’”

She and Foster any took a pill, and Cosby did, too, she said.

“We were slurring words. we couldn’t function,” she recalled, adding that Cosby pronounced he would take them home yet instead gathering them to an unit in a hills above a Chateau Marmont hotel. Valentino pronounced Cosby wanted to uncover them some memorabilia from “I Spy.”

Once inside, Valentino said, Foster upheld out. The room was spinning, and Valentino pronounced she remembered feeling as if she was going to chuck up. She pronounced she saw Cosby sitting in a adore chair nearby Foster and she beheld that he had an erection.

“I reached out, grabbing him, perplexing to get his attention, perplexing to confuse him,” Valentino said. “He came over to me and sat down on a adore chair and non-stop his fly and grabbed my conduct and pushed my conduct down. And afterwards he incited me over. It was like a waking nightmare.”

She protested yet could not stop him, she said. Cosby slipped out alone, revelation Valentino to call a cab if she wanted to go home, she said.

Valentino pronounced she never called a police. “What kind of credit did we have?” she said. “In those days, it was always a rape plant who wound adult being victimized. You didn’t wish to go to a police. That’s a final thing we wanted to do behind then.”

She was too pennyless to tell many of her friends, yet she did tell Emerson — a lady who had introduced her to Cosby.

Emerson, who lives in Australia, reliable Valentino’s correlation in an pronounce with The Washington Post.

“I remember she pronounced that he had unperceiving her and she came to and he was perplexing to rape Meg and she pulled him off,” Emerson said. “But we feel ravaged that we didn’t do anything or contend anything.”

Foster, an singer famous for roles in TV shows such as “Cagney and Lacey” and cinema including “The Osterman Weekend,” declined an pronounce request.

About 10 years ago, Valentino was contacted by another former Playboy Playmate, Charlotte Kemp, Miss Dec 1982, who pronounced she was essay a book called “Centerfold Memories.”

In an interview, Kemp — whose genuine final name is Helmkamp — pronounced she videotaped an pronounce with Valentino during that she talked about her ostensible confront with Cosby. Helmkamp pronounced a comment she gave matches a comment Valentino supposing to The Washington Post.

Valentino, now 71, pronounced she motionless to come brazen after observant Bowman’s allegations in The Washington Post.

“Every time we hear his name mentioned and see him removing an titular doctorate and see him as this father figure, it creates me nauseated,” Valentino said. “It’s so humiliating. Forty-four years after it creates me feel shameful.”

When contacted by The Washington Post about Valentino’s allegations, Cosby’s counsel responded by arising a extended rejection to a new accusations.


He favourite to watch her brush her hair, Tamara Green recalled. Cosby would lay and watch her lift a brush by her long, thick blond thatch as she sang lyrics finished famous by a sultry, smoky-voiced jazz good Julie London.

“You need to be taught. You need to be groomed,” Green remembered him revelation her.

Green was in her early 20s when she met Cosby by a mutual friend, a Los Angeles doctor, she said. “He was aristocrat of a world,” Green pronounced in an pronounce with The Washington Post. “Full of himself. ‘I Spy.’ Man about town.”

When Green met Cosby — in 1969 or 1970, she pronounced — she was doing some displaying and singing. Los Angeles felt like a horde of one long, overwhelming party. Knowing Cosby finished it even some-more awesome.

“We slept all day and were adult all night,” Green said.

It was a “very hippie-dippy, unequivocally free-love” time, Green said. The vast shots in her round of luminary friends kept “stables of girls,” Green said. “They had a sum disregard for a girls.” Green did not wish to be Cosby’s girl.

Green went to work for Cosby in a early 1970s, she said. She was ostensible to be lifting income from investors for a new bar Cosby dictated to open.

She called Cosby one day to contend she was feeling ill and was going to go home. He told her she would feel improved if she ate something and invited her to join him during Cafe Figaro, she said. When she arrived, he gave her some red and gray pills, observant they were over-the-counter decongestants, she recalled.

Cosby gathering Green to her unit and she started to feel woozy, she said. “I remember him being all smarmy: ‘Let me assistance we take off all your clothes,’ “ she recalled.

“I couldn’t control my body. we couldn’t run,” Green recalled. “…He was naked. we was exposed on my bed. His hands were all over me.”

Cosby penetrated her vagina with his fingers and fondled his penis in front of her, Green said. She screamed in protest, she said. “You’re going to have to kill me,” she remembers revelation him. But he would not stop, she said, until she managed to invert a list lamp.

Cosby tossed down dual $100 bills as he left, a gesticulate that Green took as a low insult, she said. She did not consider of herself as a lady who could be bought, yet she felt infirm to do anything. She feared Cosby’s power. But there was another thing that she fretted about. Her immature hermit was failing from cystic fibrosis, and a day after a ostensible incident, Cosby visited him during a children’s sanatorium where he was being treated, display adult with gifts and interesting a other immature patients, Green said. Her hermit precious a star, and meaningful Cosby gave him a certain cache in a sanatorium sentinel and garnered him additional courtesy from nurses in his final days, she said. She disturbed about jeopardizing all that.

Green, now 66, went on to turn an profession and got married. She is late in Southern California, where she grapples with Parkinson’s illness and with a echoes of that long-ago ostensible incident. She pronounced she is perpetually checking a fringe of her home. She still sleeps in her clothes.

Another Cosby attorney, Walter Phillips Jr., called Green’s allegations “absolutely false.”

“Mr. Cosby does not know a name Tamara Green or Tamara Lucier [her lass name] and a occurrence she describes did not happen,” Phillips pronounced in a matter released this past week. He pronounced it was “irresponsible” to tell an “uncorroborated story of an occurrence that is ostensible to have happened thirty years ago.”

Cosby’s authorised organisation has also questioned Green’s credit given her law permit was dangling in 2004. Green pronounced that a cessation resulted from an overdraft compared to her depositing a servant check in a wrong comment and that her permit was reinstated.

Cosby’s organisation has also used legal-ethics issues to doubt a credit of a some-more new prosecution who is now a counsel — Louisa Moritz, an singer who seemed in a film “One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest.” On Thursday, Moritz told a website TMZ that Cosby forced her to have verbal sex in a sauce room of “The Tonight Show” in 1971. Singer, Cosby’s attorney, questioned her credit given she had been trained by a California State Bar final year in a brawl over a authorised fee.


Jo Farrell followed clients so relentlessly that she became famous as a “Red-headed Barracuda.” She operated her JF Images talent organisation distant from Hollywood in Denver, yet she wielded such poke that she could make or mangle careers.

Farrell plays one of a some-more surprising roles in a decades-long play of Cosby and his accusers. She referred dual women to Cosby who after ostensible he intimately abused them: Barbara Bowman and Beth Ferrier.

Farrell is now 83 and pang from insanity and Alzheimer’s, according to her daughter, Kathleen, who pronounced in a new pronounce with The Washington Post that her mom late 5 years ago and knew zero about a claims of passionate abuse until they seemed in People repository in 2006. “It’s mind-boggling,” Jo Farrell told a repository during a time. “I don’t set adult interviews in bars. Here we am pulled in on this, and it creates me unhappy given my repute has always been golden in this city.”

Farrell’s attribute to Cosby dates behind decades. She initial met him during a Turn of a Century nightclub, that was nearby her talent agency. Kathleen Farrell pronounced Cosby worked with a series of a agency’s immature womanlike clients by a years, holding them on outings and seeking them to auditions. She pronounced she had listened allegations that other organisation — photographers and bookers — had abused actresses. But she pronounced her mom never mentioned any complaints about Cosby. If she had listened complaints, she said, her mom would have severed her attribute with Cosby “to strengthen a girls.”

“Nobody ever addressed with her that there was an issue,” Kathleen Farrell said. “She’s a mom hen; she would have addressed it.”

Farrell detected Bowman, afterwards 13, during a 1980 beauty pageant.

“She pulled me over and said, ‘What’s your name?’ “ Bowman, now 47, removed in an interview. “She pronounced we looked like a film star. That was utterly a enrich for a thin tiny child perplexing to make it. … we was feeling unequivocally glamorous.”

She pronounced Cosby came to city in 1984 and Farrell took Bowman, 17 during a time, to a comedy bar for an audition. Bowman pronounced she prepared a digression and achieved before one of a many famous comedians in a republic in a tiny discussion room tucked divided inside a comedy club.

But she finished an impression. Both Farrell and Cosby gushed that she was unfailing for vast things in a business and suggested that she pierce to New York, where she could file her craft. Cosby also brought her to a New York set of “The Cosby Show.”

“That was a bait: a guarantee of an audition, being seen and precious by a vast name,” Bowman said. “And he enjoyed meaningful that people knew he was a one who was finding prohibited new talent.

She pronounced she was “terrified” of Cosby and Farrell. “They removed me and finished me totally contingent on them,” she said.

At a time, Cosby was in a slight of apropos a biggest radio star in a world. “The Cosby Show” had debuted a year before, introducing viewers to his career-defining purpose as Cliff Huxtable.

“At a time when a conditions comedy was ostensible to be moribund on television, ‘The Cosby Show’ has leapt to No. 1 in a singular season,” New York Times censor John Connor wrote in May 1985. “At a time when blacks were once again being deliberate ratings liabilities by benighted radio executives, a middle-class Huxtables have turn a many renouned family in a United States. And during a time when so many comedians are toppling into a kind of smutty permissiveness, Mr. Cosby is creation a republic giggle by paring typical life to a unusual essentials. It is indeed a truly good development.”

Bowman pronounced she saw an wholly opposite persona from a one Cosby played on television. Once, while during his brownstone in New York City, she pronounced she blacked out after one potion of booze and awoke to find herself wearing zero yet her underpants and a man’s T-shirt.

In another ostensible occurrence in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she pronounced Cosby pinned her down on a hotel bed while she screamed for assistance and he struggled to lift down his pants.

“I furiously attempted to combat from his grasp until he eventually gave up,” she pronounced in an pronounce with The Washington Post.

Cosby called her “a baby,” Bowman said, afterwards he told her to go home to Denver.

At first, Bowman pronounced she was in rejection that a ostensible assaults had taken place. She afterwards assured herself that she did what she indispensable to do to make it in a celebration business. She pronounced she also became financially contingent on Cosby and her agent.

“They were subsidizing me in New York until we started engagement jobs,” she said.

When asked given she did not come brazen sooner, Bowman pronounced she did not consider anyone would trust her.

Cosby’s attorneys had formerly called her claims “absolutely untrue.”

In a years after a ostensible attack of Bowman, Cosby rose to heights that were roughly unimaginable. In 1987, “The Cosby Show” went into syndication, and within 5 years it had pulled in $1 billion in syndication fees, with hundreds of millions reportedly going to Cosby.


Andrea Constand was stressed. She reason down a vast bureau during Temple University as operations executive of a women’s basketball team. But she wanted career advice, according to justice papers filed in a 2005 polite fit that Constand filed opposite Cosby. She motionless to disclose in a male who had not usually turn her tighten crony yet was also Temple royalty.

Cosby had attended Temple before dropping out in a early 1960s to pursue his comedy career, yet he had remained in tighten hit with his hometown university, portion on a house of curators given a early 1980s.

Constand became friends with Cosby a year after her attainment on a Philadelphia campus in 2001. They infrequently dined alone together, according to justice records.

In Jan 2004, a annals state, Cosby invited her to his home in suburban Philadelphia. Constand alleges that Cosby charity her 3 blue pills. He pronounced they were an herbal remedy and would relax her, according to her justice filing; she hesitated yet finally took his advice.

Within a brief duration of time, her “knees began to shake, her limbs felt immobile, she felt drunken and weak, and she began to feel usually frequency conscious,” Constand’s attorneys wrote.

Constand indicted Cosby of heading her to a sofa, afterwards touching “her breasts and vaginal area.” She pronounced he “rubbed his penis opposite her hand, and digitally penetrated her,” a justice annals state.

All a while, she “remained in a semi-conscious state,” her attorneys wrote.

Constand pronounced she mislaid alertness following until 4 a.m., when she awoke “feeling tender in and around her vaginal area,” a justice annals state. Also, “her garments and undergarments were in disarray,” according to a records.

When she awoke, there was Cosby, she said. He was in his bathrobe, a justice annals state. She pronounced she left.

According to justice records, Cosby pronounced he and Constand spent time together, yet his attorneys denied a claims that he unperceiving and assaulted her. He pronounced he had merely given her 1 1/2 tablets of Benadryl, an over-the-counter antihistamine.

In Cosby’s comment of his dusk with Constand during a justice case, he denied appearing in usually his bathrobe and he pronounced he gave her a “homemade blueberry muffin and a crater of prohibited tea,” according to justice records.

Constand, now 41, went on to leave her bureau during Temple, relocating behind to her local Canada. One year later, in Jan 2005, she filed a censure opposite Cosby with a military dialect in Ontario.

That censure was followed by a assailant exploration in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Law coercion officials interviewed Constand and Cosby.

“I thought, in my gut, that she was revelation a truth,” Bruce Castor Jr., a Montgomery County district profession during a time, pronounced in a new pronounce with The Washington Post. “I was positively certain that she believed that Cosby had taken advantage of her, yet there were not adequate details.”

Castor lacked earthy evidence, and he suspicion any probable box would be hampered by a prolonged check in filing a complaint. In Feb 2005, he announced that he would not be prosecuting Cosby.

After a 2005 assailant box was resolved, Cosby resumed a tough-love debate he had put on reason when news of Constand’s allegations broke. The inhabitant debate consisted of giveaway speeches where vast audiences collected to hear Cosby pronounce about a failures of black relatives and black youths. He had been insulting African American politicians, accusing them of too mostly blaming “systematic racism” for his community’s problems.

But a subsequent month, Cosby’s possess actions were again scrutinized. And this time, it would not be usually one lady indicating a finger during him. Constand’s polite lawsuit, filed in Mar 2005, would eventually embody 13 Jane Does who concluded to attest opposite Cosby. The women came from points opposite a country: Ventura, California; Monument, Colorado; Spring Hill, Florida.

Green, a one-time indication who had pronounced Cosby had unperceiving her in a early 1970s, had charity to attest yet progressing anonymity. All told, Green pronounced she has verbal with 20 accusers; all of them, she said, asserted that they had been unperceiving by a comedian.

Constand’s attorneys were spotting patterns, too. In their justice filings, they asserted that a common thesis among a Jane Does was that “they were victimized after being conned by a Cosby image.”

In justice documents, Cosby’s attorneys pronounced their customer “vigorously denies” her allegations that he “drugged her and intimately assaulted her” and “adamantly denies enchanting in passionate misconduct.”

In Nov 2006, Constand and Cosby reached an undisclosed settlement. Constand and her profession declined to be interviewed for this article.

Constand’s allotment mostly finished a Cosby story go away. There would be removed reports, yet a picture of Cosby as an indicted sex delinquent seemed unfailing to be relegated to a chronological footnote until a jokes by Buress — a renouned yet frequency A-list 31-year-old comedian — went viral this month.

Since then, a names of 9 some-more accusers have surfaced, including a indication Janice Dickinson, who told “Entertainment Tonight” that Cosby unperceiving and raped her in Lake Tahoe, California in 1982. To behind adult her accusation, she constructed Polaroids of Cosby in a mottled robe.

Cosby’s attorneys rushed to keep gait with a allegations, regularly observant they had no merit. “Janice Dickinson’s story accusing Bill Cosby of rape is a finish lie,” Singer pronounced in a statement.

Three of a women who spoke to The Washington Post — Traitz, Tarshis and Valentino — also finished their initial widely distributed open statements about a allegations this month.

At a dual university campuses many compared with Cosby, there was a pinched brevity from administrators. Temple would contend usually that Cosby remained on a board. Two weeks after Buress’ comedy slight reignited a sex-allegations controversy, a Temple student, Grace Holleran, published an editorial in a propagandize journal job on university officials to stop ancillary Cosby. The university “seems to be banking on Cosby’s star power, remembering him for his colorful sweaters and Pudding Pops as it fails to acknowledge his murky backstory,” Holleran wrote.

At Spelman College — where Cosby finished story in 1988 with a $20 million donation, a largest by an African American to a historically black college — a president’s bureau would not contend either a included professorship named for Cosby and his mom would continue.

The teacher who binds that included chair during Spelman likely in an pronounce that a sexual-assault allegations eventually would not conclude Cosby.

“I’m not disturbed about being a Cosby chair,” pronounced Aku Kadogo, Spelman’s Cosby Endowed Professor in a Arts. “It’s not a worry to me. It’s a formidable time for him. But it ain’t a finish of a world. If Hillary can run for boss — she went by all that rigmarole. People forget easily.”

But, in a star of Bill Cosby, it has turn transparent that not everybody forgets.

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