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January 31, 2015 - table lamp

8 of a Kind: Foscarini Lighting / Diesel Living - Special Edition

This week’s special book of “8 Of A Kind” facilities a favorite light fixtures from Diesel Living with Foscarini. The sparkling partnership between conform association Diesel and a Italy-based lighting association Foscarini has successfully found a proceed by merging a worlds of fashion, interior and product design.

The partnership is entering a fifth year and is eminent for rising collections of particular style, conjoining creation and sophistication. Each lighting tie tells a singular story by a operation of materials, shapes, and a turn of technical poise fundamental in a designs.

If you’re an particular who appreciates a unconventional, non-literal proceed to bland products, and a value for originality, afterwards the Diesel Living with Foscarini is a partnership for your home. 

See a comparison styles below!

1. Gask by Diesel Living With Foscarini – Product innate out of a ongoing partnership between a conform label, Diesel and Foscarini. Made with complicated (metal, screws) and light (blown glass) elements, it is a hallmark tough/elegant demeanour of a Diesel collection : $690


2. Cage in Bronze by Diesel Living with Foscarini – Cage’s radiant blown potion physique is stable by a low-pitched steel casing. The outcome is a constrained contrariety of a strange forms of a steel grille and a handmade feel of a middle diffuser. It has a striking, industrial demeanour that is complemented by a organic figure of a blown potion interior : $1,755


3. Glassdrop by Diesel Living with Foscarini – Like a dump of mercury, a elongated and devious figure of this flare is strongly characterized by a chromed aspect and lead reflections. Glassdrop, a new cessation flare designed by a Diesel Creative Team and brought to life by Foscarini’s know-how, leads a double life: when it is off, a chrome aluminum aspect finish offers a low-pitched counterpart outcome that vanishes once a flare is switched on, divulgence a comfortable light that fluctuates as it filters by a palm crafted blown potion : $902


4. Crash Bell by Diesel Living with Foscarini – Inspired by a carillon and a bell in a drum set, these light fixtures have been given a aspect diagnosis with small, concentric grooves, identical to their low-pitched inspirations. Available in bronze and aluminum. Crash (flat) : $925 – $1,007 Bell (curved) : $988 – $1,070


5. Pylon by Diesel Living with Foscarini – Pylon flare is industrial and contemporary chic, a name entrance from a electric pylons that desirous a plain structure and iron architecture. Its rough, central, iron physique interconnected with a soft, pleated linen shade offers a striking, juxtaposed outcome : $2,541


6. Glass Drop Table by Diesel Living with Foscarini – is transformative list flare charity a chromed aluminum, low-pitched counterpart outcome that vanishes once a flare is switched on, divulgence a comfortable golden light that fluctuates as it filters by a palm crafted blown potion : $1,505


7. Fork Table by Diesel Living with Foscarini – Inspired by a universe of infrequent fashion, Fork creates an memorable outcome as a light inside a diffuser highlights a playful, patchwork structure, as good as a fabric and minute denim stitching : $1,212 (maxi) and $937 (mini)


8. Hexx Diesel Living with Foscarini – Designed to supplement celebrity and regard to a room, a Hexx list flare is done of seperated piece steel for an industrial feel. The piece metail is used in two, non-coinciding shade layers providing an surprising visual effect, while formulating a play on a walls from a roof to a building : $1,130


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