Dine Out: Trio Cafe reborn in South End, charity juicy Portuguese delights

May 25, 2015 - table lamp

Loring and we headed for Trio Cafe Lounge in a South End of New Bedford for a Wednesday dusk repast right after we got out of work. It was still when we arrived about 5:45, with a few group sitting during a distant finish of a bar. A handful of other congregation came in during a time we were dining.

Not prolonged ago, a essentially Portuguese griddle non-stop in a space that began life as Adega and has seen a few others pass through. The room has always been attractive, with a vast bar corroborated by a red-lit arrangement of bottles, pottery, and so on. One wall is flashy with a imprinted panels from wooden booze crates. The tables are laid with cloths and red-striped dishtowel napkins, with flowers in blossom vases and a tiny oil-lamp votive (ours remained unlit). The piped-in song was quite to my taste, a brew of jazzy standards aged and new.

Our server, Carlos, who was also holding caring of a bar, fast brought Loring’s Tanqueray and tonic ($7) and my Casal Mendes rose ($6), in a large, ethereal wineglass — a pleasure to sip from.

Trio now is charity a special of dual entrees with a bottle of residence booze or a bottle of sangria for $24.99 on Tuesdays by Thursdays and for Sunday dinner. The list of snack choices is flattering generous, not always a box with these offers.

But we wanted to bend out, so we started by pity shrimp alhinho ($12). This consisted of 8 vast shrimp with tails on, easily cooked, with a tawny garlic salsa with a disreputable spirit of heat. Carlos explained that it’s not a same as Mozambique style, given a salsa doesn’t have a saffron seasoning. In any case, a salsa was so juicy for dunking pieces of Portuguese rolls (pops) that we flattering most abandoned a seasoned oil that Carlos also had provided.

When we said, “I theory we don’t have to go distant for your bread,” nodding during Goulart Square Bakery opposite a street, Carlos commented that they are indeed granted from there “Every morning … they have a best bread.” (They do, however, still have snowmen embellished in their emporium windows — not a steer any of us wish after a winter we had!)

A indicate per a bread basket: It indispensable cleaning. Trio uses a cone-shaped steel kinds lined with paper, and a bottom of ours was not accurately splendid and shiny.

Loring followed adult a shrimp with a roasted beet salad ($10). It looked pretty, with chunks of roasted golden beets on tip of vinaigrette-dressed mesclun, and dual breaded and boiled balls of goat cheese. He conspicuous it delicious, and wished he could take some of a cheese “fritters” home.

I had a play of caldo verde ($5), a gentle, tawny potato puree accented with pieces of kale and minced linguica. This was a bit of a departure, given a soup mostly has a unique cut of linguica floating on top. The apportionment was rather large, yet we don’t trust there was a choice of a cup. Loring had a few spoonfuls,and he concluded that it was good.

His entree, roasted cod loin with littlenecks ($16), also gratified him. A good-sized square of fish, baked skin-on, was surfaced with cubed chourico and surrounded by several steamed clams. Chunks of fingerling potatoes bathed in a broth. It is a opposite take on roller and turf, yet a elements all worked good together, he thought.

I chose piri piri duck ($14), substituting fries for a crushed potatoes. Two grilled, weak duck breasts were served with a spoonful or dual of salsa identical to that on a shrimp appetizer, yet not as sharp as we would have approaching from a name (piri piri is a kind of prohibited pepper). Baby carrots accompanied a chicken, along with skinny fries done from uninformed potatoes, as is thankfully still standard in Portuguese restaurants. The duck was a bit tough, yet we theory that’s to be approaching with a high feverishness of a grill.

After clearing a table, Carlos returned with a dessert representation tray, describing a several offerings, from chocolate mousse served in an succulent cup, to a deadly-sweet looking Snickers concoction, to a Portuguese specialty called “Grandmother’s Pudding.” Unfortunately, a desserts looked a tiny tired, and a packet garnishes were officious wilted. In this case, we consider a dessert list would be some-more tempting.

We common a cut of chocolate cake, fudgy and satisfying, yet sincerely apparently not done in house. It was $8, along with a surcharge of $2 for a tiny portion of vanilla ice cream. We declined a offer of coffee or espresso.

Our add-on came to $73.06, not counting dual cocktails and a potion of wine. we consider a drinks, a soup and a entrees were pretty priced, yet a shrimp, salad and dessert were on a high side.

We paid on a device versed with a Square, a wireless tool for submitting credit label charges. To accept my receipt, we chose a email choice rather than text. By 11 p.m. that night, we had not gotten an email, nor did we have one by morning.

I called a griddle Thursday morning and a good male took my email residence and phone number, and conspicuous he would resubmit a assign both ways. This time, we got a content roughly instantly, yet not a email. we called again, and he conspicuous there was zero he could do. we did check my spam folder, yet a email hadn’t landed there.

Personally, we would ask your waiter to run a label a normal approach if it is possible.

Trio sealed a Dartmouth griddle on State Road in August, and a Fall River plcae in April. Hopefully a owners, a Rodrigues family, will find a happy new home in New Bedford.

source ⦿ http://www.southcoasttoday.com/article/20150521/ENTERTAINMENTLIFE/150529949/101242/ENTERTAIN03

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